"Its me or the Dog" in Atlanta

ARGG! I'm so unhappy right now!

Animal Planet was advertising not long ago that they were looking for people to have on that show "Its me or the Dog". They were going to film episodes here in the US. Well, we all think our pets are adorable and TV worthy, and I'm no exception. I thought "Tonks and Luna would make a great follow up to that pair of British OESs the show had on". My girls have come really far in their training but we still have some problem areas like chasing the cats non-stop, and barking like mad at any people or dogs outside the house. I promised myself that I'd email the show; what the heck right?

Well I JUST got an email from a place that I had contacted about Hydro Therapy. Luna was having some weird limping issues that we couldn't pin down, and I was going to do hydro-therapy to strengthen her leg when the weird limp went away. I never followed up. Now I'm so angry with myself...


man... if I'd only followed up on either the email I wanted to send to Animal Planet OR visiting the hydro-therapy center!!!! I'm so mad at myself!!! :x :x
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I sent them a video of my guys for the Los Angeles taping...one of their people even called me back on the application...then , nothing.

I know how you feel Allison. :(
its funny, isn't it? We have to have REALLY bad dogs to get on the show, and yet we still want to go....

I'm sure my girls aren't bad enough. But I wanted to think they'd say something like "we could do an episode on mostly good dogs with just a few problem areas..."

I also would love one of these television "dog miracle workers" to let me in on the secret of changing the couple of behaviors that I am having a hard time with.
My dogs have the worst door manners. I have some sucess with training, but then they go an have a big idiot moment like today. Then later on, they stayed in the down position for me while I had pizza delivered. I just wish they would do the same thing every time...and Bella is soooo much harder to train than Nigel...girls!!!!!
Thirty lashes with a wet noodle for you, Alisson!! :twisted:
Hi Guys--
We are currently casting in Atlanta for the new season of Animal Planet's hit show, "It's Me Or The Dog." If you're the owner of one (or more) out-of-control dogs, or you have a pooch who's an obedience school drop-out, we want you!!!!
You can reach me via phone @ 323-274-9922 or @ thedogcaster@gmail.com
Funny guest.

Here is the website info:
2. Click HERE to download the application form and make us a DVD (click HERE for DVD guidelines). (*Note: You will be leaving animalplanet.com.)

Send the completed application and DVD along with three recent photographs to:

It's Me Or The Dog Casting
Shed Media U.S.
3800 Barham Boulevard, Suite 410
Los Angeles, CA 90068


3. Fax just the application to:

It's Me Or The Dog Casting, Shed Media U.S.


4. E-mail us at Dog@ShedMediaUS.com with the following information:

Contact Info
Dog Issues
Photos of all household members and dogs
I googled them and it is another contact for the show...
THEN, I emailed them! 8)
I know how you all feel, we had the same experience with "Superfetch" We even went for a casting and they said they loved us so much they would want us back in about a month for another casting. This was in February. :?

And now seeing the show really annoys me. I watched two episodes but I don't think I will watch any upcoming shows. :evil:
I've thought about doing this; I LOVE the show and thought a follow up episode featuring two Olde English Sheepdogs could be entertaining. But I don't know that I want my dogs to be shown in a negative light. I know they aren't the best, but we've done LOTS of training and I don't want to be made fun of on TV.
I've only caught the show a handful of times and if I was to go by that limited exposure it always seems to be pitbulls or big, bulky mixes and clueless owners. Those of you who expressed an interest (here) aren't nearly clueless enough as best I can tell :wink:


one of the original episodes from England featured a family with 2 rambunctious OES. I loved watching it, just because my own situation was somewhat similar. but you are right; I don't know if any of our dogs are "bad" enough to warrant being on the program. More likely, they'll film normal dogs and edit them to APPEAR bad; typical reality tv type of stuff. Ijust don't know if I want people to see me or my pets in that light.

If I were to give it a try; I'd want some help getting the cats and dogs to "get along". That, and Tonks has a bad habit we are always trying to break her of; she plays way too rough with puppies, submissives, and toy breeds. Oh and Luna just loves to guard stuff. But this is all "in progress" training we are currently doing.

Mad Dog wrote:
I've only caught the show a handful of times and if I was to go by that limited exposure it always seems to be pitbulls or big, bulky mixes and clueless owners. Those of you who expressed an interest (here) aren't nearly clueless enough as best I can tell :wink:


Agreed. You have to be pretty dim to make the cut.
:oops: :oops:
I have never even watched it thought it was
something I could go to them to do :oops:

They said they would contact me if ever in my area....
I'd love to see somebody come in and tame this wild pack :lol:
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