10 week old puppy biting clothes and arms

We got our puppy (oscar) about 2 weeks ago and he is a cute, funny, smart playful etc. One thing we are having a problem with is him biting when he gets over excited or sometimes just for the hell of it.

It's usually pant legs (and ankles), when we try and pull our leg away he pulls back and thinks its a game.

We have tried a few things but non have stopped him biting, any help would be great! Also he growls quite alot when biting which i don't know whether it is a problem or not.

(apart from biting he is insanely clever, he knows where to go to the toilet during the day and where to go at night, sleeps through the night, doesn't cry at night, can sit on command and shake a paw (when he hasn't got anything else to do)

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hi we just got our puppy on sunday he will be 8 weeks tomorrow. we have the same problem with biting ankles feel and cloths. but angus dosent growel. i think its just a puppy stage but are there any tricks to help with this? we are finding that they are a very smart breed and i think the biting of the ankles is because they are a herding breed. when ever he is with my husbands mothers dog he tries to heard him. we are loving the puppy experience.
Sheepies are definitely ankle biters, and will grab any piece of clothing you might be wearing. I am sure the others here will have great suggestions, but what worked for me was (per instructions from my trainer) was a water gun -- 2 quick squirts between the eyes and they get startled enough to stop. Now Jenny is 10 months old and we did this when she was 8 months old, but after a day and half, no more nips or bites.
Never had biters - but probably because the first time they try it they are convinced I did not like it :wink: Depends on the individual dog what the respons eis but yelping, removing yourself or the dog all seem to work. Also - I always try to keep puppies (and dogs) below that threshold. We keep the games just below that excitment level.

I have a three yo who can get that excited when we play and try to nip their playmate (another 3 yo) when that happens - game over!!

As for the growling - one of mine growls when playing and one doesn't. If its a play growl its a personality thing.
Our OES is 6 months old - and he used to be a big ankle and clothes biter - I promise it does get better - a lot of correction and consistency helps. When we get dressed he still tries to get the clothes - but now we just have him sit and stay until we are done - it seems to work. He still bites when excited - doesn't with us too much - but when we have company over. We are working on it though. It will get better!!
I had the problem with Asterisk when we first got her. She would get over stimulated when we would play and those sharp puppy teeth would nip my arms, hands, feet, calves, you name it!

What worked for me was the use of plush toys. Whenever Asterisk would get nippy, I would put a plushy in her mouth. With a stuffed animal in her mouth, she couldn't nip me. After awhile, she started to pick up a plush toy on her own when she became excited.

Now, nearly a year old, when I come home, she'll scoop up a toy in her mouth and carry it around the house and her entire body is wiggling.

Biting in your pup is a perfectly normal thing. The important thing though is to ensure they realize it is not play when they bite you. When with other pups they all will bite and play. Our Trainer explained to us about the need for "Bite Inhibition." As dogs play with each other they will learn to bite less and less, this occurs when the "bitten" dog will yell and then leave the "biter." Eventually when enough of the other bitten pups leave the biter alone he figures out he is biting to hard and lightens up on the bite. With humans our trainer suggested when Bailee would bite too hard, we yell "Ouch" ahd leave the room for a minute or so. The amazing thing is it works. They actually figure it out, hard bite means no attention or play, light bite means everything is fine.
yup. SAME problem. Thought we would loose our minds! I was so bruised. I really should have gotten pictures to show you.

keep yelping. Every time she bites without fail. Never let her mouth. Clothing is off bounds. she is going to bite you for another couple months. Wear tough clothes, two pairs of socks and shoes at all times.

You will survive :wink: it gets better!
I have a 6 week old Lhasa apso and he is also an ankle biter. I've tried lightly tapping on his nose when he bites but he thinks I want to play with him and bites more. I even tried rolling a small newspaper and tapping on his head. He thinks thats play as well. I tried putting a stuffed toy or chew toy in front of his mouth when he bites, he still wants to bite me and my family members' ankles, hands, arms, legs and feet. I tried yelling 'ouch' in high pitch and moving away from him. He then comes back near me and starts biting again. I sit on my high sofa so that he can't bite me when he's in the playful biting mood. But after a while he starts whining because he thinks that I'm not playing with him. I'm going to try the two pairs of socks idea and the squirt gun idea now.
Chauncey was also a little nipper, not to mention swatting with those paws. Thank God I didn't have a Dr's visit or Bob would still be in jail. We looked like hamburger those 1st months. They are herders and it took several months to modify those behaviors.
The time frame from puppy to mature dog took 3 years as our research indicated. The best thing we did was to research the breed and to find this forum :D
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