Yuki won't stop throwing up...

Ate breakfast this morning, lil J fed him so I know he only got like... 5kibbles at a time...

A few hrs later, she started to vomit
...and vomit
....and then some more

I took her into the vet at 8:30, and they said it wasn't bloat b/c her tummy was relaxed. Whew...

They gave her a shot to calm her tummy. I thought the worst was over although still don't know why she's acting strange.

From the ride home... she vomited 3 more times and then when I kept her inside while I cleaned up the car... I walked in to 5 more piles of vomit (massive massive amounts ...moved from food, to foam, to a mixture of foam and bile)

She won't leave my side no matter how many times I get up or move ...which is my not our Yuksters. I ain't her daddy.

So vet said to watch her and if it continues...come back and we'll get her a shot to stop vomiting. If she has something obstructing her pathway or something, the shot won't work and that's how we'll be able to tell if something is stuck ...the vet said.

I really don't think she got into anything. She went downstairs to eat at 6:30 and then hung out like usual until lil J went to school. I know food wise she didn't, and she's doesn't chew or grab anything anymore ...not to mention I keep the house pretty spotless, but I continue to go around the house to see if Mequpak helped them find something.

My QUESTION is... should I give her the water she is dying for or should I keep that away from her until the vomiting stops?
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my vet always says no food or water for 24 hours - I always "forget" and let them have a little water, or I drop an ice cube. its really hot there today so I would be torn. with the vomitting you have to worry about dehydration, but she should be okay for at least 24 hours.

If it is an obstruction though you should know the vomitting could stop and she would still be obstructed - an X ray is the better (but not 100% foolproof) way to determine that.

could she have gotten something yesterday? perhaps in the yard?
I would still keep an eye out for bloat too. Bloat symptons vary by dog. I like to lay my head on Oliver's tummy and listen for girggling.

Poor Yuki, I hope she gets better soon!
Poor Yuki. Did your vet take any blood, to check for pancreatitis? Is she pooping normally, or at all?

With Oscar's last two bouts with pancreatitis, the vet put a liter of fluids under his skin to keep him hydrated as he was not to have any food or water. If Yuki continues to vomit, and isn't able to keep anything down, you might want to consider sub-q fluids. It insures hydration without having to monitor an IV drip.

I hope Yuki is doing better.

Laurie and Oscar
No blood or anything taken. He said next step will be the x-ray. She's definitely not herself. She hasn't moved even when I'm yelling at Mequpak (which never happens as she has to police) ...so we'll just watch her closely. I let her get her mouth wet just a few minutes ago.
Oh bless I hate it when they are ill. Just let her have a teaspoon of water and keep her quiet and watch her like a hawk all you can do. I hope she picks up soon, I bet you wont be sleeping much tonight....xx
aawee poor baby. I hate when they feel bad. just like when one of my kids is sick.... I hate that too.
I hope you get to the bottom of the problem. and I hope it is nothing serious or lengthy. Keep us posted.

I'm so sorry to hear that Yuki isn't feeling well. I hope she is better soon.
But they can get into things so quicking. Winston was sick a few weeks ago. The vet took a stool sample and said that he had a large amount of plant material in it. We have no idea where he could have gotten that.
No food or water for 24 hours
(but I usually give just a tiny amount, like some ice chips)

Afterwards, you'll put your cooking skillz to work and feed ONLY boiled rice and boiled hamburger trying to remove all traces fat.
I certainly have no idea what it could be. I just Yuki to know I'm sending healing thoughts her way.
Oh, poor Yuki!! Definitely doesn't sound like her. Will be interesting to hear how she reacts when Daddy gets home. Please keep us posted!
Poor Yuki!!! Ron's advice is what our Vet suggests too.

