2 Yr Old Female in New Mexico

Can someone help this one?

http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=7812381
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Any news on this one? She is very cute but looks like she needs some love. . . :(
I think th OES rescue in New Mexico was disbanded but maybe Susan would know something.
We can foster if someone can get her out and meet us half way.
Have we heard anything else?
Nobody in NM that can help :?: :?:
How about Texas Rescue? sue
Does anyone know how to contact Texas rescue and if they do can they email them regarding this sweetie?
here's their site http://www.texasoesrescue.org/
Any updates?
I spoke with Wyn in chat tonight and she said she's fostering a new sheepie soon...wonder if it's this one?

Crossing my fingers and Wyn you are awesome!

Marianne and the boys
I don't think it's that one. I know she is fostering a poor baby that was kept tied to a table. the vet that rescued her emailed me & Wyn wanted to help this baby. Sue
I will call for status tomorrow.
That girl is such a tiny thing! Looks very thin too :(
I hope we hear that she has been "sprung" soon.
The humane society is closed today, will try again tomorrow.
Brandy is an owner turn in. Woman brought the dog in after her son lost his job and couldn't take care of her. She is good with children, but unknown about other animals. She is spayed and in good shape.

This was her second home in two years. She needs someone to care for her! The Roswell Humane Society will work with a rescue to place Brandy. Anyone?
I wish I could help, but my work schedule really prohibits me from taking on a rescue. I can get called away at a moment's notice, and now my husband travels too! The changes in schedule are hard enough on Bailey. I wish I could win the lottery, retire and help with rescue. Maybe some day.
yes, I'm just agonizing about this girl. My husband is laid up and I took a bad fall in December and can't drive long distance.

Plus I have dogs here I doubt will accept a newbie. Weather is bad enough I couldn't keep a dog in the outside kennel.

Rescue lady here has her hands tied with an OES/Pyr who is very aggressive towards other dogs and she has 2 old OES of her own. She can't take another dog.

It just breaks my heart.....................
Who do I call in Texas, or Oklahoma, or Colorado?
Texas knows, they contacted me. Problem is transport. I can't move the dog more than 75 miles max. Colorado rescue is 400 miles and Texas is further. AZ even said she'd take the dog but I'd have to move it there. That's 440 miles.
I've tried to contact Avalasmommy to see if one of the truckers could pick up Brandy for Arizona or TX. I haven't heard back. Does anyone know how to contact her?
I believe I still have her cell #. Want me to give her a try?
Yes, please.
Just spoke with Avalasmom and she will start working on something immediately. She works all weekend, so let's cross our fingers. She also said that half of her drivers were stuck in PA and the truck stops are running low on food. :cry: Let's keep them in our thoughts too!
Oh, and by the way. My question was pretty duh! Of course you wanted me to contact her. I thought about it about the time I hit submit. :oops:
Unfortunately, I have no trucks in that area for the next week or so - wish I could have been more help. Sorry

If I can get one of the rescues to call Roswell, I'm sure they will hold her for pick up. I spoke with them today, she's still there. :( If any of the experienced rescue folks have any ideas, I'd sure like to hear them.
Fingers and paws crossed, I think Texas OES may come through for this little girl! :go: They have an applicant that is willing to pick Brandy up at the shelter. Should know more in the next few days.
OH Yea!!!!!!! :banana:
I actually want to adopt a young female oes but I have 2 dogs, I am planning on having kids and live 20 hours away from NM, so I guess it doens' make me a good candidate right?
I was really beginning to think this little girl wasn't going to make it. But, Texas OES came through!!! :phew: The gentleman that is adopting her has owned Sheepies before. Here's the email I received from him this morning;

"Thanks for you help.. Brandy is coming home to texas tomorrow. We have about 2 acres that she will be free to roam on and enjoy the life of a queen.

I will be driving down that way tomorrow about 300 miles to pick her up. I am much looking forward to having her in the family.

Have several grand kids that are anxiously awaiting her also.

Thanks again


Will send you some pics once I get some weight back on her and get her all groomed up."

Of course, I sent him the forum address hoping he will share her with the group.

Thanks Steve at Texas OES :!:
awsome that is greaat :D :yay:
WOOHOO! That is fantastic news. Way to go Texas OES!
:D great news
Great news!
Buddy, please keep in touch.......THANK YOU :D
Thank you for helping.
Another fur ever home! yahoo!!!
Just received a note and photos from the wonderful guy that drove all the way to Roswell to pick up Brandy. Her coat was in bad shape when he got her out, but has since been to the groomer and has a lovely sleek new do. I'm glad the photos in the shelter didn't have details. She has a brown and blue eye, which I'm partial to, and is gorgeous. Had I seen that, I would have driven down to pick her up. 8O

Here's what Buddy, Brandy's new dad, had to say;

The sheep dog is amazing. Over the week-end she had a stick in her
mouth and would run around the yard about 3 times and then stop and hand it over to annie, our other dog, to do same. I have never seen dogs do this.
Also when I feed her I have to put the food into a pile on the porch
and brandy will take her nose and make two piles out of it. She will
not touch the pile that she made for annie. It takes her about 10
minutes to move the food around. She is a real pleasure to have
around. The grand kids love her. I had one granddaughter over
yesterday and brandy had a blast with her.

Buddy trent
She sounds like a doll! I'm sorry I couldn't help her, but reading this I realize around here she would have never been able to show that caring side. My guys would have squished that in her. She is where God intended her to be.

Can I just say YAY for Buddy. It does sound like a match made in heaven.
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