""old dog"" odor....

As you all know, Pearl is an older senior but she is still active in the PAWS program. We are having a problem with ""that"" smell that comes with age. I hope you know what I mean. If not...maybe it's just Pearl.

I DO.............brush her teeth every other day
her teeth were vet cleaned about 2 months ago
she has no other health problems except for the Cushings
washed and brushed about every 3 weeks by a groomer
spot cleaned and brushed at least once a week by me

I try to spray her lightly, with a sweet smelling conditioner right before we go to PAWS, but it barely masks the odor.

Does anyone have any suggestions???? I have tried everything I can think of...

((no one has mentioned this YET....but maybe that is because they are being kind...I NOTICE IT!!!)))
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I don't really have an answer, but I know that in humans what you eat has a huge impact on any sort of body odor. Maybe as she is aging her body is processing her food differently and causing the odor.

Then again, I may be completely wrong...
what about the treats that are supposed to help with breath; using parsley or mint to help settle stomachs and mask odors. Have you tried anything like that?
No, I think that's the answer. MO and her tender tummy has given her a "doggie odor." Cushings is no small deal, it's the over production of corticosteroid hormones and changes the way they metabolize proteins.

Recently I saw a show on severe BO in humans. These people have been plagued all their lives with BO, been told to up their body washing, check their sinus', teeth, etc to no avail. Turns out these poor people are not metabolizing protein properly. A change in diet for them to mere minimal protein greatly reduces their personal stink.

So I think doggie BO is similar...........yes it can be by unbathed dogs, but also those who are not healthy or being fed properly.
I would suspect the Cushings to be the culprit.
Talk to your vet. Maybe you can change Pearl's diet to help.
My groomer friend was just telling me about a silicone conditioner spray that is really good at neutralizing odors. I will ask her what its called, maybe it can help Pearl.
Thanks for all your suggestions...I will ask the vet about her food. She is on Senior Diamond and is actually eating it which is very good. She is so thin!!! I attribute this to the Cushings... She doesn't get many treats..she is a very pickey eater...

Thanks Heather!! That would be great.!!

Tonight, before we left for PAWS, I got off work 1/2 hour earlier and of course, brushed her. Then I used the waterless shampoo on her face, and sprayed a whitener on her muzzle. Both help with the odor.

I took pictures of the kids reading and sitting with Pearl. I knew the kids would want to snuggle up to her for their special pictures. I think it worked!! I am waiting for approval and will post "Pearl and her Girls!"..

She get so excited when she sees her harness...It makes my heart smile!!!! she has always had a quiet joyfulness about her.... :hearts:
I am not sure what a good food is for Cushings but, with age
Science B/D helped us alot with Donner...
He never really smelled old dog.
Also maybe a liver or kidney diet would help.
We had Wibbers on Science Diet L/D which I think helped him alot!
Royal Canin also has one as well...

Believe me, I am not a Science Diet fan as far as general food
BUT, I do think the veterinary diets are good.
Royal Canin even better and honestly not much more on the purse...

Look forward to hearing many more stories of that sweet Pearl Girl
and her visits!
Honestly, they probably don't care if she is a little stinky, I bet they can't smell it....they thrive on the love and attention!
My Mandy gal did nursing home visits all along, so did Donner and Paddington!
Nobody sniffed em :lol:
In a room full of kids who can smell anything but, KIDS! :lol:
Val - perhaps taking Chlorophyll tablets would help. It is a natural supplement. It helps with all sorts of odors - especially those from within. It helps with bad breath in humans (the main use - sold in health food stores). We used it with the Brittanies at home when the females were in heat. It diminished the odor they gave off. Helped keep the boys from going crazy. :wink:

Here is a link to a web site.....not that I endorse the site.... http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/chlorophyll.html
Dawn..Pearl is about 65 pounds..how much and how often should I give her??? Brittanies are about the same weight...Thanks.... :wink:
Val - I don't remember that dose - I was just a kid!
Perhaps get the human dosing for whatever brand you can get, than ask your vet to recommend the appropriate dose? Also if it would be contraindicated w/ her Cushings.
Brittanies are littler - about 40 pounds.
I was wracking my brain for what we used when you 1st posted this - it took a day for it to pop into my brain...... :( ...but it finally did :D
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