1st time

Well today was Mickey's 1st professional grooming,and WOW!! 8O did he ever clean up good.I also took Jagger and of course he is just beautiful!!Mickey is all fluffy,and trimmed.Im taking pics tomrrow so ill be sure to post some and of course ill get pics of Joey also...i hope everyone has an awesome Easter!!
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I know now what the difference between me bathing Sam and the groomers bathing her. With me, she looks like some rasta dog...with the groomers, she looks like a big stuffed furry toy! Like the stuffed toy look much better :D !
There is a big difference in attitude also, my dogs are vey well behaved at the groomers :D not so much for me :(
Sam's groomer told me she is quite the lady, just puts her paws out (crossed) waiting for a trim.... with me :twisted: . Go figure.
I hate to say it but I think they know that Mom is easier to get over on than a stranger. I doubt my groomer keeps her pockets stuffed with treats :D
I think it is like my son and school, they think he is the "model" student and all I can think is "who is this kid and what have you done with mine?" :D !
:lol: :lol: :lol: it's true!
Dancer will lift her paw up for grooming, or she will present her hind end, lol, which is funny, but it's a great back scratch in her opinion.
Sky will just lay on the grooming table... she'll even sleep for some of it now. LOL
OMG!!!it is sooooooo true.Mickey was an angel the groomer said,I was like what 8O i mean he is an angel while in the tubby,but drying him and brushing him is a nightmare!!! :twisted: Jagger is pretty good he settled down around 2 w/ me grooming him,before that he was a royal pain,i was staning outside hiding watching mickey on the groomers table in shock at how good he was,i stood there shaking my head!!!LOL!!!i guess thats why they get paid the big money!!LOL!! :lol:
I still haven't taken mine to a professional groomer, I have often wondered how they would react. I recently puppy cut Annabelle down. I left her coat between 3 and 4 inches. I talked with Stacey before to get tips and we went out and got a good pair of thinning shears and within a couple of hours, she was done. I think I did pretty good. Practice makes perfect so by the time I do Jack's puppy cut, maybe I'll think of becoming professional. LOL :lol:
I have never had a problem bathing or grooming our 2. They know when we say bath time to climb in and when it is time to wash the feet, Annie will raise her feet up for washing, (Jack isn't as helpful in the feet washing department :roll: ) They also know that they can't shake the water off until they run outside and they know the command shake so we get all that excess water off, and then while CJ runs them outside, I set up the grooming rug and brushes and dryer and they know to come and lay down without asking. Hint: Lots of treats!! And lots of baths!! They know the routine now.
I will be puppy cutting Jackie boy soon and when I get him done, I will take pics of Annie and Jack and their new doo's....LOL

Stormi and co.
Post Pictures Tanya!!!!
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