3 Things I learned today...

1) If spilled, a 5# bag of sugar goes everywhere. Getting it out of the cracks of a wood floor is very difficult.

2) When in a hurry, make sure to look at more than the first letter on a spice bottle. Chili Powder and Cinnamon are not interchangeable. This is most true when making an apple cake.

3) If "they" say "Do not rub your eyes after chopping a hot pepper", you should heed that advice.
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So how was the apple cake? :)
Oh no! 8O
bestdogsx4 wrote:
So how was the apple cake? :)

Fruity with an undeniable taste of Mexican...

Seriously, I caught it before it was baked. When I started mixing, the aroma was evident. Tossed it and started again.

I wish I could say I rubbed my eye before I made the cake. Then I could make the excuse that I couldn't see...
Well they say some of the best discoveries have been by happy accident. You know things like penicillin. :lol:
Are you sure the cake wouldnt have worked?? :D I would have said chilli and chocolate dont mix 8O but now that I've tasted chilli chocolate I have to admit its not bad.
Sorry about the eyes. I learned very quickly in my contact lens days, NEVER ever process any chile while the contacts are still in. Always remove them first. Doesn't matter how often you wash your hands, chile oil remains active many hours later.


Interesting variation on an apple cake. Probably would win first prize at State Fair here.
Sadly, I have firsthand experience with two out of those three myself. The only reason I've never had the pepper issue is that I'm very allergic to them and never touch them.

I once managed to grab garlic powder instead of cinnamon, when in the last stages of making homemade cinnamon buns.

I'll add an addendum to that particular rule...

No matter how much you blow on the dough, and even when you frantically run it under hot water and then double the cinnamon in the desperate hope it'll pass..............it doesn't. YUCK. If all else fails, stick with the garlic and call them garlic buns, because the only thing worse is mixing cinnamon and garlic.
Ugg. One of those days huh.
Thanks for the "heads up." :D
I have so done the hot pepper and sugar thing (sugar recently), so I feel for you!!!

I was so careful chopping the pepper, but it somehow got into a small cut in my finger and in my nose. WORSE pain ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...ongoing for a long time too.
That is so funny...I know it wasn't for you, though.

Have experienced #2 myself, with oatmeal. Spicy oatmeal is NOT good!
So you are saything that while cinnamon is often an ingredient in chili, it doesn't go both ways?
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