Please let us know how she is doing. Big hugs to all the J's and the Y"s and the M's and all the other names that live with you! :ghug:
Poor Yuki. I hope she feels better soon and this is just a quick doggie flu.
Hope she gets to feeling better soon.
:ghug: to Yuki. I hope she feels better!
Poor Yuki :(

Hope her tummy has settled down.
It's certainly true about it being the pits when your "kids" are sick. I've called mr. j every 15 min. today to tell him to hurry up and come home. I hope he's the magic cure. I've never seen her like this. She's practically shaking when she stands, which I hope is from throwing up so much and not having anything in her all day. I have been giving her littttttttttttle tiny licks of water here and there ...and she's handling that well. Her heart even seems to be tightening (what it appears like on the outside of her chest) with every beat. Mr. J thinks her increase hb could be from being dehydrated. I'm sue she'll be fine, but as this posted started out.. when your 2-legged kid (esp. when a baby) has a flu... you think it's the end of the world and are amazed they made it through when it's all over. :) I just worry a lot. Husband should be home in 30 min. Won't come home for sick momma, but comes home early for Yuki. :) 8)
I am saying a prayer for Yuki. I HATE it when our fur-babies are sick.

Give her a kiss from Dudley and Murphy.
Sorry to hear about Yuki, I hope everthing is going to settle soon. :(

Mrs J do you have a thermometer to take her Temperature and also do you know how to do that on dogs?

If you can then take her Temp and if at all elevated take her straight back to the vets.

Also see if Mr. J can get some sort of re-hydration powder or fluid to pop in her water to help her keep hydrated while she is unwell. Pet shops and suppliers sell that sort of stuff when dogs are unwell. A little of that in sips of water through the day will help her till the vomitting settles down.

Give Yuki a hug from us and keep us up to date with how she is going.
Poor girl :( I hope she's feeling better soon...
:ghug: 's for Yuki and hope she feels better soon
lisaoes wrote:
Mrs J do you have a thermometer to take her Temperature and also do you know how to do that on dogs?

If you can then take her Temp and if at all elevated take her straight back to the vets.

Also see if Mr. J can get some sort of re-hydration powder or fluid to pop in her water to help her keep hydrated while she is unwell. Pet shops and suppliers sell that sort of stuff when dogs are unwell. A little of that in sips of water through the day will help her till the vomitting settles down.

I believe a normal temp on a dog is 101 degrees F. If I am wrong on this, please correct me. I always give chipped ice in a small bowl. They seem to tolerate that better than straight water. It goes down slower so it doesn't bounce right back up. If she'll eat regular ice cubes, give her 3-4 of those & see if she keeps them down for 30 minutes. If so, you can give her more. If she gets dehydrated, her temp will rise.
I hate it when my dogs are sick. I'd much rather be sick myself.
Do NOT give Gatorade or any sports-drink. Their salt balance will only worsen any dehydration.

If the vomiting continues, you will have to go to the vet for some sub-cutaneous fluids. If it lets up, she will be able to drink a little on her own, hopefully soon.
I hope things are improving for Yuki. Thinking of you and sending good wishes over there for you all. :ghug:
I hope Yuki is feeling better....
Normal temp is in the 101 range but, stress or pain can
obviously raise the temp.

Did she eat anyhthing different??
The smallest change in diet, as I am sure you have thought of
can effect a sensitive tummy!
Maybe the little ones are trying to help with feeding???
Thinking of you all and the baby girl!
popped in to see if Yuki is OK? No news is good news I hope....hugs xxxx
...I have been thinking of you and hoping that she is feeling better!!!!
We did go to vet again and she did have a small temp but she woke up this morning doing good. Did a full turn around and everything when daddy woke up. I think she'll be fine now. We examined her poo and there was nothing in it so far, but we'll keep looking.

Good news. Those episodes can be very scary. Keep us posted, please, but hopefully that's the end of it.

I am glad to hear Yuki is doing better. I hope things ease-up for you for a while.
Oh my gosh, am I ever happy to hear she doings better! YUKI!!! Keep it up!
Oh, good. I hope it was just some 24 hour flu or something.
I'm glad things seem to be looking up...helps to have daddy home.
Glad to hear she's doing better... weird....
Willowsprite wrote:
Glad to hear she's doing better... weird....

