*Happy Birthday, Nelson, Jr.!!* (Maggie McGee IV's Big Boy)

Happy Birthday to ewe! Happy Birthday to ewe!
Happy Birthday, Dear Nelson!
Happy Birthday to ewwwwwe!

"Happy 3, Jr.!!"

:bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake:

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:clappurple: :cheer: :go: :kiss: :banana: :yay:
:clappurple: :cheer: :go: :kiss: :banana: :yay:


:clappurple: :cheer: :go: :kiss: :banana: :yay:
:clappurple: :cheer: :go: :kiss: :banana: :yay:

:clappurple: :che :clappurple: :cheer: :go: :kiss: :banana: :yay: er: :go: :kiss: :banana: :yay:
Happy Birthday to the boy with the best looking tush I've seen!! :wink:

Hugs & Kisses,
:kiss: Genevieve

NELSON! :hearts:

Smooches and slobbers from all of us up north :D
THREE!!! You've been holding out boyfriend, you don't look a day over two!!! :lol: :lol:

:yay: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :cheer:

From the Wisconsin shaggy girls :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: + Che :cow:
My ode to Nelson

Happy birthday my large butted friend...shame on aunt deb....
Darcy wrote:
Happy birthday my large butted friend...shame on aunt deb....

I dunno. I kind of thought she did it as a favor to all the shaggy ladies.

Sybil is impressed...

KB :wink:
Mad Dog wrote:
Darcy wrote:
Happy birthday my large butted friend...shame on aunt deb....

I dunno. I kind of thought she did it as a favor to all the shaggy ladies.

Sybil is impressed...

KB :wink:

Sybil is one sassy girl........bet she'd go broke in a sheepie chipendale nightclub :twisted:
Nelson Jr. said "Thank You!" for all your kind birthday wishes.

Here are more views of that famous behind:

Since three years old :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: is actually 21 years old in dog-years, Nelson is now of legal drinking age!
Woo-Hoo! :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake:

Break out the good scotch, Deb & Paula!


Happy Birthday to
Bob the Wonder Pony, too!!!

Happy Birthday Nelson!

(I like this pic of you better than the behind.)
Happy birthday Nelson!!!! I hope I can meet you soon and see that cute sheepie tush in person 8O
Happy Birthday Nelson!!! Have one on me !!! :bdcake: :kiss:
Happy Birthday Nelson!!!
Okay, a new full-frontal shot: 8)


I can't believe my baby is three! :cry:
Do y'all remember the Seinfeld episode about the "Assman"? I think that was in honor of Nelson!!!

Cutest tush in town!

Yes, Nita...bring him out! We;ll introduce him to scotch and the finer things in life!!!

Is it really Bob's birthday, too? I'll have to find that thread!

Again, darlin' Nelson...HAPPY HAPPY!
Maggie McGee IV wrote:
I can't believe my baby is three! :cry:

Nita - he looks great.

No Chippendale's for Sybil unless Nelson and Harry perform. If she meanders out with a pocket full of livertreats, I'll know why!!!

Happy birthday to the mightiest OES butt ever! May your ass only become greater with age, Nelson!

Lots of love from the second biggest butt ever (and his family). :clappurple:

Happy 3rd Birthday Nelson Jr. :D You adorable big fuzz butt. :kiss:
Happy Birthday Nelson!!! :go:

Love your pics...frontal and butt ones! You're one good looking dude!


Marianne and the boys
WooHoo - Happy 3rd Birthday, Nelson!!

Thanks for being someone for Chewie to look up to! :D :D :D

Happy Birthday Nelson!! :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :kiss:
Happy Birthday Nelson! You look great from ALL angles.

From all the big and little boys in MI :D
HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY NELSON :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake: :bdcake:

:banana: :cheer: :hearts: :banana: :cheer: :hearts:
:bdcake: :hearts: :bdcake: :hearts: :bdcake: :hearts: :bdcake: :hearts: :bdcake: :hearts: :bdcake:

Hope you get lots of Pressie and Frosty Paws (is that what you call the ice cream) ha ha!! and a BIG :bdcake: SHEEPIE HUGS & :kiss: Image
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