"Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears" (Zorro)

I know some of you would like to know how Zorro is doing so I think it is only fair to give you all an update on him.

Zorro is doing fine he has become a velcro sheepie in between times, he has gained a little in weight and the bike work is doing him good, health wise he is fine although we still have to treat his ears.

Regarding showing him:

He was shown in Namur in Belgium in May and was awarded the CAC, CAC-IB, BOB and was picked out under the best 6 in the group but was not placed.

At the beginning of July I visited a show in Holland with Chris van Beirendonck Lambrechts (Zorro's breeder) and he was awarded the CAC-R & CAC-IB-R, we had decided he would stay with Chris for a couple of weeks for him to get used to Chris.

On the 12 July they went to a show in Douai, France where he was CAC, CAC-IB & BOS, on last Sunday 19 July Chris took him to Lokeren, Belgium where he took CAC, BOB and was 2nd BIG. I always knew he had potential but I am honestly overwhelmed with this success.

Coming Friday I will drive down to Belgium, on the Saturday we have a show in Liege, Belgium after the show I will take him back home to Germany with me on the Saturday 01 August we have a show in Bremen, Germany so we hope he will do well. I am planning on visiting the CACIB's in Gibraltar with him this year in September.

If everything goes as planned we will use him on Misty when she goes into heat although as I have relative little time I have asked Chris if she would like to have the pups under her affix so we will see what happens.

I must say I am proud of my rescue dog and thanks Elisa that you thought of me.
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Oh WOW!! :yay: Zorro is amazing :D

It's great to hear he is doing so brilliantly- how old is he now?
Hint of Mischief wrote:
- how old is he now?

Hi Cassie, Zorro was 3 on the 23 June

well done Zorro!
HI Stewart, Nice to see youy back and lovely to hear avout how well Zorro is doing.

I hope it continues for you both.
I'm happy to hear he is back in the ring. He has so much potential, I was sorry to read of your disappointment with the competition problems. Go Zorro!
Thanks for posting Stewart, Its nice to see you on here.

:go: :clappurple: CONGRATULATIONS ZORRO!!!!!! :clappurple: :go:

:yay: ZORRO :yay:
So happy to hear the update, and that Zorro is doing so well!!!

oh how badly would I want one of the pups from that litter!!!! :twisted:
Congrats to Zorro, Stewart and Chris. A job well done. Zorro is such a wonderful sheepie I am glad you decided to take a second chance with him in the ring. Good luck in the futur ontest!

:cheer: GO ZORRO! :cheer:
Congratulations Stewart! Thanks so much for the update on Zorro.
Congratulations Stewart and Zorro! :D
Congrats you two! Nice to hear Zorro is back in the ring. :D
Yeah, Zorro rides again :clappurple:
Congratulations Stewart.
Thank you, Stewart, for coming back to update us. I'm tickled to pieces that Zorro is doing so well in the shows. :D

Pardon my ignorance, but does showing him in different European countries make him an international champion? :? How does that work exactly?
Just back from a show in Belgium

Zorro done it again he was CAC, CACIB, BOB & BIG 3

I cannot believe this super Chris thanks for your support and efforts.

The CACIB will eventually make him to an international champion
Congrats to Zorro, Stewart and Chris!!! How fantastic....Zorro is doing so well..what a team. :banana: :yay: :cheer:
Stuart, you must be so pleased, that is fantastic news, well done Zorro :banana:
WOOO HOOO!!!! Congratulations Zorro and Stewart... Well Done....

:yay: :clappurple: :cheer:
dairymaid wrote:
Just back from a show in Belgium

Zorro done it again he was CAC, CACIB, BOB & BIG 3

I cannot believe this super Chris thanks for your support and efforts.

The CACIB will eventually make him to an international champion

Stewart, that's fantastic!!!

Congratulations! And thanks so much for the update 8)

DE. CH. Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears"

After being put under pressure by Chris I decided to start showing him again, the first show we visited was in Bremen, Germany on the 1 of August where he was awarded the CC, with this success I decided to enter him in the International and the National shows in Leipzig, Germany at these shows he was awarded 2 CC'S and a CACIB and has now fulfilled the stipulations for the German Champion Kennel Club and Club "British Herding Dogs" amazing success in only 19 months since he was adopted by us and after only 8 special shows and 3 International / National shows in Germany.

Zorro also has candidature for the International, Belgium, French and Dutch champion titles we will now concentrate on completing these titles as well.
It is so exciting to watch this Rising Star! Good luck in the next show.
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