*Sigh* I got looking on petfinder...

And look at what I found!
http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=9248463

Shes so sweet! And to make things better, it says on the home page that they will adopt out to Canada! Grrrrr! And I can't get her :(

Look what else!
http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=8958280

Poor fella, just to bad it says no cats... :(

Man, I really want a OES!

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Abbey has SUCH a sweet face :D

Willy is said to have been adopted...

And I can't get her

Is it just that it's not the right time to add a sheepie or is it transportation?
Oh, I didn't see that he was adopted... To bad..

And it's not the transportation, a trip over there would be nothing for us.... It's just not the right time... I'm not aloud to get another dog until my great dane passes... Which we are hoping won't be for at least 2 more years if not longer.

Also, Im still deciding if I want a OES or a BC.
If it's either one or the other...
Then I hope Sasha lives a long and happy life :D
Great Danes are such beautiful dogs.
How dare Grannie Annie refer to sheepdogs as "goofy." :lol: :lol: Well, of course they are!

Choice between BC and OES......hmmm :? BCs bark more, they excite easily, they have the same love of life as OES. Grooming is different but just as time consuming. Beardie tails clear tables, but then you have a GD, THAT's a tail. Beardies remind me of Border Collies in a clown suit, same drive to get the work done, but Beardies do it with humor. Someone once asked me, "if you had cartoon characters for OES and Beardies, who would be what?" YIPES! Maybe that's a question for the group.........let me post it under chit chat.
Okay... OES are so great, however, as I said before(I think) they aren't very comon around here, so I'd have to get one off the net, which I dont want to do...

But, if I get a BC I can go pick one out in person...

Harrummph, but then again, maybe I don't need another dog... Maybe Zozo's all I need... I dunno, too many choices!

You were going to wait until the Dane passes on, horrible thought, but a sad reality. Don't go running off, just wait. When the time comes for a new dog, you'll know it. In the mean time enjoy the antics here, live with an OES thru the posts here.

As for Canadian breeders, they are there. Two of mine came from Canada. You may want to start a conversation with the folks at NEOESR, maybe you can help rescue in other ways until the time comes for you to make a decision.
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