13 Year old accidents around the house

My sister’s sheep dog is 13 years old, it has had back problems for several years now and is on medication (Metacam). However she eats well, seems happy enouth and moves about ok, apart for when she lies down (which she does very slowly) doesn’t seem to be in pain. She is still a very lovable and friendly character.

In July last year my sister had a baby and Holly began to have little accidents and which became more frequent.

In August this year to see how she behaives we took Holly in. Quite used to staying with use when over the years my sister and her husband went away for weekends and holidays.

From time to time she will however poo around the house, nearly always when someone is in, usually having just been let out.

Yesterday she literally came in from outside and pooed all over the front room, this was in the afternoon, day before she was let out in the morning and left alone for an hour and a half and she messed up the hallway and day before that it was at night shortly after being let out. Previously to that she messed up two week before.

Has anyone experienced this and has a suggestion or two to solve the problem?
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Our 11 year old OES started having accidents about 8 mos ago for no apparent reason. We would let him outside to do his business and then he would come inside and immediately go again if we left the house (even to go to the neighbors for 10 mins). Our vet explained that dogs get into patterns and that we needed to let him out once to go, bring him inside and take him back out immediately to go again. It worked! Grizz hasn't had another accident for a month now. I recommend discussing your situation with your vet, too. Good luck!

Although I don't have the exact answer to Holly's problem it may be she is experiencing a bit of age related memory loss. It's common according to my vet for aged dogs just like people to forget things. They explained it may be why a dog will sit at their plate wanting food when they just ate or recently been out and will have an accident in the house. I would also ask advice from your vet as according to someone I just met at the doggie park they told me there is medication that helps some dogs with this. Ironcially, I just returned from the vet less than an hour ago to pick up my dog's heart meds and forgot to ask this important question.

Although my 15 year old Shaggy hasn't had accidents I am occasionally finding her in a corner..as if she forgot how to turn around and walk the other way. It could be Holly is experiencing a bit of Atzheimers and meds may help.

Good Luck with Holly and I'd be intrested to know if you find out more.
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