2 dogs bitten in 1 week

This morning my neighbour who I have only met about 3 times (walking the dogs, they are a really good match playing together) came to my door clearly distressed. Her border collie had been bitten by a dog at the park and she didn't know what to do. I went over to look at him and the cut under his jaw was quite deep, you could see into the flesh about half a centimetre. The bleeding had slowed down and he was running and playing as usual. I called my vet but was 10 minutes late after they closed :roll: being a Saturday. I decided to wash the cut with warm salt water (was that the right thing to do?) the dog is very friendly and let me do this without struggling much. Then we dried the area and the bleeding stopped. We then walked our dogs in the same park and they played happily for an hour, we did this so her dog didn't associate that place with fear. She had taken him straight home & was giving off very nervous vibes so I wanted to make sure he (and my neighbour) had a positive experience as soon as possible.

After talking a while, I realised this dog is the same one which had bitten Ru last week. In his case it was on the nose and not too deep. The woman walking this dog is elderly and has a walking stick, so is not able to control the dog very well. She walks it off leash. When I saw her, she had walked towards us, but then said the dog does not like to play and sometimes is aggressive. She also said it was not her dog, she just walks it for someone else. When it snapped at Ru she apologised and I said it's ok, he needs to learn not all dogs want to play with him. We walked away in a friendly manner and I didn't think much else of it.
BUT after today I'm worried about seeing this woman again. Also, my neighbour takes her young son to the park and is worried about another attack on her dog or her son. Should we change our walking times to avoid this lady or speak to her about the dog? Perhaps she should find a friendlier dog to walk? Other people & their dogs are clearly at risk.
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Yikes - it is not a good thing when a dog considers it the "norm" to bite. I would wisely advise all friends to steer clear of her while she is walking that dog, and maybe try and find her when your dogs are at home and let her know that the dog probably needs a different route, away from others. Good luck!
Cassie, I think you have to report this dog to the local council. if you have a look on the website there will be an email address and telephone number to report the dogs aggression. If there have been previous incidents they will be recorded and the owner of the dog will be spoken to by the dog wardens.

By doing this you won't have to change your walk or have what could be a difficult discussion with the person who walks the dog.

I did this when a staffy bit George, it turned out that it had attacked a number of other people and dogs and the owner was spoken to by the dog warden. She now has to lead walk the dog until she can has "full" control of it.

Hopefully no-one else will get hurt by this dog.
Oh thanks Vicki I didn't know that! Will let you know what happens.
I'm sorry that you & your neighbor had to experience this. You must report this to the local animal authority.
We live directly across from a dog that has been declared dangerous and vicious by our county. This dog has killed pet rabbits in their cage, attacked a teenaged boy and then Chauncey.
We appeared before the council with pictures and documentation and our goal was not to have the animal euthanized, just controlled.
They have very strict guidelines to live by and it's been 18 months and they are being very responsible owners.
Something has to be done about this dog! 8O
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