2nd Anniversary of being smoke free

Today is the second anniversary of me being a non-smoker. Last night, I actually had a dream that I was smoking...and was justifying it to myself! You'd think by now I wouldn't be having these dreams, or feeling that guilt!

I never really thought I'd be able to quit, but I did. And believe me, I'm not that strong willed!!!! It just takes time and patience. I can't even tell you how many times I had quit before.

So it seems June 13th is a lucky day to quit. Anyone out there wanting to use my lucky day and give it a try today? I'll be here for you if you need support.

Smoke free, and happy...
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Wow! I had no idea it had been that long already! Good for you!!! :clappurple:
Congratulations, Deborah. :banana: :banana::banana:
Everybody knows how I feel about smoking so just for today, I'll let you wear the tiara again.
That's pretty big but for something like this it's worth it!
:go:yaaaaaaAAAAAAY DEBORAH!:go:
WOW! I get to wear the tiara again????

Now I know, I AM special!!!!!

Congratulations Deborah! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
That is great! Congrats! I'm very proud of ya! :D
Deborah honey, you have no idea how proud I am of you([and a little jealous!)

I missed the June 13 quit date but am seriously thinking of quitting. Again. I'll look to you for inspiration (and scotch).
Paula, I'm always available to give support, and share a scotch!!!!!
Congratulations! It takes a lot to quit smoking and not starting up again!

I stopped about 8 years ago after smoking for about 23 years. My incentive to quit was my mom who went on oxygen 24x7 for smoking. She passed away this past September from COPD. So the moral of the story, smoking kills.

Congrats on your cessation of smoking.
I'm so sorry about your mom. Having lost my mother, I know what a huge loss that is.

I'm sorry....
What a HUGE accomplishment! :go:
:clappurple: :clappurple: Deborah, how about some pictures of you with the tiara on :) Seriously, that is really something to be proud of!
Apparently I'm actually going to have to physically ship this tiara out! Send me the address, we'll pass it around and everyone can take pics with it on. We'll see how far it gets.

Deb, you can be first. Whoever has a big, enormous, astronomical accomplishment gets it next! Holly, there's still time for you to stop smoking and get it next! :wink:
What a fun idea!!!!!

>>Looking very solemn<<<

I swear to take good care of the tiara, have Tony take my picture in it, and then, without a fuss (sorta) pass it to the next milestone achiever!
Signed in blood..no not really (but I'm preparing for the next Pirates of the Caribean movie)

Deborah, the smoke free
Deb, tell you what. I'll fly out to Chicago and bring the tiara to you and then we'll go see Pirates together. I call dibs on the Bloom, you can have Johhny! :lol:
Maxmm wrote:
Holly, there's still time for you to stop smoking and get it next! :wink:

Okay, who told on me :twisted:
Can we bring Pirate to see the Pirates?
That's wonderful, Deb! I'm so proud of you! I hope it gets a little easier with all the smoking bans that are going to effect around the Chicago area.
debcram wrote:
Can we bring Pirate to see the Pirates?

Sure, we'll just put a little outfit on him and then yell at people for staring at the kid with the extra hair and walking problem. :D
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P

Well...at least we don't have to hide his tail! :rimshot:
Deborah - good for you. It is so hard to give up anything and you should be proud of such a big milestone. I gave up soda six years ago and still don't drink it - I was addicted. Unfortunately I still have a weight problem and still get my sugar fixes other ways.

Maybe there will be more smoke-free members on your 3rd anniversary. You are an inspiration!

P.S. We call Harry our pirate - because of the eye patch. Also he says Arf instead of woof. So we say Arf (like Arggh in a pirate voice) and "Yo ho ho and a Kong of peanut butter" when we tell him he is a pirate.
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