10 years ago on the 9th

Hi I thought I would post this tonight because I don't want to post at work for this. Barkley was my 1st oes mix she was the love of my life. I took her everywhere with me I loved her way more than my 1st husband. Hershey loved her too. She was in a deep depression for months after she died. I have never felt so much love from anything in my life except from my mom and now husband - he never got to meet her. She protected me always she tried to attack a guy who was beating me. She was always there for me. She layed by my side when I was sick. The day before I put her down I layed by her side all day & night. She told me when it was time for her to go. I could never let her suffer. I told my grandma what had happen (she was in the hospital at the time) she said she would look for her when she passes, Then she died 1 month later. I miss them both. I know that they are both together playing. I still have the blanket / towel she slept on that night. Even 10 years later I still miss her and dream about her. Hershey must know I'm writing about her because she hasn't left my side. I will alway love you my sweet Barfy :cry: Sorry this is so long :cry:
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That was very touching.
Thank you for sharing that. Barkley loved you very much, and is now telling all of his buddies at the Rainbow Bridge how wonderful you are! I am sorry for you loss, but happy that you had such a wonderful friend to help you through difficult times.
Personally, I don't think that was long enough. :) I would love to hear more about Barkely because she sounds very special.
Barkely sounds like an AMAZING dog! :hearts: I'd love to hear more stories about her too! :D
rstevovich wrote:
I have never felt so much love from anything in my life except from my mom and now husband :cry:

That statement hit such a chord with me. Such an accurate and beautiful sentiment.

I too would love to hear more about her she does sound remarkably special!

I hope you're feeling better. Does 10 years still feel like yesterday like 5 years does?
What a beautiful tribute to your girl. My eyes teared up when reading your post. They are never forgotten are they? She especially was one of those "special ones" and thanks for sharing a bit of her with us.

Definitely a beautiful tribute! She sounds like she was an amazing companion. :D
Thanks to all of you - you made me feel better. It was so strange writing about her last night, Hershey had to of known she hates it when I cry and she never did move away from my side. Why Why WHY can't they live longer. I really appreciate all you guys.
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