1 yr/old M OES ~ spokane : craigslist

Hi y'all.

Saw this on cl. He's too far away from me, but I figured this would be the ideal place to post so someone else can get their new pup or do him a good turn.

Feel free to let me know if there's a more appropriate place to post this sort of thing.

Also, I included the full text for your convenience.
Haven't had any contact with the poster.


Sheep Dog Free To Good Home (Spokane Valley)
Reply to: comm-832622520@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-09-08, 10:48AM PDT

I have a one year old pure breed sheep dog. I had him flown here as this breed isn't commonly found here. I didn't realize how much work this breed is. He just turned a year old on July 4th. I have all his papers. I work a lot and have a very small fenced yard and simply don't have the time to give him the attention he needs. He loves everyone and is very friendly. Although, he will bark like crazy if strangers are at the door or come into the yard. I can take some pics of him if you'd like to see him. He has all his shots and is neutered. He is in need of a haircut as his hair gets very matted. He is free to a good home. :) Please email me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

* Location: Spokane Valley
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I will be in Spokane on Thursday. If anyone is interested I can try to get him to SLC.
As you know, I'm in SF.
Let me contact the person and see if he's still around and more about him.

(my heart goes pitter patter. =) ! )
You could always see if some of these people are willing to fly the dog out to you. If they know how much you've wanted an OES, how you're familiar with the breed, and you're love for them... they may be willing to do a little more legwork for the right owner.

Paying 250 or whatever to fly the dog to you is a lot cheaper than 1-2,000.
He already went to live with a family.

And, Jo, I had considered that, but I would really hate to get swindled.
Wouldn't that traumatize the dog, too.
All of a sudden; crate, plane, new person, WTH??

That's a good point about being screwed over. I'm sure there are plenty of routes to take to get a contract, just as one would when purchasing a dog from a breeder, or even a notarized promised to what you'd be receiving and the money you're giving them. I guess it depends on how much you wanted a dog for a cheaper price. ...but I'm sure with patience, a good dog will come your way/in your area. :)

As far as the shock for the dog traveling, I'd say no more than crate, pound, strange scared dogs barking, being left alone, new person. 8)

If my dog, who FREAKS out in crates and has never been locked up and is a little car sick can make it on a plane trip from Alaska which was well over 14 hrs, had stops, had her stuck in the rain in tx heat, ...I'm sure almost any dog can do fine. It was far less traumatizing than I thought. :)
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