**Graphic** Juniors surgery pictures.....

I did the Graphic warning for Ron and anyone else who may get a little sick from this. I will post the link instead of the pictures if you want to see.

I took a few pictures of Junior after I got him home from his surgery . My poor baby is so good he is still wagging his bum and giving kisses . :(

The lumps has gone down about 25% already.
Everyone at the vets office felt so bad about the haircut, he looks like a old man! :oops:
I told the vet he was going to have to answer to my groomer since she is going to blow a fit trying to fix this mess..lol

He is doing very well and resting. I took to collar off while I am right next to him watching him so he can rest .That thing is making him nuts!! I will put it on though when he is awake again (I promises )



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Lol. Aw, it is kind of an old man haircut! No worries about cosmetics now though, you can field that when he heals! It definitely looks rough but it'll go down fast and look much better soon. Have a towel in hand at all times and try to keep him on the hard wood. Clyde's would kind of "give" every once in awhile while it was healing and expel a huge amount of fluid, more than the usual drips. Ugly and gross, but normal.
Oh my gosh........ that first picture makes me feel horrible for him. Poor guy!! I can't imagine how you feel too, but at least you know he's going to get better now.

He is still the cutest little thing!
Poor baby :( Wow does that ever look horrible... I hope he gets better really quickly!
Yea Jill you are absolutely right , towel in hand and avoid the rugs (I just learned about the rugs the hard way, he rolled on his back to sleep...YUCK).... But it's all worth it for him to get better.

I got to say this thing really is draining, I have a small bucket of warm water and antibacterial soap with a wash cloth and I keep cleaning the surrounding areas and it still looks like I haven't cleaned it up. 8O YUCK....YUCK.....YUCK

Awww.. poor baby.. :( I hope he and you both feel better soon..

I am sending him smooches all the way from Nova Scotia

Dudley and Murphy
Thanks for the well wishes everyone.. :D

J, it does break my heart to see him like this ,I am just so glad that I got the good advice on the forum to have the surgery done.

Antoinette :hearts:
OMG! Yuk yuk yuk yuuk!!!

Now that I've got THAT emotion out of the way....

Is he going to be the new Uncle Martin? :lol:


I hope this heals up nice and quickly for both of you.
Awwww...I feel so bad for him. I wish him well and a speedy recovery!
Poor little sheepie man. He will be feeling better soon. :ghug:
Poor guy, I hope he's better really soon.
Awww poor baby :kiss:, hope all goes well and he is soon recovered
Sweet baby... he looks bright eyed and perky. :D

He's kinda got that George Washington look goin' there... :lol:
http://www.lucidcafe.com/library/96feb/ ... ngton3.gif

Gentle hugs to the Junior... so glad you're doing well.
Heal quick and grow hair fast!
Aw, poor little guy! :oops: But it probably looks worse to us than it feels to him! And at least there was a way to prevent it from getting worse. Big hugs to the brave little man, and his mama! :ghug:
Oh, poor little Junior. It looks rough.
Those JP drains are wonderful though! My Macy had one in her groin after she had her tumor removed, and it really worked well to keep the nasties drained out of the surgery site.

Best wishes from us humans and puppy kisses from Chewie and the rest of the pups here. :hearts:
Aw- hope he is feeling better soon.

Everyone is right, that looks nasty. We had that twice with my Siberian. Definitely keep off the rugs or plan to have them cleaned. That being said...pooooooooooooor baby. Its probably harder on you to see this then it is on him. And yes, you did the right thing no matter how much it hurts to see him now. It will get better and he will be back to his bouncy self in no time. Give him some sloppy kisses from my two guys...Pam
Wishing Junior a speedy recovery. :ghug:
Awww....poor baby, poor baby, poor baby!!!

Wishing Junior a speedy recovery.
Sending kisses to Junior!!

Lots of hugs and sheepie kisses from me and the boys!!
I think he looks great, but I'm looking at it as if he were my patient.
I love the old man haircut - you have his Halloween costume already! Yeah!

Positive thoughts for quick healing.
Well, it was a long night and day today but yes, well worth it.Junior is doing GREAT! :clappurple:
He is acting like a puppy again. He has not bothered it at all and Is sitting down on the floor with me and letting me take warm compresses to his head and even letting me (Yuck :twitch: ) push the stuff out.

He is being so good, I am so proud of my little George Washington (Jaci ,I about spit out my drink when I read that ..LOL :lol: :lol: ).

I did take a few more pictures today and will post only the links again (just in case someone can't look).I think it looks so much better in 1 day.

