3 word story

On another forum that I go to, they have an ongoing story that the members participate in. Each time you post to the story ,you put 3 more words to keep the story going. They don't have many active members on that forum, and the story is at more of a stand still. I thought, it might be fun to do here, we are a close sheepie loving community of over 1000 members!! I will start it and can't wait to see where the story goes!!

A sheepie named.....

Now, it is your turn... :wink:

Stormi and co.
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...Clyde lived in...
a large building
...he was happy...
because he had
shoes to chew
but his mommy
didn't like that
so she decided
I'll teach him
sheep herding instead! :idea:
She took him
to Lambluv Farm
where he got
a gold medal
for jumping high
and running fast
over hurdles and
ducks and geese
Unfortunately one goose
was very tall
and very grumpy
and very MEAN! :twisted:
The Goose said

(I decided the animals can now talk... :lol: )

So Clyde
turned and ran
then bumped into
a white, woolly
sheep! Who said, "
What is that?!"
"It's a Duck"
Clyde's never seen
such a Big
Honker! What will
the duck do?
The duck smiled,
and said to
the wooly sheep
"I'm a goose,"
you silly moose :)
Sheepies should NEVER
question the wisdom
of their Mommy!!!!
Now Clyde is
thinking to himself
"Maybe you're right??!!"

I took liberties with "you're" :D
So Clyde went
to bother Lucy...

(Lol. that would be his typical reaction!)
asking, "what do
I do about
all the shoes
that I chewed?
I know! I'll,
dig a hole
so big that,
even I could
fit in it!
So Clyde jumped
into the hole
found a bone
picked it up
he looked proudly
at his find
"Look at this!"
"I can't wait ...
to see if
It's Lucy's, nahaaaaa!!! (mischievious laughter)
Just then, Lucy
snuck up behind
and pounced upon
Clyde and his
delicious looking bone
that fell under
great aunt bertha
very LARGE Bertha
Very MEAN Bertha :evil: :evil:
She screeched loudly, :x
what on earth?
That's Clyde Sr.!!!
If Lucy sees
Big Auntie falling
,"she'll pee herself!!" :roll:
"Lucy, don't look!"
Clyde grabbed a ...
new silk blouse
that was hanging
by the pool.
He took off...
heading north by
a bright flashlight
He spotted a
Scientologist on a
horse riding south
, spotting his boots,
he new that
Boots-rawhide? Yummy!!!
I'm going to
Pounce on them!
Leaping high he
GRABBED onto the
boot, and pulled
it right off!
I better run
before Tom Cruise
wearing tidy whities :lol:
can convert me!
Shows up and
the unexpected happens,
it wasn't Tom
that showed up
Oh nooooooo! it's..
Kirstie Alley and....
Norm, from Cheers,
"Hi Norm!!!!" said
boot faced Clyde.
"Hmmm thought Clyde...
"this is wierd!!!"
"I think I'll
do as Norm..
did on Cheers
drink some beer
,forget the shoes
so Clyde sat
at Kirsti's feet
"Oh no-these..."
fairy godmother shoes
smell pretty bad
but great for
me to chew
until I can
find Lucy again.
Chewing and herding
the dust bunnies
at Hoptoit Corral
near Ron's house.
Great idea Stormi, thanks!

Ok. Here we are. 408 words into the story.

Now it's time to write the story.

Using the elements included so far, as well as editorial license and your creativity, write the story.

The person who writes the best story, maybe will get a little something. This is not a contest prize, just a little something to show my appreciation. I might even have more than one little something. Maybe. How many little somethings can I get for $3 (US)? :)

Take your time and write it well, with spell cheeking and good gramma. I'm not sure what length we should be looking for. Let's not make it War and Peace, but let's not make it only 500 words, either. I don't know how long to keep this open, perhaps a week? Do we need longer?

Send your story to


Be sure to keep a copy for yourself. Remember, anything you send in can and will be used against you in a cou--- er, I mean anything you send in can (and most likely will) be published by oes.org.

I'll post all the stories at the same time.

