A conversation with a Moron

.....so it started off a beautiful sunny day when I was driving home after work. The light was red when I stopped , (four other vehicles were in front of me so not like I stopped suddenly during a light change. After aprox a min of being at the light......BAM...someone rear ends me. OH NO! I just got this van less than 10 days ago. Sigh...wouldn't yah know it? Until 10 days ago I was driving a 16 year old van. Oh well.

The young girl was very apologetic and I was nice about the thing and knew this would be a no brainer as I had been stopped at the light for at least a min when she probably was distracted and slammed into me. We exhange info and when I arrived home I called the insurance company. They were great too but mentioned that there was a concern I didn't have a drivers license. WHAZZAT??? Of course I have a license...and even have a professional drivers license that requires me to have full medical physical every couple years. I also have a 40 % discount with insurance company for a 20 year safe driving record.

She gets supervisor on the phone and I say I'm confident must be a glitch in the computer and I'll get it straightened out. She too is also sympathetic as I say I do have documentation that proves I had the medical and also carry valid drivers license which I can show them. Unfortuantely because of this confusion they are unable to make an appt with claims adjuster and tell me don't drive until you get this straightened out or police can impound your vehicle. Oh sheesh!

I am confident when I walk into the Motor Vehicle Branch. After waiting in looooong line up I greet person behind desk and explain the situation. Dragon Lady ASSUMES I'm quilty as heck and even though I show her documentation she lectures me that I needed to be more responsible and I'll need to get a new license..yada yada.

"No you don't understand I tell her", calmly believing she hasn't heard me or looked at documentation more carefully. "I don't need to pay 75 dollars for a new license or pay the 80 medical exam fee as my license is still valid," I tell her. Please call the government line as there is a glitch somewhere. She calls and says to other person on the line that there is a woman arguing in front of her..harassing I believe she said about her drivers license. I continue to speak ..no you don't understand, there is a mistake and the documentation shows I last had a medical in 2005 for the professional drivers license and I visited this office afterwards. It's a mistake, I'm not upset but firm as I don't know why it's showing up that I have no license on the computer. I just want this cleared up.

She gets upset and tells me to quit talking as she can't hear the other person on the line but I realize by now she is determined I'm a scammer or something??? She puts phone down and glares at me. She continues to berate me for being irresponsible and a long line growing behind me can hear it all. It takes every bit of reserve not to raise my voice but I say please understand my situation, I was only informed yesterday that the computer shows I've had no license since 2005. How would you feel if that happened to you? I have the documentation that shows I am being truthful...my license is valid and everything is above board, I have the documentation right here. I am determined not to leave until the error is corrected.

Person on the other end of the line gets back to her and confirms that they do have documentation on file and yes there is some error in the computer. Dragon lady doesn't make eye contact with me, punches some things in the computer and verifies that everything is now in order. No apologies.

Okay that was my rant..but glad I was able to clear things up with the Dragon Lady. :?

I'm trying to still be optomistic about the whole thing as 1) if the rear ender hadn't occured, I would have never known the government computers mistakenly showed I had no license since 2005. Perhaps this all occurred for a reason as even being pulled over for a ticket would have given the reason the police to impound my vehicle or book me. Yikes! Scary thought!

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Take a deep breath, hug your fuzzy, and remember she works at DMV and probably used her weeks brain usage just making that call. :lol:
Can't I Squeeeeeeze that fuzzy and think of her? :twisted:

Sending the terminator over to deal with the dragon lady. :twisted: :lol:

Oh dear every country has them, we call them public servants here, want help info etc etc FORGET IT :twisted:
I too have dealt with a complete idiot working customer service in the past few days. It seems they don't even hear you. :evil:
But I will save that story for another post.
Sorry you have had to deal with a Dragon Lady. :(
I'm glad everything worked out. :)
Nice to know that folks in the DMV are THE SAME THE WORLD AROUND :evil: That school thye go to to learn the talent must be an international one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It will work out. I'm glad you're okay and the driver had insurance. You got the license straightened out.

A couple of years ago, my college-age daughter went to Chicago with some friends. Apparently the CTA uses a card (credit card type) to access the system. There is a minimum amount that can be put on the card. The last day they were in Chicago, the card wouldn't work even though there was money on it. In dealing with the CTA person, who was rude, not interested in quickly taking care of the issue and just being a jerk, my daughter reached her limit. So she said to the guy "I guess if the highlight of professional career was sitting in a booth and handing out cards, I would be rude too." She said the guy behind her laughed and applauded.
Everything happens for a reason: Your patience has been tried and you are and even more patient woman than before. :D
You're doing really well to think positively - it would be soooo hard. The "dragons" are aggravating . . .
Hey thanks for the responses everyone!

On the scale of things , this one was low but still annoying. Thanks for listening to my rant.

Think "ASS" works too.
:excited: Thanks Lynn! That helps too!

On another note: a bit annoying as the insurance company told me not to try to open my back doors as it buckled underneath and I may not be able to close them . Phooey!

Tomorrow, I'm helping transport 100 bunnies, degus, chinchillas, guinea pigs and a host of other small animals as our small animal rescue finally got their own shelter! Okay that was good news ...the bad is I'm only able to use the side door until the adjusters appt on Tues.

Marianne an Aussie expression for a Moron is "A Dip Stick" :lol:

Hope all goes well with the transportation of all the critters. :D
Marianne I do not know how you remained so calm with the dragon lady. I would have probably "thanked her for being so nice and understanding and not belittling me in front of everyone and be sure and have a nice day" just to make her feel like crap in front of everyone.
I think with Dragon People however they just "don't get it" and no matter what you say to them afterwards, they have a way of justifying their actions. So I resorted to imagery of me pelting her with dog poop...kept me smiling.

I've always considered the term "civil servant" to be an oxymoron. Every time I have had to deal with a public employee, their standard answer to anything is either, "Its not my job" or "You'll have to inquire at the next wiindow". Rudeness and inefficiency seem to be the only requirements for hiring.

In California (Northern part at least), customer service is a joke no matter what industry, profession or business you are dealing with.

I'm now off my soapbox. Thank you for listening... :x :x :x :x
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