You left me too soon 3 years ago

Dear Shaggy,

The anniversary of your passing is coming up. 1988-2004

You left me March 2nd 2004 at the grand ole age of 15 1/2, but it was too soon as given the choice I would have had you forever.

The first time I viewed you in the shelter with your dirty matted hair and shrill bark that made others move away quickly, I knew I wanted you. You looked into my eyes and they locked into mine and I knew you were special.

They told me you were only a pup probably because you were only 25 pounds. I later found out by the vet whom saw by your teeth you were already an adult of at least a year. It was appropriate that the day I brought you home was Mothers Day. I even made people chuckle by sending out announcements of you wrapped in a pink blanket announcing I had become the mother of a bouncing 25 pound baby girl named, Shaggy with your photo.

You were a challenge that first year, chewing my custom made blinds, nipping, taking off when the door opened, not housebroken and barking. The neighbors asked me to get rid of you but I wouldn't hear of it. You failed doggie obedience the first time although I took you faithfully every week and worked on you daily. I never considered giving you up.

I enrolled you again in a different school where they understood how to handle a dog that had been abused. The first year of your life you were severely neglected and near starvation that it left your growth stunted but you did gain 20 pounds to a trim 45 pounds and were diminutive all your life. Shows size doesn't matter as you became the alpha dog and made sure that every dog that entered the household followed your rules. No small creature would ever be harmed or harrassed in your presence. I am still in awe of your maternal nature to all small creatures.

You would climb in a box of homeless kittens and tenderly take care of them and lay down beside an injured bird we found in the forest. You challenged those strangers along with Big Dog, they appeared to want to harm me and your little person when our paths crossed in the woods that day. You stood in front of us, the two of you and barred your teeth although no words were spoken you had felt the need to protect us. Both you and Big Dog came crashing through the forest like mightly bears and each took your place infront of us. You beside my 2 year old, Big Dog in front of me. They backed away slowly and ran away. Although that incident happened many many years ago it still leaves me awestruck of yours and Big Dogs courage that day.

With love you thrived in the household and lived to your potential. You eventually became a therapy dog and was "spokesdog" for the Humane Education Society. Through that we visited hundreds of schools, community centers and other places to educate people on the proper care of pets. I received hundreds of letters from children when you became sick sending their well wishes. You touched many lives and hopefully saved many dogs as a result of your travels.

Even when you were sick you rallied over and over again when the vet told me very few dogs walk away from this. You went on to live another 6 years with me. The numerous disabled children that visited my home to see you still talk about you. I was amazed that you instinctively knew that children in wheelchairs couldn't pick up a ball you placed at their feet. You nudged the balls in their hands instead, but wouldn't do that if they weren't in a wheelchair.

You passed on your legacy of loving small creatures to Blue, who in turn has tried to teach Merlin. With your death I was able to bring home another who had a similar background to yours - Panda. It took three dogs to fill your place in my heart. I still speak of you and your pawprints sit in my room.

You're gone but not forgotten, and because of you I will always view a beraggled dog at the shelter as needing a second chance.

I didn't want to go that last day but I needed to be brave for you. I held you in my arms on the car ride there, no doubt that it was your time. You said all your goodbyes to the pets at home and then at the vets office surrounded by family who loved you, all of us on a blanket on the floor. You licked my face and closed your eyes one last time.

Miss You
Your Mom
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Sniff Sniff, darling shaggy. You will always be special to your mum, I don't think anyone gets over the special sheepie spirit instilled and ingrained in our hearts forever. 3 long years since you left your mumma, but I bet you left your mumma with the most wonderful memories that she will carry with her forever. A gift to your mum from you and a wonderful legacy your mumma will always have in her heart.

3 long years Marianne, hugs, the wonderful memories are always there, FOREVER. :ghug: :hearts:
Marianne, that brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful tribute to a very special dog. Your life has been so enriched.
Nothing to say, just feeling for you and your memories
Marianne: What a wonderful tribute to your wonderful dog Shaggy. He touched so many hearts. I can see he is truely missed. Strength to you as you pass through this anniversary. Thank you for sharing aspects of Shaggy's life with us.
That was so beautiful Marianne! You have such wonderful memories of Shaggy. She sounds like she was an amazing girl.
Big :ghug: of support on your upcoming anniversary.
Awww Marianne, how lucky you were to have found your wonderful Shaggy. She left you with such beautiful memories.


Thanks for the kind words everyone. Special thanks to Lisa as it was due to Peppa's memorial that the memories of Shaggy came flooding back and were written down. I'm sure our girls are like the grand dames at the rainbow bridge probably snoozing under a shady tree together.

Marianne and the boys
Dear Marianne,

So sorry about the loss of Dear Sweet Shaggy! It doesn't matter how much time has passed the loss still hurts the same.

Hopefully she's up there chatting with my Katrina as well.

The day passed and she was on my thoughts and I spent time rereading the post I wrote three years ago on this forum.

I was fairly new to the forum at the time and the notes of condolences brought me much comfort. It's an amazing place - this forum all started by Ron and Joan as a tribute to their "Jake" when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

In his honor Ron and Joan started the forum and as a result provided many of us with support, advice and helped save countless rescues.

So to those that lose a beloved sheepie...they will never be forgotten but time does heal and helping another does bring back the joy.

:cry: :cry: oh Marianne, that is just so touching and special, brings a lump to my throat - Shaggy was truly wonderful
Marianne my heart goes out to you . :( :(

What a sweet and touching dedication!! :(
Thank you for the kind words everyone.

Marianne, I love hearing Shaggy stores, especially the one where you were walking in the woods with you son....I tried searching for it to read again in her memory but I couldn't find it...can you post the link again?
Hi ,

Sorry I missed this post and hadn't responded until now. I can't remember the exact post either but suspect that I posted it under a story about Big Dog. I'll try to find it and provide the link should I come across it.

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed reading that story. :D

Marianne and the boys
It such a beautiful memoir I just couldn't help from crying hard....
Thanx for writing~
I feel like I got to know Shaggy and her gentle nature..

She will be well remembered...
Hi Marianne....
Thank share Your Shaggy Dream...wonderful!!!!
Nothing else to say....Sorry!!!
Tears in my Eyes...looking down on my little Nessie....and say:

THANK YOU...!!!!

Michael from GE
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