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Just looking for some insight here and pre-plan for a possible new puppy.

To those who crate train, how have you dealt with a new puppy? My guy now, who is a little more than a year and a half, was crate trained but now sleeps outside of the crate and spends the day outside the crate. Crate is brought out occasionally, but usually when we are visiting family/friends. Have you let the one dog roam while the new puppy is in the crate? How you reestablished the crate with the older dog, and kept them bith in at the same time?

And how about feeding? We feed twice a day, but his food is out all day. But from our visiting experiences, he is always more excited about the other dogs food and will alway steal that. I can feed the puppy like I did we our first dog (three set times a day), but how do you keep the new puppy from eating the other's food (my dog now does not eat on a normal person's schedule, thigh he is fed in the morning at at "dinner tmie". He eats sometime during the day and then will sit down to finish his bowl some time after 11 pm now)?

I think I can come up with something about the feeding, but the crate thing is now my major question.

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I think if you have the pups set meal times in his or her crate so that the pup has a chance to finish it all up, it won't matter if the pup steals a little kibble from other dogs bowls....
Dancer slept with me til I got Sky and then both had to be crate trained because having two romping around the bed didn't work. LOL
Dancer was used to her crate though, and it didn't bother her at all to suddenly have to spend the night in it.
We began crate training Clyde from the moment we got him at 12 weeks. Lucy, who's about 8, has never been in a crate and has always had free run of the house. Because it was all that Clyde knew, he didn't seem to have a problem with Lucy being out (ironically, he's better now than he was as a baby about going in the crate). Lucy went on about her business and never paid any attention to Clyde when he was in the crate. Now the only time he's in there is while we're at work. Lucy never taunts him and it seems like it's fine with them. What's your concern about one in the crate and one out? I just want to make sure I wasn't missing the point!

Food is a whole other issue with us. Here's a quick tip. Don't leave the puppy's food outside of the crate for the other dog to get to it and in plain sight of the puppy. Lucy would never eat dry food so I didn't bother picking up Clyde's bowl at night. Turns out she was muching in front of him, just a little bit but all night long. It made him really mad and he's really food protective with her now. Not in a vicious way but in a body blocking sort of way. It's kind of funny to watch but I wish I would've thought about that before.
ButtersStotch wrote:
... Lucy never taunts him and it seems like it's fine with them. What's your concern about one in the crate and one out? I just want to make sure I wasn't missing the point!

The taunting is what I was mostly questioning. In my past life with my old Bouvier, my g-friend had a cat that would just sit on the dog's crate and swing at her all day. I felt bad for her, but felt no guilt when she would chase the cat down to the basement and not let her out.

Thanks for the replies.
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