4 new sheepies up for adoption on Petfinder

4 great new sheepies including a deaf 7 month female,

http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action ... mpl=&stat=

a 11 month old male,

http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action ... mpl=&stat=

and looks like a sweet 9 year old female,

http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action ... mpl=&stat=

and an URGENT young male with limited time

http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action ... mpl=&stat=

Good luck,

Uncle pete :D
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Thanks for the tip! I just sent an email asking about Chumleigh. She looks wonderfully sweet. And I have a real soft spot for senior dogs. . .

Wish me luck!
Good luck, Valerie! All paws are crossed.

The 11 month male is no longer listed, I hope that's a sign that he was adopted :D

The "baby" is adorable :D

The young male mix is pretty cute also :D
Good luck Valerie!! Keep us posted! :lol:

I hope they all find good homes.
A few years ago we had talked to a couple who had to give up their dog named Chumleigh because they were in the military. She ended up going to someone who was planning to move south. (We're in PA) I wonder if this is the same dog? It's not like it's a common name.

If it is, she was extremely sweet and playful. If they know her history, see if she lived in Carlisle, PA at one time. If so, that would be her.
That's very interesting. They do say she is extremely sweet and playful. The rescue contact said the owner's daughter would call me today. I'm really hopeful. She looks like such a nice dog and I have such a soft spot for old lady dogs. . I will be sure to ask.
Good luck, Valerie!! :D
I think it might be the same dog. This owner got her when she was about 4 years old. They think she may have been used for breeding before that. I was talking to the daughter of the owner. Apparently, she has prior owner information but she did not have it handy.

I'm told she is not that experienced with walking on a leash and tends to pull. Do you think that would be a challenge to correct at her age? Also, she tends to bark in the car. Those seem like pretty minor complaints to me. They say she was at the vet recently and does not have any health problems.

They seem very eager to find a home for her. I'm going to meet her on Sunday. I think I should be prepared to bring her home with me. I can't imagine that I would find a reason to say no.

What supplies will I need? Dog bed (I'll ask if she has one they could send with her); brushes, leash (they probably have one, but just in case), dog food and bowls, chew toys, maybe a big bone. I will ask for something from her owner, too, so she has a familiar scent for comfort. What else?
Sounds like you've got it covered, Valerie. I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories of her antics. Congratulations! :lol:
I'm so excited! I feel bad that she's had so many different homes but it does seem like she was well-cared for. I can't wait to meet her.
Ask for her crate.
I get the impression that she does not have one - that she had full reign of the house. But I guess that means I should get one for her. . .
You already have the most important thing: wanting to give her a wonderful home and lots of love :D
For the pulling on lead issue, especially if you live in the city, I would look into a Gentle Leader / Halti. It has worked wonders for me and it's comletely cruelty free.

good luck.
After a day of tugging and pulling, I tried Gentle Leader and WOW! It is awesome. I felt bad about having something over her mouth but now I see it does not restrain her jaw at all. Her obedience walking is stunning. What a great device. Thanks for the tip!!
Did you find it at a regular pet supply store?? Bob is an awful puller. Can it be used on young dogs?? I would love a solution, I keep trying what they say at puppy school - stop when they're pulling, change directions alot, etc. Thanks!!

I was doing all that too -- Yesterday. Now she is an angel. I got it at Petsmart. I was totally skeptical but I am stunned. She was forceful and pulling and now she walks alongside me. If she gets distracted, it is so easy and gentle to correct her. I only had one problem today when I needed to reverse direction to deliver the doggie bag to the trashcan. Apart from that, she was totally obedient. And I think she was tired and couldn't face turning around. Yesterday, she was just trying to drag me down the street. It is amazing.
I'm going to the store tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck! :)
Definitely! Let us know how it goes.
O.k., well, I spent about 20 minutes trying to fit it on him yesterday. What a maniac!! It said on the dvd, the more fuss they put up about putting it on, the more they need it. Well, Bob must REALLY need this!! I'm so afraid I won't fit it right. We're going to try again tomorrow. I'm having a hard time keeping it out of his mouth while I try to fit the first part at the back of his head. Ay-yi-yi!!!!!
bobthedog wrote:
O.k., well, I spent about 20 minutes trying to fit it on him yesterday. What a maniac!! It said on the dvd, the more fuss they put up about putting it on, the more they need it. Well, Bob must REALLY need this!! I'm so afraid I won't fit it right. We're going to try again tomorrow. I'm having a hard time keeping it out of his mouth while I try to fit the first part at the back of his head. Ay-yi-yi!!!!!

It took me a LONG time to get it to fit properly. At least 30 minutes, many treats and a short break. Getting the back tight but still able to close required alot of small adjustments. Did you have the nose piece just hanging down in front under her jaw near her neck? It shouldn't really be in a place where he could get his mouth on it. It just dangles until you get the back part fitted. Then you unbuckle the back and slip the mouth piece around the mouth and buckle the back and check nose piece for fit. Again, many offs and ons before I found the right size for that.

It is so worth it. She is now extremely well-behaved on the leash and it is much easier to correct her from being distracted. (Chumleigh seems to think other people exist to pet her. And most people want to so . . . )

And she is getting better each day. And this dog was trying to pull me down the street at the beginning of the week. One of my biggest challenges was just as we would exit my door. There is a set of stairs that she would careen down, pulling on the leash and not giving me time or space to shut my door and lock it. Then she'd be tugging at the bottom of the stairs and I'd be hanging on trying to get my door closed. Now, with gentle leader and treats, she sits and waits for me before going down the stairs. It is a miracle and a huge improvement to the start of our walks.

Better luck for you today, I hope!
You know, I had already attached the leash to it before I started the fitting. Maybe if it was just the gentle leader he wouldn't be able to get at it. He just is a nut and never sits still, so it turns into a bit of a wrestling match!! I didn't work with him today because it's been pouring out all day and I have no desire to go out and try it!! (bad mommy) Hopefully the weather will clear tomorrow and I can do some work. We did get "down" down today! Yay puppy!! Of course, that's in the kitchen with no distractions!!! :lol:

Any updates on the other dogs?
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