Yuck - a cut to the quick

Uggghhhh I'm just miserable right now. I was trimming Bing's nails and cut one to the quick. I didn't notice until he yelped a little bit, and then I noticed the blood. It was awful for me. I don't think Bingley was hurt that much, but ughhh. We had some of the powder on hand to stop the bleeding and it worked really well, but he has blood all over the hair on his foot. I feel like a terrible mommy . . . :cry:
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You aren't a bad mom! It just happens sometimes. The styptic powder usually gets it stopped pretty quick.
Give Bingley some extra TLC and you will be forgiven :D . Give that cute boy a hug from me too!
Nah, don't feel bad. We all have had "oops" moments. I cut Clyde's ear with scissors once while trying to trim a mat out. :(
ButtersStotch wrote:
Nah, don't feel bad. We all have had "oops" moments. I cut Clyde's ear with scissors once while trying to trim a mat out. :(

Me too...with Bosley... 8O He never complained, but there was blood all over, all of a sudden. He still has that part of his ear flap showing where I sliced it for him.. :cry:

Mop Lover, the first time is the worst...my sympathies....But I am sure it will happen again....and now you know how to deal with it the next time. :wink:
Awww... don't feel bad.. it happens sometimes. I've done it too, and I felt horrible. They are very forgiving creatures :)
Lol...Ive done it too.....I now have the guys at Smelly Dog do it......
Me too....AND the first time I cut my oldest son's nails (two footer) I sliced into his finger!

It happens....we are as careful as we can be but...it still happens....extra treats and loves to Bingley....same for YOU! lol
It'll heal!! and your pup will forget.....................maybe :twisted:
Apparently cutting matts out of the ear is a dangerous job, because I've cut Scruffy too. I've never been brave enough to cut her nails. Sorry about Bingley.
Poor Bingley, dutch sends him a sloppy kiss :D
Poor Bingley give him a hug from me. Accidents happen so don't feel bad Emily.

In the meantime I am grossing out at these incidents - Harry wanted to know why I was saying "ewwwwwwwww" It is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I never liked anybody talking about the soft spot on my kids' heads when they were babies - My brother would talk about it just to gross me out. :twisted:
Emily, you still feel horrible about the incident, he forgot after the first loving from you, Try not to feel bad. It even happens to the pro's. Give Bingely a hug from us...we feel a special bond, our last name is Bingaman :wink: Kathy & Chauncey
I think anyone that has ever cut their dog's nails have done this at least once. I know I have and I have been cutting my dogs' nails for years :oops:
I'm a scardy cat, I get the vet to do it, as I hate those black ones, biggest fear is blood, blood and more blood 8O

Glad Bingley is OK. :D
Don't fret, Emily! Like everyone has said - we've all done it. I've done it multiple times. (Gee, wonder why Drez doesn't like her nails trimmer?? :roll: ) Bingley still loves his mommy!! :hearts:
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