3 year old sheepdog

What are the pros and cons of buying a 3 year old OES. They say she has been kept in the kennel for 3 years.
She comes with good papers,but how would she be personality wise,would I have a problem housebreaking her?
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would I have a problem housebreaking her

She may housetrain quickly but you have to remember she's been kept in a kennel that she's used as her bathroom. I'd think the best approach is to start out as if she were a puppy... frequent trips outdoors to relieve herself, confinement to a safe area when she can't be watched and freedom in the home only when strictly supervised. I'd go into this thinking that you WILL have some challenges... that way you're prepared. If she trains easily, it's a definite bonus :wink:

She comes with good papers

I wouldn't put much weight in the papers unless she's coming for an kennel that produced quality show or work dogs or if she's the daughter or granddaughter of one of these dogs. Buy her because she's a match for you, not just for what her papers might indicate.

how would she be personality wise

Each dog is an individual... she could be starved for attention, more aloof or somewhere in the middle. You'll need to judge her when you see her and see how she interacts with you. Can you take her on a trial basis to ensure you are both right for each other?
Can you go see the dog and hang with her for awhile... also with family. Why are they selling her? Lots of luv and patience. But others will chime in. I got a dog from the pound once that was not house broken and weekin a week he was great. He was there for a long time, they vet was actually looking for "topper" becasue it was his turn to be put down. All the workers were going NOOOOOO and I was holding onto his chain so hard he was a great dog. Reason for being there he was a runner that was it. So we took him quading and boy did he RUN.
The papers don't matter,I just put that in so that maybe you could tell more about her.
I am trying to call kennel where she is, it would be great if we could "test house" her. I just don't know. We live about 9 hours away.
I don't think there's enough information here to help with your decision. First, this is posted in "Rescuing a Sheepdog", yet you say you considering "buying" her.

What is meant by "kenneled for 3 years"? Has she been kept on cold concrete in sub-zero weather, indoors in a tiny crate? How much socialization with other dogs and people has taken place? Has she been invited into the home at all?

What kind of "good papers"? Just an AKC registration is meaningless. Good papers would be results of health tests such as OFA, CERF and thyroid. Has she been kept up to date with vet care? Vaccinations? Heartworm preventative? Spayed?

Personality and housebreaking can just depend on the dog. We've had surly dogs from decent breeders and extremely sweet dogs from puppymills. One of the nicest dogs I've come across was a six year old kennel dog of questionable origins. Housebreaking him was much easier than a younger dog. He was used to going in a certain spot to prevent messing his sleeping quarters so he caught on quickly.

Some dogs are so starved for attention that they make better pets than a dog that was surrendered from a loving home. Why is the owner giving up this dog? No time for her? Maintenance costs? Health?

Ask yourself these questions before deciding: Will you be supporting a bad breeder if you buy this dog? Are you being realistic about any health or behavior problems she may have and are you willing to assume the financial liabilities associated with them? Are you putting yourself and your family in harms way by taking this dog?

She may be a diamond in the rough so I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. I just don't always trust surrendering owners so you have to go with your gut instinct in situations like this. :wink:
Thank you giving me questions to ask the seller. I went in under rescue and would but then I clicked on breeders and I don't know ,and I said 200.00 because I thought that was the fee for a rescued dog.
And I have not talked personally just e-mail
But when I do I'll have these questions to ask.
Thank you
If this girl is healthy, spayed, current on vaccinations and tested heartworm negative, $200 is reasonable to ask.

We just took in a 1-1/2 yr. old male that had received absolutely no vet care since the day he was purchased as a puppy and he was unaltered. He was also a matted clump of mud and hair that had to be shaved down. His vet bill was $563. Our adoption fee for this boy was still $300, although we always tell people that donations are readily accepted. Just be sure that the $200 "bargain" doesn't turn into a huge financial liability. I'm not discounting the worth of this dog, but many times people don't realize what they're getting into. Sometimes our hearts win out over clear thinking.
Just one more thing to add. If it is a rescue, chances are that the foster parents will be able to answer a few, if not all, of these questions. I know that as a foster parent, there are usually few questions in regards to housebreaking, temperment, etc. that I cannot answer.
tall turtle wrote:
What are the pros and cons of buying a 3 year old OES. They say she has been kept in the kennel for 3 years.
She comes with good papers,but how would she be personality wise,would I have a problem housebreaking her?

Patch was in a dog pound for just over a month before being rescued and she, to this day, still goes on the concrete - it doesn't bother me, actually it isn't bad at all because it won't kill the grass. LOL. All i can think of is she was so used to going in the kennel she just goes on concrete. She also goes in the yard, but does like that concrete. And it took a little while for her to get used to my schedule, so the accidents went for about 4 months. She was just under a year old when i got her. ALL IN ALL, she turned out to be the most wonderful dog in the land - she is just great. I am so fortunate. And you might be fortunate too.
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