2009 OESCA National Specialty Winner

:cheer: Ch Masquerade Megabucks RN :cheer:

Luca to his friends and others he annoys liberally.

Congratulations to owner/handler/the only one to believe in the little bugger from the time he was born, Sunny McQuiston AKA Lucali. And to co-owner/breeder, Marnie Harris, of course, as well. 8)

Sunny and I will be celebrating by running Luca and his niece, Sybil, in agility this Sunday so he can blow off some much needed steam.

So proud of the two of them. :kiss:

They've made it look easy. But I've shown the troll so I know first hand IT'S NOT!!! :twitch:

Another niece of Luca's - so embarrassed, I can't remember what Lulu's registered name is offhand :oops: - went Best of Winners.

Winners Dog and Best of Opposite was, I'm told (with insufficient detail, because SOMEONE was a little too happy :lol: ) a dual Bugaboo affair, with Colton's Georgiegirl going BOS. With apologies to Doug and Colton and family for not waiting till I could dig up all the details (or Sunny's feet hit the ground again :wink: ) And no word on AOMs yet.

For now, congratulations to all the winners and a special :ghug: to The Brat and the only person who believe in the nutcase from day one: Sunny :bow:

You rock, little girl. Your dog ain't bad either :sidestep:

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Congrats to all! :) That's so cool!
Way to go Sunny and Luca! :cheer:
Congratulations Sunny and Luca!
Congratulations to Sunny & Luca! :cheer: :cheer:

One of the Award of Merit winners was our Ch Ken-Bear's N' Wigglebottoms Pippin owned by Cathy Drummonds, Beth Ginther & ME!!!!!!!! He also participated in the Top 20 event. Beth called tonight to let me know.
Congratulations, Marilyn! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

You guys must be so proud! Thanks so much for sharing :D

Congratulations Marilyn :yay: :yay:
Chewie sends big CONGRATS!!! to his uncle Luca!!

:go: :high5: :go: :high5: :go: :high5: :go: :high5:

Chewie is picky - Luca is his favorite dog show motel roommate because he is just as hot blooded and loves the temps at about what.....55??LOL

Good job Sunny - you and Luca rock and make a great team. I wish we could have been there to cheer and scream in person!!!

and of course - have fun unwinding at the agility trial this weekend! :wink:

Congrats :cheer: also Marilyn on your AOM win as well. :D :D :D

You know, one thing I really like about our breed is the number of owner handled dogs, or a the very least handled by friends. I hear so many of my show friends with other breeds complaining that so many handler dogs are out there, that it gets so difficult for them to be competitve.
Maybe all this hair is a blessing in diguise! :wink:
Luca and Sunny!!!!! Congrats!!!!!


:rimshot: :excited: :excited: :excited: :yay: :yay: :excited: :excited: :rimshot:
:go: :go: :go:Congratulations to everyone!!! How exciting!:go: :go: :go:
Congrats, everyone!
Congratulations!! What a HIGH!! :excited:
Mad Dog wrote:

For now, congratulations to all the winners and a special :ghug: to The Brat and the only person who believe in the nutcase from day one: Sunny :bow:

You rock, little girl. Your dog ain't bad either :sidestep:



It was one of the most exciting experiences ever! I am still flying...and desperately waiting for any pictures to commemorate the moment!

I have to laugh thinking about how I paraded this puppy around at 8 weeks and continued on well after proclaiming he was the "perfect" puppy. I believe I heard retching noises frequently coming from his breeder, Kristine and anyone else in ear shot of me. :lol:

While he may not be everyone's idea of perfect, he is mine if for no other reason than he is my very first show dog and we have been inseparable since he was born.

Thank you all again for your kind words and support, it means the world to me. :ghug:

Congrats Marilyn, Kathy and Beth! Pippin looked great in the Top 20 and at the National. Beth presented him very well!

Now on to performance events! He had a BLAST running in agility yesterday with Sybil and Ali and in fact made a credible attempt at the course. I was proud, and reminded of why I am thrilled to have him. If there is anything Luca is, it's ENTERTAINING :rimshot:

Once I unpack and find the catalogue I will be sure to provide more information on the results... needless to say I was on my own little cloud 9 and hardly realized until we were standing, waiting for pictures that his neice had gone BOW :roll:
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