This is the first time I've ever done anything like this, so I'm open to suggestions, especially as to how to judge them (in the end, I guess I'm the final arbiter, but I'm flexible!) I don't want it to be a popularity contest, and I don't want people lobbying for their own story! lol That's why I'm thinking that a poll wouldn't work.

How does this sound to everyone?

Anyone unhappy with me shutting down the story at this point?
Anyone excited?
Anyone planning on penning a story?
Anyone think this is a stupid idea?
CLyde past HOURS
Ooooh, how exciting! You know, this is how Frankenstein got written? A writing contest among friends and the next thing you know, out comes a classic.

Let's go people, get to writing!
I think we have enough to go on!!!
As if being addicted to this site isn't enough, how can we NOT get involved! :lol: Sounds like fun to me. Good luck all. Happy writing.
What's the deadline Ron?
OK...... so let me get this straight............... you want us to write a story about Clyde......

Who liked to chew shoes but got in trouble with his Mom who decided that he needed an alternative occupation. So she sent him to Lamluv Farm to learn sheep herding where he got a gold medal for jumping over ducks and geese. But the goose was grumpy and said AFLAC so clyde ran away and came across a talking sheep and a big duck who thought he was a moose. But Clyde was more interested in bothering Lucy and digging holes which he could jump into. But in the process fell under GREAT BIG MEAN Aunt Bertha who wet her pants so clyde stole a silk blouse but then ran into Tom Cruise in Tighty Whiteys who was on a horse wearing boots trying to convert him to Scientology. But in reality it was Kirti Alley and Norm from Cheers so Clyde decides to blow off the whole adventure and drdink beer at Kirstis feet but WHEW they stink!!!!!!!!

Would that be the premise?????????????????????????????

Sounds like a made for TV Movie. Good Luck to all, I think that plot is beyond my creative ability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else out there working on a story?
I hadn't seen this before! I feel I should wait until the next one! This is so fun! I think you all did a fabulous job and I can hardly wait for the paperback!

Please tell me there will be a NEXT ONE!

PS: the "Aflec" KILLED ME! I wasn't expecting that! LOL!

Colleen and Gucci George=>Clyde and Lucy are going to be famous! :clappurple: Hercules, Hercules
Clyde and Lucy say that they're already famous!

Clyde looks very handsome and (clean) in that picture!! :D What are you worrying about thinking you've got the dirty kid on the block, he cleans up great!!!!!!!!! Lucy is beautiful too!!

Yeah, Jill are you crazy??!!! Lucy and Clyde combined arent as dirty as Panda right now....They're just beautiful.....Lucy looks like a lady and well, Clyde looks like trouble on four legs :D
Having met both Clyde and Lucy I will say that Darcy is right - Clyde IS trouble on four legs! :lol:

Lucy is adorable, just like her picture.

Bentley is ready to give Clyde a run for his money.
Go Bentley!!! Jil are you done with the tile? I know its on a different thread, I saw the pics...youve done an amazing job!!
Thank you very much! I'm grouting it tomorrow afternoon. I'm still afraid to walk on it, LOL.

Yeah Bentley!
bobthedog wrote:
Clyde looks very handsome and (clean) in that picture!! :D What are you worrying about thinking you've got the dirty kid on the block, he cleans up great!!!!!!!!! Lucy is beautiful too!!


Lol. Unfortunately, that's an old picture! I think it was about 4 months ago. He's the dirty kid all right!
I think that Clyde would still look handsome, even if he was the dirtiest dog in the land! I just love his markings! AND THAT SMILE!

Colleen and Gucci George=>Mommy, are your eyes wandering? :cry:
Beautiful pics! They look really nice and clean. Give them a hug for me!
What's the latest on the 3 word stories? Were they printed somewhere and I've not seen it yet? That would be me. :roll: :lol:
I've been waiting anxiously also! :wink:

Colleen and Gucci George
and learned to
Hiya Ron,

Have you had anyone enter for the 3 word story? I have been anxiously awaiting to see everyone's creativity. :D
If anyone wants me to start a new one, let me know.....LOL

If we do start a new one it should have it's own thread as this one has gotten quite long.... lol...
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