2 boy dogs humping

my puppy moca (boy 6 month )hump every living thing on the floor. if my sister is siting on the floor he humps her. and i am baby sitting my best friends dog(boy11). and the dog that i am babysitting keeps on humping my puppy! and it freaks me out . and when i push of the dog that i am baby sitting he humps the air! it is creaping me out :!: so please help with opinions :!: :!: :!: [/b] :?:
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Is he neutered?
Barney humped things until we got him neutered and now he has only done it once or twice in the last 10 months.
Dogs that are not neutered will hump.... It is a fact of life.
When we got our German Shepherd, Peanut our toy poodle humped him and vice versa... I was told it's like the one dog is telling the other who is boss by doing that.
Oh, it's a nightly thing with my two boys when they play. I too think it's a dominance thing.
Funniest story...when my huskie was just 8-10 weeks old, I was sitting in the chair in the living room watching tv when I noticed something moving in a rhythmic motion out of the corner of my eye...I looked down over the armchair to see my huskie pup humping my old english sheepdog houseshoe which was laying in the floor. I had seen the white tip of his tail moving back and forth. Too funny! I was surprised to see him doing that at such a young age!
Humping is not a sexual issue for a neutered dog, it is a way of showing dominance. A neutered dog who is humping another is saying "I'm Alpha". Generally it's best to just ignore them. If they are humping people you can redirect their attention, I would not scold them but just try to redirect them to more appropriate behavior.

Obedience training will also help. This helps establish who is "alpha". If the puppy is not neutered and it is sexual it's time to see the vet (if you are planning to neuter).

I agree humping is not necessarily sexual in nature. Often at the dog part you'll see dogs of all sexes trying to hump other dogs and most often it's the anacendent to a fight if the one being humped takes issue to it. It's recommended at the dog parks not to take on the view that it's funny or cute as it is a dominance issue. Most rules (if posted) at dog parks will ask the owner to please not allow their dogs to do this. I never made a fuss when Merlin tried but would simply remove him from the other dog and redirect him.

Some dogs take it in stride but others may fight to prove he is not one to be dominated. Interestingly enough, if your dog has started doing this at his young age, this type of behavior takes a bit longer to change once they are neutered. A few weeks after neutering (takes that long for the testosterone) to leave his body he should be once again a more polite boy!

:D Hey good luck to you!

Marianne and the boys
Marianne is correct is saying you should stop the behavior with other dogs, I was thinking about my own two where the little one starts to hump the big one after a paticularly robust play session. THEN I generally ignor it because it is short lived and the two dogs know each other. But definately with strange dogs in an unfamiliar situation it would be viewed as a challenge.
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