9 month old boy new to rescue

Just got in Napolean a nine month whiteheaded boy with one blue eye into rescue...He is Sweet and Loving with no issues.....He is even housebroken.....Owner turn in she couldn't take care of him..... I posted a picture of him that should show up soon.I do have other pictures of him also. Sheepie HUgs, Kaye Second Chance OES Rescue
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Congrats on the babies, Kaye! :D
They're simply precious.
Thank You Jaci that means a lot to me,,,, Hug the Babies for me....Love Kaye
Hi Kay,

I'm in Wisconsin and looking for another OES. Where will the pictures be posted?

...and congrat's on the little ones!

Shug has posted a picture of Napolean....

Ohhhhh I'm in love!!! He is such a cute boy!! I don't think this one will have trouble finding lots of people willing to love him.

Keep us posted Kaye!

Marianne and the boys
Gosh he's cute :) I'm with Marianne, this boy shouldn't have a difficult time finding a forever home.
He is soooo handsome! I'm sure he'll melt many hearts, he has mine! If only he were in the midwest!


PS How could I have missed out on new puppies? :oops: They are so precious! Congrats!!!
He is gorgeous.
He's a beautiful big boy! I love blue eyes! Where is he living right now? I'm looking for a puppy girl for next summer, but I would also like to have another Sheepie so that they can play together. But the problem is that I live in Quebec, which must be a long way from where Napoleon is :?: Is Napoleon neutered?
Napolean has been adopted by Tanya {Tommy{ this is on the forum..She w goign to foster Major for but he was so sick I didn't want her to have to go thru that pain of losing him.... They had been thru so much with their Baby Tommy. Hurrah!!!!!!! Perfect Match.......Sheepie Hugs, Kaye
:banana: :go: :banana: go:
Wonderful news! :D
Lucky Tanya! I wish you lots of happy times with your handsome boy. :rimshot:
Just wanted to let everybody know that we went and picked up Napoleon today, He is a sweetheart!!! I know it was very hard for Laura to let him go ,but he is in good hands and he will be well taken care of. Thank you Kaye for letting me know about him and for all that you do for the animals. I haven't been to the forum in a while , just been very busy. Thank you for all of your comments.

Yay! That's great!
Congrats to Tommy (Tanya)

I love happy endings!! Be sure to keep us posted with updates!

Marianne and the boys
Yay! Please do find the time to drop in once in a while to let us know how things are progressing.

We'll leave the lights on for you!
Very cool!!!!!
YAY for Tanya and Napoleon! May you have many happy years together :)
:D Congratulations! Napoleon, the Conquerer of hearts! :hearts:
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