"Blowing coat"?????

I have a few questions about how Tucker's coat will change in the next few years. Currently he is 10 months old and I have not noticed any vast difference or "change" come about. It has gone from the intial puppy coat to now a dusty-brownish colour which is slightly thicker and mats a little more easily. Here are my questions...

It is my understanding that he will undergo about 4 coat changes between now and the age of about 36 months old. What stage is he in now? How will we recognize the next change? At what ages should we expect the subsequent changes? What does "blowing coat" refer to?

We so confused right now 8O

Thanks in advance!!
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The brown that you're seeing is likely the old puppy coat growing out. When you line groom, take a look from the root to the tip and that's when you can see the changes easily. At Tucker's age, he's probably starting/in the blowing coat phase right now.

Blowing coat refer to when the puppy coat starts coming out and changing to the juvenile coat. That's when you'll start getting a lot more mats until the change is complete.

Clyde is 3 and, outside of just dropping the texture of his puppy coat, he stayed pretty dark and, colorwise, is just a deep charcoal gray. A lot of other dogs at this age are almost silvery white. You just never know. It's all breeding and genetics. :)
Every pup changes differently, as said above. Out of 6 other littermates, Bing is (I think) the slowest changer by far. He is 19 - almost 20 - months old and still appears mostly black and white. The minute you line groom you see all the gray from underneath, and his coat texture is changing to a harsher feel as well, but most of his brothers and sisters are all gray and white now. Enjoy that baby coat while you have it! :D
http://tolkienoes.com/Seminar_Coat_color.htm This link was posted previously by another member.
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