Zoe went to doggydaycare...

Our little dog has not had any socialization...I know better, and things have been so crazy we just don;t get out with her.

Well it is still in the window of fixing her shy/fearful/bark and growl defense...I'm hoping.

So I decided to take her to doggydaycare...it ended up being free for her first visit. But she was so scared it took her 4 hours to make 1 friend. Turns out she made friends to the most domiant small dog there. They seperate the big from small breeds. She only liked the male owner of the daycare, the two women couldn't approach her.

I think I will have to return a couple more times for her to feel like playing, she was brave enough to walk around all the dogs and smell them but to nervous to play.

She just turned 7 mths...hope I'm not to late. Things keep happening to us, that other things lose priority and Zoe has been definitely on the losing end. She is kinda okay with people...sometimes growls out of fear...but then the next person she has wags and friendly...I can't predict her. A stranger (female) came in and she was friendly to her...so it's not a man/woman preference.
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Doggy daycare will be good for her but you should also start trying to take her places with you. It isn't too late, she is young enough to adjust. We take Ty everywhere we can and he does beautifully.
In rescue we tried to socialize all guests. It helped us know what the dog was like and helped helped the dog gain confidence. These were adult dogs, so it's never too late to socialize....time for walkies!
Why not take Remy too so she isn't so far out of her comfort zone-- or would they be separated?
They would be seperated, and Remy does enjoy the daycare, but I was thinking of taking her to off leash instead.
Doggy daycare will be good for her :roll:
I think it's great you're trying and I think it's never too late to try to help. How pitiful that she was afraid. Hope she gets more chances and does well.
Well her second visit was Soooo much better they said. I'll take her again tommorrow.

She did well at the vet's too, friendly with everyone....that was huge. And we walked through the pet store, she was good there too.

She will be okay as long as I keep this up, she will come out of her safety zone and be more accepting.

I started well when she was 8 weeks, took her everywhere with me. But then things got crazy, and she stayed at home. I took advantage of her being small and not needing walks, so she never went out. Then camping she started showing aggressive signs....from fear, she would take a defensive approach toeverything....

But just taking her out a few times this week she smells first then decides...we are definitely keeping daycare up for her.
Well, I'm glad to hear things were a little better this time around. The time spent there will soon payoff :)
:cheer: Good Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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