5 months smoke-free

Didn't think I'd make it this long. Yesterday was 5 months. I confess I had half a cigarette at the Michigan get-together but it almost made me puke.
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Wow, Paula, you are doing great!!!!!!!! Now you just have to help Darcy........ :twisted:

Great job and congrats!

Laurie and Oscar
YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
Bravo, Paula!! :clappurple: You're doing terrific!! :clappurple: Don't you feel wonderful about your accomplishment?? :cheer:
:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

You've got it made in the shade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)
just to let you all know, Im on day 9 of smoke free!!!!!

Congrats Paula!!
Darcy wrote:
just to let you all know, Im on day 9 of smoke free!!!!!

:go: Go Darcy! :go:
I just :hearts: all these smoke-free people!!!!!!

Good for you, Darcy!! :clappurple:
Well done Paula, I am so happy and proud of you, fantastic 5 months and doing great. Darcy well done too, keep it up girl. :wink: You girls are great :cheer:

Wish I could say the same for myself, but I can't at the moment. :oops:
Congradulations Paula (5 months woo hoo :clappurple: ) and Darcy!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
I am SO proud of you. BOTH of you!

I had a rough spot at 6 weeks the first couple of times I tried. The thought "I can never have another cigarette again as long as I live" crept into my head, I couldn't shake it and I failed.

A very wise man, (OK, he was a motivational speaker/sales trainer) gave me a clue. He said: "Ron, next time you get that thought replace it with : "I never have to have another cigarette for as long as I live!".

I said: "Carl, if I had known you then, I'd still be smoke free today."

What a freeing experience!!! What a great thought!

Im up to day 29 of no smoking......hehehe.....the beach was a lot harder than i thought it would be......nothing like smoking in humidity!! But, I did not cave....im done with the chantix too....decided that one month of that stuff was all i needed to get over the initial hurdle....besides, i just hate taking any more junk than i need too.....and guess what??????

the weird heart thing has stopped....i really wonder if that had something to do with it??
Congrarts Darcy and Paula You both are doing great :clappurple: :clappurple: :clappurple: :banana: :banana: :banana: :yay: :yay: :yay: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
:clappurple: :clappurple: Congrats Darcy on making it 29 days!! :cheer: That's huge! :cheer: I'm glad the heart thing has stopped, too. Who knows, maybe the Chantrix really was the culprit. :?
Good job!!!!
You guys are doing great! :D :D
30 days now! :D :D :D

Woohoo! That's a month! :D :D :D
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