10? Those cupcakes are adorable!

Ron--- How did you do that???

I thought I was loosing it when I saw 10? flapping away in the upper right corner of the forum's main page.... then I clicked and saw adorable sheepie cupcakes. :D :D
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Yeah----that threw me off too! :?
>>>>Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!!

It's all your fault Ron!

I spent a sleepless night tossing and turning..wondering the mystery of those delicious looking cupcakes! Not that I would eat one however ,too cute!!!
I would save them eternally in my freezer, like I did with my pink icing elephants drinking beer that were on my 19th birthday cake (legal age in Canada). Sigh...the mystery of the sheepie icing cakes is driving me zany...Help Ron! Please tell us the reason why the 5 sheepie cupcakes are there and why the number 10 and who ate the rest?

Check this out in the "Member's Only" section. I can see where the 10 might fit in, but the 5 still doesn't make since, unless that's the number of days left until...............

Check out Ron's post on "April 1st, 2008 at 4:11 a.m. I won't mention any more since he placed it in the Member's Only section.

Those cupcakes and puppies are both very cute!!!
Anonymous wrote:
...Check this out in the "Member's Only" section....

Sorry. I thought I was signed in.
Okay now I'm seeing 9 puppies!
Marianne wrote:
Okay now I'm seeing 9 puppies!

That's Suzi's litter!
I can almost hear Ron's voice saying," How'd do you like dem puppies?"

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Maxmm wrote:
Marianne wrote:
Okay now I'm seeing 9 puppies!

That's Suzi's litter!
So, is 9 the right number?
Ron wrote:
Maxmm wrote:
Marianne wrote:
Okay now I'm seeing 9 puppies!

That's Suzi's litter!
So, is 9 the right number?

Ditto - that was my question too!
Yup, 9 of the little squirrels!
They're adorable - how many of them became champions?? :D
1 and her name is Suzi!!!
She and her brother were pulled for showing and the rest were just placed in pet homes. (I think it was a lack of options and ready money to the breeder. :roll: ) The person who was slated for the show home for the brother hated him so he ended up in a pet home too.
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