I also wanted to say "I love my Vets office" with the surgery ,antibiotics,pain killers,head collar thingy-ma-giggy and most of all dealing with worry wort me, they only charged me $111.88 for it all. I even ask if that was correct and made them double check it. It was right. They are so great with there prices. I just had to Brag a little ........

Thank you all for the good thoughts for Junior and me!
I am going to go do some more cuddling with him now and I will update more tomorrow. :ghug:





Poor little pinhead! He is looking better today. The swelling looks like it went down a bit and it lost that "angry" look.
He really does look like he's feeling better. :D

If you cover the surgery site, he looks like it never happened. Glad to hear he is taking it so well. :D
He looks a little better. It's got to help looking at that wound when it's accompanied by the cutest face!!!
I just looked at the pics, poor Junior. I hope this sheepie boy feels better soon. Sheepie/Aussie hugs and kisses Junior.
Is he going to be the new Uncle Martin?

Cute Ron, only if he can wiggle his extensions.

Hope Pinhead heals quickly.
Hi everyone. I just wanted to give a fast update on Junior .

4 days after surgery he managed to get the stitch out that was on top on his head holding in the drain tubes. :roll: So, I ran him to the Vet.
vet said the drains are still in place so lets see it we can make it till Wednesday since the swelling is going down so slowly he wanted to keep the drains in as long as possible.
Well, we made it till 5 PM ! He shook his head and blood and drains were everywhere!!!(YUCK!) :twitch:
My Vets office is open till 7 PM M-F so back again.
He looked at it and said we are just going to try and leave it open and wait and see.

I have been going to town with Hot compresses and trying to break up these lumps by massaging them as hard as he will let me.
He has been so great I can't believe he is now only 19 weeks old. I uploaded some new pictures. It is still 2 big lumps but getting a little smaller every day.

I can not believe how hard it is to get a head trauma lump (or 2) to go down.
The vet said these things seam to take the longest time.
The big lump down the back of his head is solid and that is what is giving me the hardest time to break up. :(

Well, I just wanted to let everyone know how recovery is going with Junior.
God willing the next set of pictures will be of just a bald puppy with no lumps...LOL :D

Antoinette :hearts:




I do think it's looking better already though. The size of it looks like it's down quite a bit. Does it seem like it's filling again? Luckily, I think the head is a good spot to be able to massage and do compresses so I hope that you'll have luck in getting it down. What does the doctor suggest if it doesn't go down this way?
ButtersStotch wrote:
I do think it's looking better already though. The size of it looks like it's down quite a bit. Does it seem like it's filling again? Luckily, I think the head is a good spot to be able to massage and do compresses so I hope that you'll have luck in getting it down. What does the doctor suggest if it doesn't go down this way?

Hi Jill, It is definitely not filling up again, so that is a good thing but it is taking forever to get even a little progress. The Dr. at this point doesn't even want to think of going back in unless we have no other choice.
He said in situations like this when they remove scar tissue off the head it is so hard to get it to heal right, especially with a crazy puppy! :roll:

Your right about it being on the top of his head, I can push on that thing and he don't even move. 8O He has even fallen asleep. (hay, maybe he is just a pin head and this is not a bump...LOL) :lol:

I will talk to the Dr. more on Wednesday if I cant get it down anymore.It just feels so weird almost like a rubbery bone in his head.

oh my goodnes, Antoinette. I just saw all of this. Junior definitely looks like he's healing. I'm so proud of him for being such a good boy during all of this! That's amazing!
Somehow I missed the beginning of this story... What was wrong with him that he had to have this surgery?
I don't know if this is true, but I heard Harley hit him in the head with a hammer. That's just what I heard... :twisted:

All right, I made that up.

How are the massages coming, Antoinette? I keep thinking about you guys and wondering how things are going. I was so frustrated when it seemed like all I did was massage and do compresses and nothing helped Clyde. That makes me want Junior to succeed even more!
The truth is out ,Jill is right Harley just could not keep his little brother under control and smacked him in the head with a hammer! LOL...... :lol:

I have been going nuts the last few days again. Junior is doing better but still may need to have this lump removed, it almost feels like a piece of tendon or something. :?
Jill , I have kept up with the compresses and what a pain it is becoming. I think I am getting Muscles in my hands from all this massaging ,I keep thinking of that Siendfield episode the girl with the "Man-hands"..LOL
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyway we did have a emergency the other day with Harley and we almost lost him ! I was so upset and felt so guilty.
All I could think about was poor George and what had just happened to him. I was scared to death! :(

