18 years old

Champas the OES turns 18 today. Amazing girl, she is not doing so well now, gone downhill in the last couple of months but she has made it to her special day with the love and devotion of her mom and dad.

If you all remember, she was re-housed as an 8 year old and these wonderful folks have had her now for 10 years.

HAPPY 18TH CHAMPAS. :hearts: :bdcake: :ghug:

Sadly it will be her last birthday, a special girl who will always have a piece of my heart :(

Have a wonderful party Champas, wish I could be there in NZ with you to celebrate your special day. :kiss:
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You go Champas!!! Have a wonderful birthday!!!

xoxox :hearts:
Happy Birthday Champas. What a great old age for a sheepie!!!
WOW!! 8O 18 years old! What an accomplishment for a sheepie!!

:bdcake: :bdcake: Happy, happy birthday, Champas!! :cheer: :kiss: :yay:
Wow 18!!! That's amazing! :)

Happy Birthday Champas :)
Happy B-day old girl, hope you got something really special :ghug:
Happy Birthday Champas!
Happy Birthday Champas! I wish you would have many more - but it it isn't to be - make this one a good one.
What a bittersweet day!
Stacy wrote:
What a bittersweet day!

Yes it is stacy, but it is time for her mom and dad to make a decision and let her go with dignity. Waiting to hear that news after the weekend, hard for them to make at the moment. She is completely gone in the back end, getting terribly thin and they have to realise it is time to also farewell there sweetie. He carrys her out to potty, they moved there bed downstairs so she can still sleep with them and they come home from work every lunch time to attend to her.

Always a hard decision for anyone to make, but after friends and family gather for her birthday celebration hopefully the time to say goodbye will follow. :(

It is breaking everyones heart at the moment, she is such a grand age and it really is time to let her cross the bridge. :(
Cheers to an incredible long life for a much-loved, wonderful girl.
Absolutely wonderful, and heartbreaking. Best wishes for a memorable day for Champas, Mom and Dad.
Happy Birthday Champas! 18 yrs is quite an accomplishment!
That's so sad but at least she has lived a long life and the last bit of her life has been w/wonderful parents!!! :hearts: :bdcake:
What happy and sad news at the same time. She sounds like a wonderful girl and lucky to have an equally wonderful family.

:bdcake: Happy Birthday Champas!! :bdcake:
WOW!!!! :cheer: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAMPAS :cheer:
Truly a bittersweet hallmark...best wishes Champas on your amazing 18th birthday. :D
:ghug: Sweet kisses to Champas and her wonderful loving family. 18 years; That's great. :kiss:
:hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

Blue is thrilled to know about a girl his age and wishes her the very best on her special day!!!

Happy Birthday Champas!!!!

What a wonderful long life she has lived and I'm sorry to hear of her ills the past couple months. Sending her lots of well wishes and sloppy kisses from the boys. :cheer: :bdcake: :kiss:

Marianne and the boys
:hearts: :kiss: :bdcake: Wow 18!!! :bdcake: :kiss: :hearts:

Happy Birthday Champas
That's awesome. Even though they got her at 8, it was really like having her since a puppy. :)
18 is amazing - what a great life!!
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