6 Month Old OES Pup losing fur at an alarming rate!

I just wanted to write and see if this is normal or something to worry about. I know Sheepies go from black to various other shades once they lose their puppy coat. What I didn't know is that the puppy coat falls out in huge chunks all over the house! My girl Lola is just about 6 months old and in the last week she has begun to lose most of her black coat, but her new lightish gray coat is not growing in yet, so her fur looks very thin and almost bald in patches. Is this normal? It's gotten to the point where I can vacuum the living room carpet and two hours later, it is covered in balls of black fur. At first I thought she was maybe sick or something, but I realized that her *white* parts are completely intact; it's only the black fur that is falling out. She has a new swathe of sort of kinky gray fur straight down the middle of her back, and her back legs are turning gray, and I can see some very fluffy, whispy light gray hair in the patches where the black has fallen out, but is this the way it usually happens?

I guess I just assumed that her fur would stay the same length or keep growing intact but grow out gray from the follicle, so that if you pulled out a hair, it would be gray at the base and black at the tip (like mine!), but instead it seems like she is losing big patches of her puppy fur!
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The fur shouldnt fall out in chunks or get thin. It does shed though. Funny I have a 6 mo old Sophie too :lol: she is getting her gray too but she's not shedding in chunks. I dont have any ideas as to what is going on.
:!: :?: :!: :?:

Tonks and Luna are both 11 months old, and are at differing stages of the coat changes. But they have NEVER lost any fur, and they really don't shed at all (though maybe its cuz I brush alot) let alone have giant patches of it falling out!!! I'd call your vet; perhaps its an allergic reaction to something?
You may want to get her Thyroid checked.

Summers coat went very thin but that was after she was ill. My son brushed her relentlessly when she was about 6 months old though so I dont know. I wish the under coat wouldn't matt! Just cut a matt out and then you are left with this snow white hair underneath.
I think I would get your pup checked at the vet just in case....keep us posted
Oh man, not what I was hoping to hear. She is also itching like mad, but I just assumed that was because her fur falling out and new stuff growing in was bothering her. :(

I will call the vet tomorrow. Thanks, everyone, and I will for sure keep you all updated.
Charlie is 7 mos. old and getting his "big boy" hair down his back. I just finished bathing him and combing him out with a metal-tooth comb. I only got a small amount of hair out that was about the consistency of down. He hardly ever sheds at all...we've been VERY surprised. His puppy fur is grayish brown and super soft while the new hair is gray and white, almost like an old man's. It's a lot coarser and a bit curly on top. It's really interesting but seems to be coming in darker again. Hope, hope, hope. We loved the black hair!

I would definitely call the vet!!

What are you feeding your pup? Perhaps its a diet issue?
Could be allergy related or you might need a blood draw and test the thyroid to rule out a problem there as well.

Unusal it is falling out in chunks and leaving bald spots, no not normal when they are transitioning coats.

If she is scratching like mad then I would suspect allergies, is her flea treatment up to date? No ticks etc? Also what is she eating?
Lisa, I agree..Allergies. If she is itching like mad, Allergies. Take the dog to the Vet but in the meantime change her food to something with NO wheat products in it. Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul food is having great results for a friend of mine. Two weeks on the food and the itching is gone. You may have to have the dog tested by a doggy allerist(sp) to find the culprit. Sorry, been there, done that.
How is Lola doing? I hope she's doing better!....
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