Here's what happened: (sorry it's so long)
As of Saturday Junior was doing a little better and I wanted to let Harley and him spend some time together again. ( Harley has been down stairs with my Mom since Junior has had the tubes and then the big hole in his head).
So, everything was going great until I fed them and Harley started throwing up his food. Ok, Now I am freaking out all over again.
The rest of the day he played and acted fine .
I wait till night and tried feeding him again. 1 hour latter he is throwing up again, everything in his stomach.
I stayed up with him since now I am getting really worried. I guess it was about 1 am and he was wanting to eat ,he kept going to his bowl and standing over it so I put a small scoop of food in it.Well he ate it all up and feel asleep.
In the morning he woke up and threw up all that food again.
Now I am on the way to the vet with him freaking out! The vet does some x-rays and finds he has something stuck in his upper intestines.
They ended up keeping him and doing a barium (spelling?) push as they called it. They put him on a IV since he was dehydrated and kept putting the barium in and taking X-rays.Well, after a full 12 hours of this and about 30 (he now glows!)
x-rays the stuff was pushed out. THANK GOD! We got very lucky!
It turns out that my mom did not realize he was eating the end of a rug that we cut and put under the cats litter box, and also mulch from the yard when she let him out.He was so full of the stuff I can't believe they got it all out by doing what they did.
He is home now and slowly starting to eat again only ' ID can' food from the vet for now since his insides have got to be hurting.

These last 3 weeks have been unreal, but I can't complain at least everyone is doing better and made it through...... But OMG enough already!!!!! :cow:

OMG - you & your poor boys have been through the ringer lately! I'm so glad Harley is okay. Thank goodness you went right to the vet. I'm really glad that Junior is doing so much better now, too. :phew:
You should be done now with all this excitement... for a couple of years anyway 8O

Kaytee and Panda were scatter-rug-chewers so they could never be left alone with them. If there were loops pulled loose, I had to cut them short or they'd always find them. I remember once I caught Kaytee doing this and pulled at least a foot of yarn from her mouth (it can be so dangerous). Thankfully they out grew it but I really had to keep a close eye on them. And
Emma can't have rope toys because she tries to eat them. Dogs can be such knuckleheads sometimes. Since you know he has this "issue" you might want to gather up any rugs or string type things that might pose a problem.

I think you're going to need a vacation once everyone is well again :wink:
Hugs to the convalescing furry ones.
Jaci...a big YEP they are knuckleheads! :lol:

We have taken everything away that Harley could eat for the last year but never thought of what was laying around my Moms. :(
She feels sooo bad but didn't realize that OES are BILLY GOATS in OES clothing.....LOL

When Harley was little he chewed a antique chair I had and ate the Horse Hair it was stuffed with ( Now the gross part )it was stuck in his butt on the way out and OMG I had to grab a bunch of paper towels and pull it out. :twitch: (OMG ,I think I feeling woozie just remembering it!)

We have been so careful with these dogs but my God, don't turn your back for a second or they will find it and eat it.........LOL 8O

Oh, and I did tell my husband 'I am running away' and he told me "Don't forget to take your dogs" ...... I love it as soon as there is a problem with them they are MY DOGS ! :roll:

OES are BILLY GOATS in OES clothing

:lol: ABSOLUTELY... I was told several times that this crazy breed is an accident waiting to happen.

When Harley was little he chewed a antique chair I had and ate the Horse Hair it was stuffed with

I guess I won't complain about the occasional long blades of grass that have to be removed. :roll:

Oh, and I did tell my husband 'I am running away' and he told me "Don't forget to take your dogs" ...... I love it as soon as there is a problem with them they are MY DOGS !

Hehehe That is sooo funny. Whenever one of ours does something naughty I tell my husband his "daughter" is in trouble". I claim no part of the hairy heathens when they've misbehaved.
I have found that my OES are the least chewing and destructive dogs we have had. All 3 have been non-related and from different places. I guess we have really been lucky! 8O
:( I hope is gets better soon.
OES are BILLY GOATS in OES clothing

so true! but sometimes without the Billy Goat digestive system! I never can understand how some people can just leave their dogs outside all the time and the dogs are fine. We have to watch Callie every minute, even in our back yard. If we just left her to run around, she'd have nonstop diarrhea and we'd be going to the ER at least once a week to have something removed... :roll:
This is just horrible what you've been through. I'm sorry, I'm just catching up with the forum and have had very little time to post. I hope he is OK now! So sorry, he just looks pitiful and horrible it makes me want to cry. :ghug: Plus, he just has the sweetest most precious face. I'm so sorry about Harley as well, so glad for the happy ending. Enough already of all the bad crap!
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