"I fought the kNoTS & THE KNOTS WON"

I finally through in the towel last night. Trying to groom through the puppy coat transition phase was getting to be too much on top of my current work load so we got the clippers out. I was planning on just doing a puppy cut but I did such a horrible job that my husband took over and now he's pretty much shaved. 8O

Here's the weird thing... our cat Nut Nut (who lives up to his name) will not even go near Frank. He keeps hissing & growling. I can't figure out if he thinks he's a different dog or there is something wrong with him.
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LOL my cat did that too when I shaved Dancer down, even funnier was that she barked at herself in the mirror!
Any pics of your naked baby?
That's pretty funny Stacey, I was going to comment on your avatar and how much your cat looks like our orange tabby. Nut Nut's in the same cat pose most of the time too. It's like Garfield & Odie most of the time here at the house.

I will post some pix soon. I still have to clean up some areas that are uneven still. He looks so different... :cry:
Your subject topic made me chuckle. Sigh I can relate...Merlin whom I have since 8 wks and is my fourth sheepie is becoming so matted that he's scheduled for a short clip this week. Arg!! I should know better! I love the long hair and have always been viligant about keeping up with the grooming.

He and his brother spend the days roughhousing and so with a combination of saliva (his brothers) and the throat grabbing (his brother is a BlueHeeler/Lab) his neck area is always full of mats. They seem to grow and grow!

I have in the past experieced what you did with Shaggy my previous OES. Poor you and sorry I'm laughing at your misfortune. I can't offer any advise but wanted you to have my sympathy and perhaps we can trade pics of our clipped furballs. Trust me , I know how you feel...ohhhh I love the long hair...sniff..sniff. The good thing is I'll be able to see his eyes like I do with Panda and Blue!

As for your cat, perhaps like my dogs after a trip to the groomers appear to smell differently that the cats instantly notice. I know you did it yourself but your dog may now have a different body smell which is confusing to the cat...not only that but they are half their size than previously. Maybe that made the cat braver? :?

Marianne and the boys

Marianne and the boys
Love the title of your post!! How creative! :lol:

Been there, done that, as have we all, I'm sure! It's amazing how they can look so drastically different with no hair! People don't even believe me when I tell them she's a sheepdog, when her coat is shorn.

I too recently resorted to shaving Daffy down myself. I would share pics of Daffy with her new haircut, but she is a bit embarresed! :lol:
So Frank is nekkid (to quote Dancer's mom)? His coat looked so lush and fulll in the pictures. But it will grow again. Any pics?

Paula O.
Just know in about six months the hair will grow back in and they will be big fur balls again. It is like one day they are fine and mat free-the next they are covered!! Mats multiply like bunnies!
Tee hee hee! I have just accepted that I am a bad mom and send Henry off to the groomer 3 times a year whether he needs it or not. I am jealous of those of you who can keep those beautiful long coats and have read all the posts on grooming. But I just don't keep up, so Henry goes from "what kind of dog is that?" to "I thought OES had really long hair." Selfish me, I like it short because he wants to cuddle in bed at night when he gets a bit cold.
Whatever works! A happy, healthy sheepie with a happy family is all that matters :) I used to love having Dancer cuddle with me at night too, but since we brought Sky home I haven't let her do that often, it isn't a cuddle anymore with two in the bed, it is a trampoline.
Hi Verve! i met you last year with your puppy in Petsmart Moorestown. you're braver than I for clipping your sheepie yourself. I gave that up when my clippers died after shaving Shasha...I started on his head and when the clippers died he looked like a giant tick! We go to the Barking Lot in Medford for grooming. She uses a 7F blade for a summer shave that leaves Maggie feeling like velvet!
Now that Frank is in a short puppy cut, are you planning to
keep a puppy cut for the summer ? Or grow the full coat out ?

We are planning to put our Sheepie in a puppy cut for summer,
any suggestions on coat length. What length is considered a puppy cut,
3 inches, 1 1/2 inches ???? We want him to look Sheepie , but be cool
for summer. (Plus we are concerned because of the high tick population,
we will need a shorter coat.)

Where have I been? Sorry to be out of the loop so long. I'm still thinking I would like to try showing him again day so the hair growing process is starting again. He has a nice coat coming in, I love the feel of it. It is sure easier in the bath tub - 10 minutes vs 1 hour. Frank loves being naked and I'm sure this would be his preferred state, but alas, his coat should be nice and long again for the dog days of summer.

It is funny to see the people in town's reactions. They literally stop their cars and do double-takes. Some people even ask me if I got another dog... >:(

Regarding best length for a cut, I would say it's up to you. Frank in the avatar is down to about 1/2". Some groomers aren't real even with scissors if you're not planning on doing it yourself. We used brand new Oster A5 clippers and it took about 5 hours in total.

The cat & Frank are back to their normal selves. It took the cat 4 days to either get used to the fact that there was a new dog in the house or realize it was Frank. I think you're right Marianne, it wasn't only the visual site but he must of smelled different too.
I am considering shaving Dancer down again. Since Sky is going to be shown first I think I want to concentrate solely on her for this show season, and show Dancer next year when she has hopefully filled out more. She is becoming matted again after the last several days, due to playing, snow, messes etc... so I guess that is why I thought about it at all.
The more I think about it the more it makes sense, if I shave her down now, by the time I am ready to show her she should be in full coat again. It will mean I can fully concentrate on training, grooming, and showing Sky for now. Dancer really loved being nekkid too.... and I must admit, I love the look of them both ways, in any fur length.
I just don't know, it's a huge decision. I need to decide soon though, because the longer I wait the longer it will be before I even have the option of showing her....
We just shaved Cosmo down too.His hair was too matted up.I feel really bad though.Now all he does is shake is head and his ears flop around,I think he's mad about it.
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