6 yr old sheepdog looking for a home (Australia)

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Thanks for posting this,unfortunately for me,he was immediately adopted but I am still looking!I wish they would take this post away as everyones sending it to me,and each time I think "Oh yes" then realise"Oh no,same one"So will appreciate any other OES in Australia posts.I just have to get in first.Thanks everyone.
Have you contacted Jill? and all the other OES clubs in Australia?
That was the second notification for a rescue from her this year for me - and I know they are rare but if you can wait - I'm sure one will turn up
Ha you might even get mine I came home tonight and she had chewed all the corner of the sofa - looks like I'll have to doggie proof the house better than i have been - and get her some new toys - she's getting bored at home by herself- can't wait to finish TAFE so i can supervise my little princess!

Anyway good luck
I have tried,not one of them has answered me,so today I printed out the forms to join the OES club of my state (Qld)and when I can find the adjoining state,will join it too.
I was given some contact email addresses for rescue here in Australia and did email them all,one man sent me photos of a sheepdogs day out and invited me to come to the next one when I get a sheepdog,but no info on rescue dogs.I am trying to find a way to know about dogs before they hit the internet as once they do,they are taken.I do a daily search but always find them too late,I have been second twice and last time,the lady who was first almost backed out so I was close.Close but no sheepdog.
I have to learn patience.
I really dont want any other breed,I am a sheepdog or nothing person.My grown up kids have labradors and my teen daughter has a labradoodle,all I ever can see is a dog,not a person in sheepdog clothing.My girls were just like children to me.
I know exactly what you mean about a person in sheepdog clothing! I had a border collie a long time ago who was as good as a sheepdog unfortunately he escaped somehow from his chain (I didn't have a garden then and he used to lie outside the front door and wag his tail at people going by) and he was run over by a car and we had to have him PTS :cry: I cried for a week non stop - Rosie is my 4th OES & boy is she naughty. So full of energy! The others just used to do what I did - walk sleep, watch TV - this one is a real bundle of mischief and wears me out :) .

How on earth do you manage the ticks in Qld? :? We lived up the mid north coast of NSW for a while, and they were horrendous there - 2 Christmas's running my beautiful Old Doris got a tick and nearly died - needless to say my bank balance did die!!! Now where I live there are no ticks - or fleas!!!

Good luck - I wish a beautiful sheepdoggie for you to take care of.
I seem to luck out and never live in high tick areas.I have only once had a dog with a tick and it wasnt buried in yet and that was when we took one of our sheepies to Currumbin Valley to visit my parents who lived on an acreage cut off a cow farm,yes,we should have known better than to take the dog there.But my hubby just grabbed the tick off her,it hadnt even bitten in yet.
For the last 2 years we had to move to be nearer my mum who was in a nursing home at Caloundra,Sunshine Coast,at first we lived at Maleny in the Hinterland and we didnt consider getting a dog there as there are farms everywhere and ticks galore,the vets do a roaring trade up there.
Then we moved to Ivadale Lakes,Caloundra,its a high density estate and they have left a lot of parklands full of original trees and scrub with paths through them where residents walk their dogs,it looks like perfect playground for ticks,but the labradoodle never got a tick.
I do use stuff you put on the back of the dogs neck the vets sell.(Advantix?)
Now I live back in my cottage ,up north of Gympie on the coastline, right on the broadwater and theres a broadwalk along the shore so not so much dog walking near or in scrub,maybe that helps?Mainly palm trees and native trees.The parkland there along the coastline is mowed monthly by the council( we are in a small coastal fishing village and so get plenty of council maintainence work done regularly as its a fair way for them to travel to get here,so they tend to come once a month and spend a week here tidying up all the parks,we are on a peninsula.) and the dogs mainly walk on the sand which stretches out for miles when the tides out,just leaves little puddles,they love nosing in the puddles and the sandcrabs are too tiny to nip dogs noses.Gosh I miss walking here now with a sheepdog!They always make a walk an adventure.We have never lived here sheepdogless before.We are too far from the area where the horse paddocks are,out of the village as you head to the town,to take the dogs walkies there .(an athletic person could walk that far).
The biggest issue here is avoiding being attacked by plovers,how a bird species that lays its eggs on the ground,often right beside a road,or in a park that the council mows each month,is beyond me.When they threaten us,my kids yell"Well build a nest and lay your eggs up there in the treetops and people wont walk near your babies".Its sad,we see some of the little chicks hatch and the parents have say 6,then the next day theres one splattered on the road,then 2 more,then maybe one chick gets to grow to adulthood.
You are killing me with all the talk about where you live. We have a place at Palm Beach right next to Currumbin. It's been 4 years since I've been there, but all your talk about the area is making me miss it so bad!!!

in Atlanta, mom is from Brisbane, but lives in Mississippi
Fiona,maybe I could go to your beach and walk along the sand,and have a swim in the surf and buy a few things in the local shops,and have lunch in a cafe there....would that help?LOL.
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