A cool place to sleep ?

I have a 7 month male OES who seems to really like laying and sleeping on things that are cool or cold. We have tile in the kitchen that he loves to lay down and nap on, and tile upstairs that has become his little perch, he will lay against the wall in the bedroom and sleep because it is cool, and he will even sleep in his way to small dog crate because it has a cool plastic liner.

I imagine that most people here have run into this before and I understand that with all his hair he must get fairly warm, I am just looking for some suggestions on how to keep him cool during the night. We are a little concerned because he does not seem to sleep well, for long periods at a stretch, and keeps moving around in the room throughout the night searching for the next cool spot to plop down on. Recently he came down with a bit of a cough which we think may have been from sleeping under the drafty window.

Has anyone used one of those 'cooling mats' with any success? Or just something that might not have occured to us?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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My Mollie loves it on the cool basement floor or kitchen tile. I think all dogs get up and move around through out the night. I know mine do.

Hope this helps.

Karen and Mollie
My dog Harley (German Shepherd) can usually be found sleeping on my tile shower floor.
Though he does move about 100 times during the night. From the shower to floor next to the bed, to the deepest darkest corner of my closet.
Pepsi will also walk around to find another comfortable spot.
Peanut (Toy Poodle) is the only one that will stay put. Maybe because he enjoys sleeping in his bed. Though occassionally he will come and sleep on the bed. I think because they are couch potatoes and sleep a lot during the day could be the reason they are up at night.

Jules sleeps on our slate fireplace hearth. It is flat and very, very cool. I think it is even colder than the tile in the bathroom. In the summer she lays on top of the air conditioning vents.
I think wanting to lie on a cool floor is quite common. However, if the cough continues - be sure to have him checked out to be sure he hasn't picked up something (I don't think it would be due to the drafty window). I would also suggest checking his temperature (if you don't bring him to a Vet) - to ensure he isn't running a temp - which may have something to do with his restlessness at night.

Good Luck!
Lennon likes to sleep on cold places too, he starts on his bed then moves to the ceramic tile floor at night. He liked to chill on a balcony where the wind blows very cold.

If it's cold outside, Sofa likes to wake me up to let her sleep on the cold cement on the patio... I have to carry her inside because she just plops there to sleep when it's freezing out there. If she gets wet and cold, she sneezes for a few hours (sometimes until the next day) and then she's ok.
If your sheepie seems a bit warm, consider thinning or trimming tummy hair for more cold surface contact. Also watch those feet, no hair on the underside as that's where they sweat. My first sheepie lived outside, 10,000 feet elevation in Colorado Rockies and did quite well....of course she snuggled next to a St. Bernard on the bitter nites, LOL. With a good coat, these guys can really take the cold, so a heated house can be a bit much.
Zoe will start off on our bed at night, then move to the floor at the end of the bed, then move to the hallway, then go in my daughter's room, wherever she wants to go, that's where she sleeps.
The other night my husband was out of town and I was eagerly anticipating sleeping in a big bed, all alone. Ha! In the early morning I awoke to fine I had more company than I had planned. Two sheepdogs on the bed, four Great Pyrenees on the floor, snuggled up against the bed. Getting to the bathroom required putting on my glasses least I step on something white and furry. When I returned, Harry sheepie had moved to my spot on the bed. Vocal commands to move weren't working, I had to roll his hairy butt to the other side of the bed. :roll:

The bed is cat territory in our household. Pups on the floor. Abby has a dog bed at the foot of our bed and Farley, still a pup, has his crate. If he had his druthers - he'd be between us in a flash. That is ... until things got too hot and then he'd head to either the bathroom or the front door. Those two spots are cooler than pretty much anywhere else in the house.

If I were to guess at translating Farley's frequent comments though - I think he would prefer that we were in the bathroom and at the front door with him. He hates being alone.

Oh he's so cute - I could just sqeeze his furry head! :)
p.s. All my previous sheepies have preferred to sleep in the bathroom. They love cool spots.
When Albert naps, he usually starts out at my feet, and then ends up moving to the kitchen or bathroom floor. At night, he has to stay in my room. He starts out in the bed with me, but we both toss and turn so it doesn't work out well, and he ends up in the floor. And yep, he moves around about 50 kajillion times a night, too. I frequently wake up throughout the night to him making a bed for himself out of my rug. Silly Sheepie :)
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