2 Old Babies from Oklahoma

Got in an Old Male { Harry } and a female { Sally } from Oklahoma Friday. This I think is from the same breeder that we got tje Deaf Boy from last year. THey are both in terrible condition. Most of the hair has either fallen out from matting or pulled out. Both are skin and bones. Sally has a real hard time getting up and walking...... They'll both go the Vet tomorrow to see what we can do. For now they are comfortable and warm. I will try to post of pictures of them. Sheepie Hugs, Kaye
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Abide the ignorance of my question please. If the person/breeder that has obviously abused these babies’s can be legitimately identified, can action be taken against them? Most states, except for the backward one I now live in, have some sort of law against abuse. Even if it's just a fine, if a breeder suffers enough complaints, the fines may add up and put them out of business.
Hi Devra, Most of the states including Texas where I live have terrible animal rights laws. Sometimes with proper evidence you can do something. But usually it is a slap on the hands. A dog is a possesion and therefore has no rights. The Vet will document all the problems they have and I have take pictures. I guess rescuing I have become numb to what people are capable of doing to poor creatures. If you dwell on that part of rescueing you burn out. All your energy goes into HOW COULD SOMEONE DO THAT TO THAT POOR ANIMAL.. Then you have no energy left to help the Babies. It used to really tear me up. I have either gotten used to it or I am numb........I figure they will get what is coming to them. Maybe they will be tied to a tree until the rope cuts into their neck in the next life....... Karma!!!!!!! What Goes Round Comes Round!!!!!!! Sheepie Hugs, Kaye
aweeeeee... wish we still lived in Oklahoma!!!! I hope these babies get some help from someone.
Dear God those poor babies. I cant believe those pictures. Can we get a hold of the person who did this to them and do it to THEM!!! :evil: I'm game!

Thank you sooo much for helping them no matter what happens with there health at least they know love now - from you! :ghug:

Here in Tennessee they just had on the news a few days ago a dog breeder (Did not say what breed ) was arrested for animal cruelty.They found something like 100 dogs tied up in filthy crates
stacked up on top of each other and most of the dogs were dead! They starved to death. I was so sick, I cried. I think the woman got out on a minimal bail and is waiting for a trial date... Big deal.
I wish they would put these people in jail for a mandatory amount of time ( I would like to see at least a year..)and a huge fine! Then see if they do it again !!! :evil:

Shug wrote:
[b][i]Got in an Old Male { Harry } and a female { Sally } from Oklahoma Friday. This I think is from the same breeder that we got tje Deaf Boy from last year. THey are both in terrible condition. Most of the hair has either fallen out from matting or pulled out. Both are skin and bones. Sally has a real hard time getting up and walking...... ]

why can't people be as kind and lovable as our sheepies - the dogs in those photos are a disgrace. That woman will get her turn one day. Thanks for taking htem in to a good loving and warm home.
Pictures made me sick, don't these people have a conscience? How could you get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and know how you are treating these poor animals? I will never ever understand it :evil: Thank God for you and the rest of the rescue people :yay: :hearts:
If rescue went after all the folks who dumped their dogs in bad condition, then people who neglected thier dogs to this point would stop giving them to rescue....

...and shoot them or leave them go by the side of the road in the country..

Rescue just takes the dog and deals with it...

The dogs are safe, now. Bless them...
Poor babies!! At least they have a chance now.
Thank you Kaye!
OMG those poor babies. Kaye, tell me if you need any help or whatever I can do.

How do these people sleep at night? How could you do that to a living breathing animal?
I have changed so much as a person. It is a hard thing to discribe. The way I handle rescuing now compared to how I handled it when I started. I was upset and frustrated all the time. I was angry all the time. I couldn't eat and couldn't sleep. I would say I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!!!!!! Then I would pull back and lick my wounds and go back at it. It isn't that I am less Passionate about Rescue .I have just learned how to deal with it. It is never about the Babies. It is the people you have to deal with. I DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO GET THE BABIES.......I don't jump in the middle of them .I don't tell them what terrible people they are..... That isn't my job. I can't save them all but I sure as hell can save as many as I can. Especially those Babies that no one else wants. I am so Blessed to be able to do what I do....... I'll let ya'll know how it goes at the Vets office tomorrow. I am really concerned about Sally's hips. Her little hips aren't 5 inches across. She can't hardly get up by herself and walk... She is used to dragging herself around. I guess. I'll make some decisions tomorrow after I know more. ........ Sheepie Hugs, Kaye
I'll keep you and all your babies, especially Sally, in my thoughts. Bless you for doing the work you do.
The babies and you will be in our prayers. Thank you! :hearts:
Thanks Kaye, I appreciate your work and the view you must take in order to be successful.

I'm just a warrior that want's to right a wrong when it comes to the treatment of animals. I've been know to speak up when I see an animal mistreated in public, and to take action when nobody else will (which has on occasion meant removing an animal from a bad situation when an owner isn't responsible). My husband, bless his heart, has accepted my crusading nature.
Last night after I read and saw the pictures of these poor dogs, I went to bed and cried. It's so sad to see how people treat animals, it makes me sick. Sometime, I would like to get involved with rescue for sheepies. These dogs are so special to me and so loving. Where would I start to get involved with this and for animal rights?
My prayers r with u and those poor little babies.
i see mine snuggled up on the sofa, and it makes me cry that people can treat dogs like this.
Thank god there r people like u Kaye, that do care, and who have the heart on the right place!

The Vet did blood work and that won;t be back until Wednesday. He gave Sally Adequin shots to see if that would help her hips. His suggestion was to go ahead and put her out of misery. They are both HW positive..... I will give the shots a few days and see what the blood work looks like before I make a decision. Harry is just old and staved. For now they have soft bed in my bedroom and soft food to eat and Lots Of Love. We have a few days....... Sheepie Hugs, Kaye
I think people want to know how the old babies are doing.
Sally passed Over The Bridge this morning at 9:20. Bless Her Heart She was suffering. If I had gotten her sooner I could have saved her. But, She just had much wrong with her and a lot facing her. We had a few days.. Harry will have His HW treatment in a couple of weeks. Need some time to get him ready. Kaye
I'm very sorry for you and Sally. At least she isn't hurting anymore. You did the right thing Kaye.
I am so sorry Kaye. I know how heartbreaking it is to have to put a dog to sleep. Will keep Harry in our prayers and our fingers and paws crossed for him.
I'm so glad she got a warm bed and some love before she passed, thanks so much for taking care of these poor dogs :cry:

I am so very sorry to hear about Sally!! She is at peace now in heaven, running free and healthy. You showed her, in her final days what love and comfort and warmth is about.

I just want you to know that I admire you for everything you do for the unwanted and mistreated....the heartaches you see and you still plow ahead. It takes a special kind of person to do that..

You are going to have alot of furiends waiting for you in heaven.

I am so sorry to hear that Sally passed away.
She had a short but loving time with u and u did all u could.

Thanks for that!
Oh, Kaye, I'm just catching up on this post, and it breaks my heart!! :oops: You are indeed such a special person to be able to do rescuing and I admire you so much for it.

Poor, sweet Sally. May she now rest in peace.
It sounds like Sally is in a better place - just too much suffering here. At least she had a bit of TLC from you.
I hope Harry improves. Poor dogs, they certainly didn't deserve the life they got.
I am so sorry about Sally. :(
My fingers are crossed for Harry. I hope he is feeling better soon.
Thank you for all you do for these poor babies! :ghug:
Kaye, I am so sorry about losing Sally. I am very grateful that she got to know your love and comfort before she moved on.
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