"Beauty" is in the Eye of the Beholder

Don and I went to spend the day at a friend's campsite. He has camped there seasonal for around 15 years.

We brought the pooches, of cource, and we took a couple of walks around the campground. Of cource we were stopped over and over by campers, at their seasonal sites. Bosley and Dixie both enjoyed hugs and scratches and lots of attention.

What our friend could not get over was how every single person we met would say how "beautiful" they were. He said personally, he thought they looked scruffy, and shaggy, and unattractive with thier hair in their eyses, and stained beards. He felt funny telling us this, but he could not understand how everyone who stopped us used the exact same words to describe them..."Your dogs are Beautiful" or You have beautiful dogs"..Or "They are so beautiful"....He was chuckling, and just couldn't get it!

I don't know if they were meaning beautiful for looks, or temperament, or what, but we just accpeted the compliments graciously.... You all know how it is.... :wink:
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Sheepies are always beautiful. It's just a fact of life.

I think their temperment helps convey the fun, pretty image.
:wink: You have a great friend for being open about this. People really do have different opinions!!! I have always thought OES were beautiful, but it took living with one to get Ian used to the wet beard. :lol:
When Roxy was alive, everywhere we would go...people would stop us and say "Oh...what a beautiful dog...what kind of dog is that"? I think the tail threw most people off. Plus....we have lived in this town for 4 years and we have not seen any other OES here. The only other sheepies I have seen even close to where we live...are Ali's, only 20 minutes away. What a beautiful bunch they are!! :D
Hi from the first time I saw an oes I was 15, her name was Molly. From that minute on I loved the breed. :lol:
whats not to love :lol:
My sister doesn't see it either. She is super weirded out by Bear, thinks Clyde is ok but doesn't want his face anywhere near her and she likes Lucy. She liked Clyde's looks more when he was cut down and didn't mind him close then. Some people just like smooth and neat instead of fluffy and high maintenance. I don't get it.
I get compliments everytime I walk my dogs or when I am at the dog park. I think they have such happy looking faces. People are always smiling when they point to my dogs. Especially in the car.

I do know that my SIL hates OES's.
But that's okay....because I don't like her Schnauzers. :twisted:

My family loves my dogs because we had an OES when I was a kid.
Mom is not a big fan of wet beard, or Pepsi's odd cotton licking habit. :lol: But she does like my dogs. Even though for some reason she can't tell then apart. :roll: I always say "Pepsi has the white head, Rags doesn't! And Pepsi is a male, Rags is NOT!!" :evil: :roll:
Then she still will call Rags a him or Pepsi a her.
Mom never was a dog person. :( Though my Dad and Sister are! :D
When in Colorado pre 1980 there were many OES. There was even an OES club and many breeders. Harriet Poreda was the Grand Dame of OES. I remember taking Maudie to a OES specialist vet in Arvada or there abouts and walking into the waiting room only to see many other OES waiting for their appointments. What a surprise!

Also people knew what the breed was.....for the most part. "Is that an English Sheepdog?" was a constant question. Slowly the breed fell out of favor. Granted, they were never as popular as Goldies, Labs and Huskies....but they are around.
Where I live, Northampton, United Kingdom, you just don't see an old English. We have seen one other in our town, and that was ages ago. So, whenever we walked with our beloved Katy folks would stop and say "Isn't she beautiful!" kids would shout "Oh look at that dulux dog" Consequently she used to expect folks to pay homage to her when she was out she used to come back very grumpy if no one had. My little yorkie didn't get a look in. I cant wait for our new puppy and for her to be old enough to take out. My Husband wont go for walks with me and yorkie at the moment as people who recognise us ask where our Katy is and it is too painful... :cry:
I think that is wonderful and for some reason sheepies do cause a lot of comments. Plus they love the extra pats from there adoring public.

My husband hates walking the girls, but he does as he loves them, he knows he can't get far or pass anyone walking without being stopped and the kids fussed over. I keep telling him they are a chick magnet 8) :lol: I think he gets embarrased, Ooooh aren't they cute, so hairy, can they see, wow big hairy dogs etc etc etc. Not really a manly dog to be walking. LOL :lol: Oh well :roll:

Sheepies do create a wonderment in public. :wink: So wonderful your kids are great ambassadors in all things sheepie. :D

Go dixie, Go Bosley. :D
Definitely a chick magnet!

Joan and I love talking about our dog and use every single encounter as a chance to mention that:

1) He is X years old, we've had him for (x-2 years), we got him from rescue.


2) His name is Mulligan which is appropriate because he is a rescue dog, and just like a Mulligan in golf, he is getting a second chance.

Depending on the audience. :D

We also give out an oes.org card that also has our contact info.
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