3 and 3/4 inch finishing blade

I'm in the middle of trimming Mardi into a puppy cut.Been doing a little at a time because I just had surgury and am sore. Only trimming him this time out of necessity . I'm trimming him down with scissors to make sure I get the mats before I use the clippers. I bought Andi's 2 clippers and ordered a number ten oster blade and a comb attachment. The last time I tried the comb it didn't work. Someone recommended a 3 and 3/3 3/4 inch finishing blade to even him out. Any thoughts on this. I don't like to see them totally shaved down. Scared to try any. I wish they had the skipped tooth blade in that length/.It looks like it would go through his for easier. I'm really sad I had to clip him to start with but he's
loving it running around like a lunatic at the moment. I'm taking a break for awhile. I've been watching the other posts to see what to do. I basically just want to even out the scissor cut when i'm done.
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Those blades go down to about 1/2", so I guess it just depends on how short you want it. If you do use a clipper blade, always go forward with the clippers, because if you use it backwards - it'll be shorter.
I was just thinking. If you want him longer, the Oster 3 blade leaves the hair a little over 1" long. This is what we used for maltese & yorkie puppy cuts (and smaller breeds like shih-tzus, etc...). With clippers, Andis, Wahl, and Oster are all interchanageable (I have all 3 brands of blades and use them all on my Oster clippers), so that shouldn't be a problem.
Here are all blade depths
Size, Depth & Usage
#3 - 1/2” Skip tooth
#3F - 1/2” Full tooth
#4 - 3/8” Skip tooth
#4F - 3/8” Full tooth
#5 - 1/4” Skip tooth
#5F - 1/4” Full tooth
#7 - 1/8” Skip tooth
#7F - 1/8” Full tooth
#8 1/2 - 7/64” All-purpose
#9 - 5/64” Medium
#10 - 1/16” All-purpose
10 X-Wide - 3/32”
#15 - 3/64” Medium close
#30 - 1/50” Close
#40 - 1/100” Surgical
#50 - 1/125”
#5/8 - 1/32” Trim, finish
#7/8 - 1/32”

The last two the 5/8 & the 7/8 stand for width. They are designed for small areas. I like to cut both ways because you get an even smooth cut. It does cut it a smidge shorter though. The F gives you a smoother cut and is easier to use, it also doesn't get stuck in the fur as bad. I have trimmed my last and current OES about 35 times or more over their lives.
Also, if you do end up shaving down completely, it will grow back to a perfect puppy cut at an inch long in 4 weeks.
I'm going to print this page. There is so much good information. I 'm going to look what blades I have. I know I have the ten inch and I have a skip tooth not sure what number. I have to order some and some coolent for the blades. This makes me nervous . I'm going to be so careful I don't nick him. One of our elderly residents at work asked me to shave her and I was scared to death I'd nick her even with the safety razor.Will send pics of the final result. He looks pretty good now just a little uneven from the scissors. After He's all done I'm going to brush him per Carls instructions every day even though I plan to keep him in a puppy cut for the summer. He loves to swim and its just to much with all the hair.
Thanks again,
herbgirl :)
THe only place you have to be careful is around the butt eyes and the bottom of the feet. The rest; it is most unlikely that you will nick the dog.
Ok ,
I'm still unable to shave him down. Still hardly moving without pain from my surgury. I'm going to wait a week or two till I feel better.
Clipping him with the scissors was one thing .He held still because it didn't scare him. I think he won't like the Andi's clippers till he gets used to the noise. He hides when I blow dry my own hair. He used to hide from the lawn mower but now he peaks out cautiously from behind things. I can tell you I'll be carefeul around his butt . He sits down if you even try to brush or trim around his butt. A little bashful he is. :oops:
I just brought the Oster complete styling kit. This is the first kit i have. now I need to know what they are mean for, there a right and left taper,1/2 cut,3/8 cut,1/4 cut& blending. I have Yorkies and want to learn how to grommer them.
Thanks for all your advice.
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