Your preference: Small Tile or Carpet?

So we're having to make a tough decision...

We really want to live in a certain community. This limits us on what we can have in a house due to what's available. We can get all tile, but unless we build our own from scratch, it will be 12" instead of 18" around the house (except bedrooms). We're not the biggest fans of small tile (in the living room), but with Houston being wet all the time, the carpet would be ruined with Yuki in the house.

Would you still rather have the tile? Or go for the carpet? Also, more of a gray or beige ...not dark tile (something we have no choice in since there is already tile in the wet areas)

No other choices. ...just 12" tile or carpet?
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Tiles then you can put down a nice big floor rugs to suit the different rooms. When the rug is crappy then you can throw it out and get another. Tiles are forever, easy to keep clean then shampooing grub marks on carpet, depending on the decor inside hard to say Grey or Beige. Both are pretty neutral in colour. :wink:
Are you trying to decide on what house to buy and where to live based on whether there is tile or carpet?

We have small tile (8") in the kitchen. It would be great except it isn't smooth, it's wavy, textured tile. I hate it.

The foyer has flat, smooth tile, either 8" or 12" and I like it.

The bathrooms all have tile, some smooth, some textured.

The rest of the house is all carpeted.

The carpet gets dirty.

The tile gets dirty, but is easier to wash.

The carpet is warmer (and nicer) to walk on barefoot, perhaps not a consideration in Houston.
Tiles, definately tiles! Much easier to clean and you can have some nice rugs which you can change according to you decor at the time. Tiles will keep it simple, you have quite enough to think about for now what with the move, babies and the pets :ghug:
I HATE carpet!! One of my projects this summer is to replace the last bit of carpet in my house with some kind of "hard floor". When you have large hairy dogs the carpet gets "doggy" smelling EVEN if there are no accidents.

We walked in the house last night, after being gone two weeks with the house closed up and the first thing I smelled was DOG, YUCK.

Get the house you want and replace the floor with what you want.

I am going to my hair salon this week to look at their floor. They just put a new floor down, looks like hardwood, comes in planks like hardwood but it it a VINYL, NOT laminate. After putting laminate in the living room, I wouldn't do it again (too slippery on the dogs feet). This stuff looks really neat and is intended for commercial use.
Ron, the first. We already have the community, but what house out of the available and/or trying to question if we should build there. Building there is no problem, BUT having to wait until november for a house in a town with no short lease apartments may kill us.

There are 2 homes available (I'd like to say in our price range, but they're both a tad over), but since they've already placed tile in the wet areas ...that is light in color and 12" tiles ....we can't ask them to pull it ALL up to place 18" dark tile (what we want). We can however tell them to pull up the new carpet and put all 12" light colored tile (to match existing tile).

If this doesn't work out (we're asking them to lower to a ridiculous price), we WILL build in the same community. Just trying not to because this is the only house on a cul de sac and largest yard in the entire community. The community is one of the few that is part of this "master planned community." It's made to be a city within the community (own outlet malls, own elementary which is ranked top 50 in tx, crap load of things to get involved in for lil j, etc).
Tile, tile, tile! 12" isn't small, it's just smaller than 18" tile. I think it's be more apt to yank it if it were like 6" tile.

Something to think about if you're going to be putting rugs down, take a look at those FLOR tiles to make area rugs ( You can make all different combinations and if one part of the rug gets messed up, you can just toss it and replace the single tile. I did that for our downstairs an it has worked out great. They stick to each other, not the floor and already have a rubber backing so they don't slide. With tile all over though, it might be a little too boxy with squares on top of squares but just thought I'd toss it out there.
Okay, I think we're putting an offer on a house real soon. Ironically, we have never seen pics of the house OR inside. Does that tell you how bad we want this "neighborhood?" 8O :twisted:

I'm so excited. We have seen pics of the street it's on, what's behind it, and across the street, as well as the inside of a house 2 down, ...and mr. j has an old GIRLFRIEND down the street who said it's very lovely, so after the realtor takes pics today [and accepts our offer] ...we may have a home!!

Oh yeah, we have to get approved for a loan too. That may be important ;)

I'm sometimes glad we have in-laws. Their input has been wonderful. Since his mom was a teacher in this district, she has been so helpful finding that perfect school.
congrats on the house, I hope everything works out. Regarding tile or carpet....I live in Florida so a similar enviorment to where you are going and tile wins hands down. So much easier to keep clean. I wash my floors every day.
Size of tile depends on proportions of the room. Also how thick grout line is a concern........but I'll take all over carpet. I'm an area rug fan. Better color selections, patterns, mobility, and as some said above "disposable" if necessary.

I look at the mess the kids bring in on the tile and just cringe at thought of it coming in on carpet. We have carpet down the hall to bedrooms and I have throw rugs over the carpet because of ugly beige Berber that did NOT stand up to dog traffic......after 3 years it looked like crap.

Price of energy, think smaller home. Max out the insulation and other energy saving features. Smaller and open home may be more flexible for a family with 2 boys . If more chicks to come, then maybe the larger home is in order....or ship them to Grandmas more often.
I cannot wait for the day (next year) when i can pull up this carpet and have hardwood floors put in!!!

There are some beautiful area rugs you can get and put down. And if you decide to sell the house you can always get cheap carpet installed if you think it is a problem.

With Houston's 'wetness', go with the tile. Houston also has flea's kiddo.... and they cannot hide in tile, carpet yes, tile no!!
again, tile, tile, a few yrs you can redo the tile...just remember darker tile is a pain in the butt to keep clean....personally, i go for dusty colors...hides wet dog tracks really well!!
Well... we didn't want to regret something. As they were about to change the carpet to the small matching tile, the new batch was not identical to that in the kitchen, bathroom, etc... even though it was the same color.

We decided to tell them to just put 18" tile now that they have to pull it all up anyway. :yay: Though I know we'll go broke with this whole move esp since we haven't sold our present house... i'm sure it will be worth it in the long run.
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