Young Male OES Needs Home - Daytona, Florida

Adorable young male OES needs home. He's being fostered in Daytona Beach, FL ... g=-87.9685
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Here's the link straight to Judson. ... id=5862897
The foster dad is falling in love with him -- someone adopt him quick or I'll lose my foster home!

Marie in Ocala
We are his foster uprights! This is a truly great dog. He has been here
two days now and has settled right in and stolen our hearts.

Jetson/Judson (there has been some confusion on his name) is a sweetie. He is a bouncy, playful one year old but he also has a gentleness about him.

He is house trained, now is walking great on a leash, plays with our other sheepies, was the "star" of the dog park - everyone commented on how sweet and friendly he was. Was a true little gentleman in PetSmart today. Absolutely loves to ride in cars and go for walks. Loves to give sheepie kisses and be petted and loved.

We have adopted four sheepies ourselves through the years and we truly believe that his transition into his furever home is going to be smooth. He weighed in at 82 lbs. this morning and we think he will stabilize somewhere around there.

This is a wonderful dog - no chewing, no excess barking - either he is
great or my sheepies are terrors.

That's great news, Linda! Thanks for fostering!! :D
Did you find a forever home for him or are you still looking? If so let me know. We are looking for another sheepie or two to adopt.
oops, I forgotto tell you all the great news.

'Jetson/Judson has been adopted -- he has moved to Jacksonville, FL and has a new sheepie brother, Fred and he has a new name and a new haircut ( too many mats in the old one) so he's geetting a fresh start with a new look and a new name -- He is now Jethro.

They just love him. He is pictured on the OESRNSE website under "more sucess stories" with his new family.

Great job Linda! ( He was her foster dog and she was tempted to keep him but knew she couldn't foster more if she kept them all)

Ocala, FL

(now who wants a pair of really well-behaved senior girls?)
Hey that's wonderful news regarding Jetson, Judson,,aka Jethro..(Love that name by the way - Merlin's best buddy at the dog park was named Jethro)

Thanks Linda for the great job and the unselfish thing you do regarding fostering! Ha! You had me in stitches with your comment regarding either he was a good sheepie or yours were..... :D

Marie, keep repeating myself but just keep me in mind as one day I'm going to be looking for an older female to adopt. At the moment I have my hands full with the three boys. Not that I would trade any of my boys however....but after 9 nephews, 2 boys of my own and 3 male furballs..I'm ready for my girl! Still missing my Shaggy girl that went to the Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago.

Anyway I'm rambling...

Marianne and the boys
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