Yuki's coat is getting long!

...and I'm so happy about it!

Took Yuki to get groomed today because I was too lazy to do it myself, and I thought she looked pretty when she came out. I was a little upset that she brushed a lot of her undercoat out (and she went in w/no matts), but that's okay!


My maltese however came out looking exactly like she did when she went in. Hmm... if it wasn't for her smelling good, I'd question whether or not she even got groomed. :lol: Either way, she was rolling and rolling around on the couch because she rather have that bedhead look.

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Excuse the background, I was painting!
They look beautiful!
Yuki looks like a star!! All fancy dancy and ready for the movies! :lol: :lol:

And I actually have a fondness for the bedhead look, too.... :lol:

They both look great... :kiss:
Awwww... they look great :)

Yuki's coat is getting long... :)
I agree, the Maltese looks like she didn't get a final brushout. Maybe it comes with a trim?? Still she's a clean dog, that's fine. Yuki is taking on that elegant look.

My maltese however came out looking exactly like she did when she went in. Hmm... if it wasn't for her smelling good, I'd question whether or not she even got groomed.

Don't feel bad. The last groomer I took Bear to kept asking me if I could see any difference in him from when I dropped him off. She groomed him and couldn't even tell!
She usually comes back looking really smooth. I got screwed :( I gave a 30% tip too because I was feeling generous and liked how yuki looked.
Yuki is looking all Chicky chick now, very pretty. :D Love the longer look on her, very feminine, we approve :wink: :lol:
Ty always has the bed head too!! It's a "look" :lol:

Yuki looks GORGEOUS!!!
Awwww they both look adorable :D
Nothing like a fresh, clean smelling dog!
No matter WHAT I do Chauncey has a flat spot and bed head look. His "top knot" just splits and lays over. What about mouse??? I do trim out his eyes.
What's funny is, I brought 2 pictures of what I was aiming for. ...just so she'd know I wanted fluffy and full ...not silky. Over the phone, she had no idea what "don't want the coat stripped when combing" meant. I brought a picture of Frank, and I "think" the second one may be Suzi.

So of course Yuki would come back to me silky and missing a lot of her undercoat. :D

I didn't care though. She was so pretty in mommy's eyes that I was just happy she belonged to me :D
Just beautiful! Yuki looks stunning in her long coat! Huggable :D
Nice photos.

Your Maltese has the casual look, but sweet and loveable! :hearts:

(The groomer will make up not brushing out the
Maltese, when you get your Bearded Collie :D )
Nice job with the grooming! :wink:
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