You're not a road block either...

I suppose this is fairly similar to the linebacker post, but here goes anyway...Walter has been getting in the habit of stopping in doorways, atop the stairs, right in front of me as I'm carrying a bunch of things, etc.

I usually manage to scoot around him, or make a move and he goes the other way.

I guess i'm wondering (more for the sake of theory than anything else) if sheepies would respond to the same type of "herding" as they use on sheep, squirells, kids, etc. Does it make sense from an animal behavior perspective that we would use the same techniques? or would they reject it, knowing that it's what they do, and not us? I'm guessing that it is a familiar trick for puppies, especially, for the mother to "herd" the pups.

Not that I'm considering getting down on all fours to nip Walters nose or ankles or anything, but perhaps gentle nudges with the knee or hip? I've read that your hands do nothing to help, as they don't understand what our hands are...

Food for thought, and perhaps safety.
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I've learned to walk right through the "blocks" or I'd never get anywhere. I'm not suggesting plowing him over or anything, but simply owning the space that you want and pushing him out of it as you walk through and saying "Move." Clyde has move down pretty well, but I'm still working on Bear. It's particularly hard with him because it's, well, hard to move him. I only outweigh him by about 30 pounds and he has a better center of gravity if he wants to be somewhere. Of course, puppies think everything's a game anyway!
BUtterScotch- great response- OWN YOUR SPACE,,, I have found that very important with Chipper.. otherwise, he would rule the roost!

Good luck with Walter
I have to admit to occasionally herding my sheepdog. Normally, it is me getting in front of him and making shooing motions with my hands or doing a body block to keep him away from something I don't want him getting into. I've never had a problem with him blocking anything, he's very good at getting out of our way... hmmm.
I appreciate the dogs moving when I walk near or into the space that they are in when they are "standing". Like when walking on a leash, we expect them to move with us and pay attention to where we are coming and going.

This would only apply, as far as I'm concerned, when the dog is on his four feet. If a dog is sitting or laying down I will go around them. We like to encourage a solid "sit" and "stay" and if the dog doesn't know if he will be pushed out of the way he will not develope such a good solid down or sit. I can see a dog peing asked to "down" and then someone walks up or by him and he will jump up to move out of they way, as he has been taught...and thus breaking his "stay" and get corrected for that. This would not be a good thing, but the dog won't know any better.
One thing I've done that helps some of the time is make sure Scruffy knows the names of the different rooms of the house by saying them over and over while we are walking to them. Then, when she is in my way wanting to lead the way but not knowing where we are going I can tell her "Kitchen" or "bedroom" and she'll run ahead of me and wait there instead of stopping right in my way. Like I said this works some of the time, sometimes she just wants to stand in the way, mostly when I am in a hurry or carrying something. :wink:
All of our dogs have done this....especially at the top of the stairs, and then they barrel down full speed behind you. :twisted:

It always seemed to me that they were stopping to check and make sure you were still there. They sort of guess where you are going to go and go ahead, and then stop and wait to see if you are going where they thought. I have never corrected this behavior...I just push past and go about my business.
Harley our GSD (at the bridge) used to stand sideways in the hallway blocking the whole hall. The worst was when the phone rang and I had to get up and go get it. He would always block me. :roll:
I too would try to get him out of the way by saying move, move, move it!!but he was a large dog and most of the time I would be nudging him in the rear to hurry up. He would just continue on walking slowly.
The Sheepies usually follow us down the hall, not normally getting in the way. Unless they know it's bedtime and they usually charge down the hall first.
We've experienced something similar with Maddie. She actually will stop on the steps. It does get annoying especially if you have a bag of groceries in your hands ;) We realized that all she wants is a butt scratch ;) It's quite comical to watch. After a nice wigglebutt rub, she's on her way up the steps. She looks back as if to say thank you.

While my sister was watching Maddie one day, I had to warn her. If she stops on the steps, just scratch her wigglebutt. Everyone thinks she's high maintenance but we just think it's a typical sheepie.
I had this problem w/ Daisy as well until we started agility class and she had to learn to go ahead of me. GO is a great command for them to learn. Now I just tell her to go, and she runs ahead of me and gets out of the way - especially on the stairs.
Actually, I'm like ButtersStotch: I just go ahead and plow right through, saying excuse me. They learn actually that excuse me is polite for 'get out of the way. Now." and move.
I love the idea of teaching the names of different rooms in the house. I think Walter's catching on to "upstairs" and "office" but it would be great to get them all down.

Bosley's mom: This would only apply, as far as I'm concerned, when the dog is on his four feet. If a dog is sitting or laying down I will go around them.

This is a great point. I don't think i'm in the habit of pushing Walter out of the way...unless he's sitting right behind my desk chair and the phone rings :? I just don't want to scoot over his feet/head/whatever happens to be lodged under the wheels...
Stella does the same thing. Not only to me but also to my other dog, Zak. That poor old boy has not been able to do what he wants for a while now. She pushes, steers, blocks and prods us both until she has her way. (Typical female)
I have started blocking her and "owning" my space and it seems to work for 5 minutes, then when I think I've won, she makes her move.
I think male dogs are a less tricky, but then again I was much more firm with Zak... This little girl can really make you melt.
My guys to the same, some are worse than others. I don't have a cure and am looking for solution. HOWEVER I have trained them when I first get home, NOBODY better get in front of me and the bathroom! :lol:
ljbrigham wrote:
......GO is a great command for them to learn. Now I just tell her to go, and she runs ahead of me and gets out of the way - especially on the stairs.

When I had my five the stairs were a diaster waiting to happen. I have concrete stairs leading to the basement. They'd run in the back door, through the garage to the top of the stairs, stop, look and wait on me.

As soon as I took a step to go down, they ALL took a step. They'd be at the bottom waiting before I took step #2. I decided we weren't going to play that silly game. :roll: So I'd join them, stand aside and tell them to GO. It was a mad dash to see who got down first. Wow! A tie!

I would "never" go until they were at the bottom waiting for me, and the same going up. They went first for my safety. I guess for theirs too, since I'd been tempted to break their little necks had they broken mine first. :roll: :wink:

Pepsi's "move, move, move it" command, reminded me of my own 3 "move it's". To this day my bird still says, "Move it, move it, move it!" "Tillie go!" Cody go! Go, go, go! He also still calls the dogs. When they were here, they'd sometimes obey him, thinking it was us telling them what to do. :lol: :lol:
:lol: I've just found this thread and have been laughing as this is all very familiar. Willoughby will block my path coming downstairs in the morning. He's on a lead on the stairs to slow him down and keep him from racing and getting into things ahead of me. He usually sits down in the middle of the stairs and turns sideways to look at me. I say "Moooove" and he gets up and goes to the bottom where he waits. On level ground if he stops in front of me I say "move" and if necessary "Hoosh" with a nudge to his bottom. He always complies so it seems to be a game. I've told him he musn't be "under paw" especially when his mother is carrying somthing. :roll:
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