Well from what I know with my sister's three time obstructed Cavalier - not so weird. watch her she could still be obstructed. took the vet nearly a week to decide Annie was the last time. and the vomiting subsided on day one.
well done Yuki, now no more scaring Mum! :lol:
I'm glad she's starting to feel better!
So glad Yuki is better.
Winston threw up last night. I think he ate some of his "Tire Biter" toy and that it disagreed with him. He seems fine tonight after his dinner of rice and ground beef.
I think whatever it was... it's trying to pass b/c she's had non stop diarrhea (all water) come out since.. It's hot. We've looked at all of it, and there's nothing in it, but she left us surprises when we got home. She's so sweet.
Poor Yuki and you! :pupeyes:
Hope everything settles down real soon.
yes I believe Annies had the same issue - I am sure you contacted your vet, Annies required surgery
Diarrhea is a symptom of obstruction in the bowel.
It is the liquid stool passing around the blockage.
I hope it is really nothing, but diarrhea is NOT a sign of improvement if an obstruction is suspected.
Sorry to hear that Yuki is not well. Hopefully it passed, but like Dawn said, please keep an eye on her with the watery diarrhea...
Yikes. Hope all goes well.
Thanks gotsheep!! Last night we got up hourly to let yuki go, so b/c today is Sunday ...we'll see how things go and then take her in monday. I hope it's not something blocked in her still!! Is there anything I can give her to make her poop harder? I wish I remembered b/c I know this isn't the first time she's had diarrhea and I've asked this.

On another note, this is the first time I've EVER made mr. j get up to take care of something in the middle of the night (because I normally want one of us to get as much sleep as possible) ...and what a [evil] pleasure it was to see him understand for once what i go through the 7 times a night I get up to pee, attend to screaming kids, etc. :twisted:
Okay, Mr. J didn't like my idea of waiting another day <sigh> ...so we're going to take her into the emergency vet today. I swear it's love between them :lol:
Let us know what they say. Hopefully she has just picked up a bug & her system needs some time to get back to normal along with a bland diet & maybe some Imodium Advanced. One thing is for sure, if is just a bug, you can't rush mother nature. You'd think I'd realize that after 23 years of having OES. To this day, I still think "Oh, they'll be better in a day or 2" & it is always a good week to 10 days. Here's, hoping there's nothing else in there causing the problem. :wink:
I hope it's nothing.... it's so stressful when they aren't feeling well
Just seeing your post today and anxiously skipped to the end hoping for good news. Please post when you get back from the vet. Poor Yuki!!
Poor Yuki.

Unfortunately if nothing is found on either Xray or Ultrasound it still doesn't mean there isn't something in there. They don't see things like plastic or wood very well.

Hopefully all will be well and this is just leftovers from her stomach issues. :plead:
Well... *rolling eyes* ...I REALLY thought this could wait until monday instead of having to go to the emergency clinic that we just spent FOUR hrs at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really j ust wanted an xray to be on the safe side. I just didn't feel like it was anything that wasn't going to pass eventually b/c she was acting fine and wanting to eat outside of just her diarrhea. And my gut just wasn't having negative thoughts.

So she'll be fine. She was given some metronidazole tablets for the next 10 days. They found no obstructions and both doctors didn't feel there was one. It was probably something small that she ate that just didn't sit well although they didn't even say that. That's just my guess b/c her stomach is SUPER sensitive.

They did x-rays and it just showed she had some gas. She's still shooting out A LOT of water........ hourly now, but all 750 dollars later could tell us was... she'll be fine in about 10days.

So thanks for all the concern. I hope her stomach settles soon. She's not wanting to eat since we got back (one second ago), and she didn't eat breakfast (b/c daddy forgot about her), but I think she's more upset the puppy wants her food. The vet thought if anything, it was the puppy that got her into something.
Good luck, hope it settles real soon, so you can both get as much sleep as possible. If I wasnt worrying for Yuki I would have found your story about making Mr J get up much funnier. :?
Since they put her on metro they must be thinking giardia?
Hopefully not....
hope all is settled now...the emergency vets prices are just awful....rations for you next week I think..
Willowsprite wrote:
Since they put her on metro they must be thinking giardia?
Hopefully not....

not necessarily my dogs get metro and they test negative for giardia. it is used for other upsets as well.
I hope her poor tummy settles down. :(
It is no fun!!
Joahaeyo wrote:
The vet thought if anything, it was the puppy that got her into something.

???? How could that sweet puppy get Yuki into something bad??

Hope she she feels better soon.
Just read this post I hope Yuki has made a full recovery.

I'm glad there were no obstructions. That's a relief. I do hope her poor tummy upsets will go away soon.
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