Your dogs Zodiac ?

Dogs Zodiac - How acurate is this for your pooch?

My two are Aries and Leo and boy pretty well sums them up. :lol:

Have fun reading your dogs zodiac :D

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All 3 of our dogs are Capricorns and they come from the Capricorn kennel name... :lmt:
Clyde is a Virgo and Bear is a Leo. Both of the descriptions are freakily dead on! I don't know Lucy's real birthday but after reading all of them she feels like a Gemini.
Creepy, they are actually pretty accurate!

Dancer is a Capricorn, Sky is a Gemini, Panda is Leo and Tucker is Libra...
If Im remembering correctly...Sky's pups are all Aquarians, then!
ravenmoonart wrote:
If Im remembering correctly...Sky's pups are all Aquarians, then!

Yep :) Just like me :D
Both Merlin and Avalon are Pisces. They were born 2 years and a few days apart.

This sums up Merlin "To be a Pisces Dog is to be a confused soul."

And this sums up Avalon "Forceful and pushy one minute, this dog is gentle, retiring and loving the next."

Since Faith is a rescue, I have no idea what her zodiac is.

My hubby and I are both Leo's....
"A Leo human may be a little too brusque for the fragile Pisces pet, and the human here needs to remember that not everyone is as strong, or as powerful and energetic as the inherent Leo character. "

Panda has links to the ocean and tides..yes that's true.
Blue's is pretty true as well.

Nope..Merlin should have been born 3 days earlier and been a Leo as that fits him the best.

Thought I'd check out the people horoscopes...Yup..Libra fits me exactly!

Marianne and the boys
Fun! :lol: But not very accurate in our case. Oscar is a Taurus, but he is such a drama queen! Quincy was a Pisces, who disliked water intensely. 8O
Chewie is Aries - and he is not anything like that! he is furthest from a dominat leader dog as possible - at least so far. He tends to be lovey and calm.
Now his sister! she is the Aries poster girl! :lol: :lol:
Dutch is a Libra and this is her LOL

refuse to be banished to an outside kennel, unless the owner is also willing to take up residence within

she has been using a small crate 26 x 36 since we brought her home and a few weeks ago I decided that I would bring in the big crate and so I set it up in the kitchen , she would not go in it so I got in and sat there to show her it was ok, well after awhile she came in and semed fine but she will NOT go in it unless I'm in there , so out to the garage went the big crate and she is still sleeping in the small one :cry:
:D Willoughby is an Aries dog, but he gives in over everything except squirrels and bunnies. :roll: I'm a capricorn, with an orderly mind(most of the time! :lol:
Brees is a Leo - she may fit into her profile as she gets older. She isn't afraid of cats though - she helps our cats catch birds all the time. :roll:
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