We are in need of urgent transport if we want to save poor Echabod's life! We need to get him from Kansas City to Chicago. Even if you live in Saint Louis and can only take him from Columbia to E. STL, or if you live in Chicago and can get him from STL, WE NEED TO KNOW!!

Tomorrow is too late-we need to know today (Wednesday). Transport can wait until Saturday or Sunday, but this little guy is goner as of Friday, 8:00 am sharp. :cry:

Can you please help poor Echabod?
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I will call someone I know in Chicago tonight and we are still waiting on the fino rescue. I think they are closed tonight. Surely they will help if you get him tomorrow.
Any luck? I'm just seeing this message. I'm supposed to be in KC this weekend and live about an hour and a half from St. Louis....I could probably get him part of the way. He'd have to ride back from KC with a toddler and two other dogs but I'm sure we could make it work if there was someone else able to continue the transport.
seems like transport is coming together.

Pls pull him & take him to vet asap.
jcc9797 Are you still able to pick up and take to the vet? I still can't find anyone.
:cry: :cry: Still no word on this little guy? I talked to Worden on the phone and she is making calls and will call me back in a bit. Hope there is a last minute answer!
My husband is leaving right now to pick him up...

Let's pull this together, and get this guy to Chicago. We've got him to STL, now who is going to help save this little guy's life?
:ghug: :rimshot: Yeah! Wasn't there someone who could come from Chicago?
I just sent this in a pm, but just so everyone knows I can meet in Joliet to bring him back with me either Saturday sunday or Monday
Ok - We are thinking once he is transported back to Kansas City and is vetted maybe we could all pitch in and fly the little guy to Chicago. I am in for a contribution for his flight? What do you think?
me too!
If it comes to that, I will come pick him up in St Louis next weekend (I cannot do it this weekend!) if he can be boarded there until then.
I'll pitch in. So much effort involved to save this guy does my heart good! PM me with where and what to send.

I am with you Zach, this little guy is teaching us about humanity!
I am willing to contribute too. Please PM me with the details.

Hubby has picked this guy up. His exact words were:

"He looks like a fluffy beagle, but bigger".

Upon loading him in the car Echabod smothered Casey with kisses. His tail has been bit by another dog very recently, but we'll have the vet check it out this evening.

The plan of action is:
Echabod is going to the vet, then being boarded by an amazing couple for the rock bottom price of his food! (A very sincere thank you to the KC Airedale Rescue Group-you are amazing people with HUGE hearts!)

I'll keep you all posted on health. Who wants the responsibility of coordinating the transport to Chicago? Can someone volunteer, then we can all offer what we can to that one person?

We have amazing people on this forum, it touches my heart as so many have reached out to help this little guy that no one wanted.
That is wonderful news!!!
His pictures look great, so I was hoping he really was sweet too!
I hope his trip details get figured out, and his vet check goes well. :D :D :D
What more can be said, you and hubby are the BEST!!!! Thanks you for all of the time and effort to save this guy!!

Big hugs!

:ghug: Go team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cryed big old happy tears! Let's all stay in touch as we work on his air transport or a volunteer to drive him to his next rescue stop - Chicago. Unless someone has a furrever home for him now!
YIPPPEEE for the little man!
What a lucky little guy!!!! :D
You guys are awesome
Bravo Team Echabod!! :clappurple:
I am so moved by the wonderful people on this forum who go to such lengths to save the life of one little dog. God bless everyone of you and Echabod too! I am in Cincinnati OH but if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
maybe Echobod can be the forum's mascot. A reminder of what can be done when we all work together.
maybe Echobod can be the forum's mascot. A reminder of what can be done when we all work together.

Nicely stated. I agree.

Please see the update in Rescuing a Sheepdog.
We should keep track of all the States involved! Texas, NJ, Florida, MO, Kansas, Illinois, .....
I don't write on the forum very often but this effort is something extrodinary. The compassion and caring of all of you that rescued Echadod was amazing. You are wonderful!
Do we really want a fluffy beagle for a mascot?
:lol: :roll:
:D :D :D :D :D :D
Y'all are awesome
Wonderful group effort :clappurple:
Thank You
Hmmm...a fluffy beagle >>>with a heart of an OES :hearts:
Sounds good to me!
Fantastic! :D
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