{warning grafic material} c section nightmare

Hi as you are all aware i had a little girl by an emergency section 11 days ago. it was the last thing i expected and the last thing i wanted. well since then ive had my stiches removed.But within 20 mins my wound opened up completly, oozing alot of liquid. By this time im totally freaking out holding my stomach together. 8O So it was another trip to the hospital where i had it all stitched back up. thought that this would be the end of it so i was asured by the doctors. Well so much for thought the liquid is still oozing out yet 5 days later now to top it all ive got an infection. So now to treat the infection with medication i have to stop breastfeeding :( At the moment im really worried as these stiches are due to be removed in 2 days time. Has anyone else had the same experiance as me.
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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear you're having to go through this right now :(

I hope things start healing RIGHT and fast. Sorry I can't offer anything additional. How's your new joy? :)

I've been reading up on c-sections lately on 2 different boards and I'm scared out of my mind (the pain).
I'm sorry to hear what you are going through, you must be so sore, and so very exhausted. Along with being tired as every new mom is you have the added energy drains of recuperating from surgery, and infection.
I have been through almost the same thing. Emergency c section, the wound wasn't healing right, and was oozing still 10 days after. Unfortunately, I developed an abcess in my uterus the size of an orange. It was so painful, and huge. They had to re operate to remove the abcess, and when they stitched me up that time they left in a plastic drain tube. Yuck.
I did eventually heal up, but you need to try to take really good care of yourself. If the antibiotics don't have a noticeable effect within 2 days then they need to put you on something more powerful right away.
I hope you feel better soon, we can't wait to hear more about you and your little girl and how things are going. We'd love pics when you can, but take your time to rest and heal and be a mom. :)
Also, if you "want" to continue breast feeding, you can express and throw away your milk so that it doesn't dry up. Then, resume breastfeeding after you're better.
im already on antibiotics but they havent worked hence the new ones which i cant breastfeed with. was thinking of expressing the milk so when its ok i can carry on breastfeeding. It just seems like everything is happeing all at once as my spinal never worked during the section either. On a brighter note little Niamh is doing really well shes really alert doesnt like to sleep much will post pictures as soon as i can .
I am so sorry to hear what happened. It will heal up but does take awhile the same thing happened to me, it was caused by a reaction to all the internal stiches. Don't despair it will all come right just takes a bit of time to clear. Stacey mentioned a great thing to be able to keep breast feeding bub, I wish I knew that at the time as I had to bottle feed after all that happened. So glad your new little cherub is flourishing so well, can't wait to see a picture of her again soon, take it easy as it does take months to get over all that has happened to your body and everything will settle down, just takes a bit longer then normal because of the infection.
Special Hugs to you :D
What an awful thing to happen. I am so sorry that you are going through this. Hopefully once you get your stitches out there will be no more problems. I sympathize with you on the spinal. I had a epidural during labor with my son. He came the old fashioned way. The epidural did absolutely nothing. Well actually my ex-husband knocked out the first one and they had to do it again. It still didn't work.
Luckily with my daughter when I had the c-section last January the spinal worked.
I hope you feel better soon! Congrats on your daughter
Hi, my stiches didn't come open etc, but I did get an infection, and I did ooze puss from a few spots....mostly because I had belly fat sitting on top of the cut line...not letting it heal right.

I overdid it as well, lifting things to early, not letting things heal properly.

I pumped milk, because i had a breast reduction, and my nipples wouldn't work right...but pumping doesn't keep you in full supply. Pumping only gets the milk closest to the nipple, it doesn't pull the milk from the back of the breast....if this makes any sense. Anyways, it is a good idea to try, and hopefully it comes back in full force when baby gets to do it. Just wanted to let you know, you may feel like your drying up, and not producing much when you start pumping. We rented a machine from Safeway pharmacy.

Good luck.
If you can pump while you feed the baby with the bottle it might help it let down easier.....
AWWWW!!Im so sorry this has happened too ya,but Im wondering why didnt they put staples in,instead of stiches?Staples heal the insissin so much faster,and are removed before you go home from the hosp.I have had 2 c-section and both times I had staples,my 1st c-section when they removed a staple it was hard too get out,but it never got infected.Id ask your Dr. why not use staples?

I hope you start feeling better ASAP!!!
here they like to use a running stitch . when this was removed the liquid i had building up put presure on the wound which then opened releasing alot of the liquid. then they decided they would put in stitches that way it would allow the liquid to drain out. which still is. went to the hospital yesterday they only took a couple of stitches out as it still isnt healing they said it would allow more of the liquid to drain. so it back to the hospital on monday to see what they are going to do next as they decided that i didnt need antibiotics after all. :roll: so heres hoping that on monday it looks like its starting to heal..

I wish you all the best to a speedy recovery and here's hoping Monday goes well for you!

Marianne and the boys sending hugs and sheepie kisses
Hope all goes well monday, glad you did not need the antibiotics, keeping fingers crossed that all goes well for you. :D
went back to the hospital today and they finally removed all my stitches heres hoping that it stays closed and that it can now heal. :!:
Two weeks ago I gave birth to a healthy boy via C-Section. I had both staples and disolving stiches. The nurse removed the metal staples from me before leaving the hospital and put those sticky tape bandage things over the incision - or so I thought. She said not to pull at them and to let them fall off on their own.... so I did. Much to my horrible surprise, my last bandage fell off yesterday and right underneath it there was a LOVELY staple!!!! I am freaked out and now don't know how they will remove this thing. I am waiting for my doctor to call me right back....
Don't try to remove it yourself!! Go back to the Dr.
Ouch sounds really painful. Only advise I can give is to dry wound with a hair dryer and not a towel, so the lady next door got told by the nurse...good luck
I took my staples out myself both times - no biggie really.
I was healed and I really saw no reason to go back to the
Dr just to remove the staples and tell me lots of other things
I already knew. (can you tell I am not happy or comfortable
with my Drs?)

Taking out the staple is really not a big deal, it won't even
hurt. It may pinch, but if you are healed don't worry about
having a staple out. It's about as bad as chipped nail polish.
Do have the Dr do it though, you may not want to try it yourself.

I've had 4 c-sections, two with traditional dissolving stitches, 2 with staples.

Staples were removed at my 6 week post partum check up. I was very nervous that this would be a painful and prolonged process, but it was not. So, I'd call the doctor and let them know that there is still a staple. Ask if it needs to be removed right away or if it can wait until your post partum check up.

For those of you who aren't comfortable with your doctors, please do not be afraid to change docs, and don't be afraid to let them know why. You should always find a doctor you are comfortable with so that the doctor can do a good job with you.
I wish I had a nickle - I have never found a Dr I

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