"Bang Cut"

I have read somewhere that someone had given their dog a bang cut to uncover their eyes (I think it was Carol). Can you give me some pointers on how to do this? Puddy can't see to chase his toys and I'm afraid he is going to start running over things. He is clumsy enough when he can see well.
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Puddy, what a great name. My first trainer told me to make sure Henry could see without obstruction. He said the only OES he knew who was aggressive with other dogs was one who couldn't see the others until they were quite close. (Clearly he was not reading this forum!)

But it seemed good advice, and Henry has the most beautiful blue eyes. I keep Henry's bangs short by cutting any hair that obstructs my view of his eyes. I use blunt-ended scissors and cut very carefully any hair that covers his eyes on top. I also trim the hair below his eyes since it grows straight up. Keeping the hair trimmed below his eyes also helps reduce the eye gloop he wakes up with every morning.

When I began trimming him, he hated the scissors so much I couldn't hold his head still and trim at the same time. So I put some food in my lap on a towel -- he got a special treat Cheerios -- and I trimmed while he ate. The haircuts weren't pretty but they worked.

Two years and lots praise and treats later, Henry will hold still while trim him if I am fast.

Good luck!
also you can buy scissors with little rubber balls on the tips (or you can put erasers or something of the sort on the ends yourself) so that you dont have to worry about sticking them in the eye or anything like that.
When we got our first sheepie, we originally thought that they could see ok through all the fur in front of their eyes. I mean, the dogs at the Westminster dog show had all their fur and seemed to do just fine. Well, one nice evening we were out walking our dogs and heard a "clunk" behind us. Our sheepie had run right into the fire hydrant! After making sure that the fire hydrant - and our sheepie were ok, we headed home and immediately started to figure out how to cut the bangs.

First, get some good sissors with round tips - most petshops carry them or go on-line. I use a wide toothed comb and part the hair on top of his head bringing just a small bit forward to cut at a time. Once I get the first part done, I comb a little bit more forward to cut. Sometimes, the cut is nice and even. More often it is ragged as Baxter gets the wiggles going through this process (this is the reason for the blunt sissors). If he gets too wriggly, we just stop for the time and work on it later. You may find it a bit easier to get the fur a bit damp before you cut it. I have to touch up Baxter's bangs every two - three weeks.
We trim Ben's bangs about the same way but lately have just deferred to the groomer for a bath and a quick trim. A full groom is about $75 but a bath and trip (paws, nails, bangs & privates) is just $30.

Funny you should mention about your sheepie crashing into a fire hydrant. That is the same way we realized Ben couldn't see - he walked right into a brick mailbox on a walk. At first we thought he was just preoccupied with all the sniffing but a day or so later he walked into a wall in our house. He's a pretty clutzy dog but with his bangs trimmed he's more graceful...not graceful, just less clutzy shall I say?
Well, last night we gave it a try. Can't say that he looks real pretty, but at least I can see part of his eyes. Thought we might try again tonight to finish up. With the Pud Monster things are always a challenge. We have to be patient as when we first got him he was a mess, never really been groomed, etc. He is approximately 2 yrs old, talk about fun!

I appreciate all of the advice. If anyone has anymore tips, they will be greatly appreciated by me (maybe not Pud as he tries to run everytime he sees me with the clippers or scissors).
With our Shayleigh we prefer to put a topknot in her hair instead of cutting her bangs. To do this we use those tiny clear rubber bands found in in the female beauty accessories section of many stores. $1 gets about 500 bands.

Anyway, we put her hair up in one or two topknots and then maybe a pink ribbon. Always cute and gets loads of comments.

Sheepdogs have the most beautiful eyes. Eyes full of intelligence and life. We've encountered some people that think sheepdogs aren't the brightest canine in the pack but we're convinced the inability to see the sheepdog's eyes helps promote this misconception. So show those wonderful orbs!
I have been wanting to let Huggs hair grow out and do a top knot. Other than that we clip in front of his eyes....

Crashing into things.....PISCO :) ....he did/does a lot of that...but I solved the problem by topknots....not very boyish but it works ...that way I don`t cut his hair (something I never wanted to do).....off course when mommy forgets to knot him...uhmmmm.....walls and trees :(
I love Pisco's top knot! We used to do Abbi's too. But whenever she was bored she would bring both paws up and try to grab at it. Ended up looking like she was wiping her face off ... so cute. I forgot about that. Maybe I could use a top knot to train her to "clean her face".
Great avatar Vero!

Be careful when you are trimming their bangs. Take a moment and reallylook around their eyes. You will find that their gray eye lashes are almost as long as some of their hair .. try to keep the lasshes intact...avoid trimming them if possible. Trimming the eyelashes can lead to eye irritations and lots of eye glue, which will have to be wiped off as much as possible. Dogs love their eye goop, so unless you want to make it a special treat (yuck!) be quick and have tissue handy to dispose of it. Abbi will actually beg for the stuff and follow me around sniffing for it? Yuck!!!
Ya know, I love this forum. Not a day goes by that there isn't SOMETHING I read here we can relate to.

I am so glad Ben is not the only sheepie in the world who loves to eat his 'eye snot' as my hubby calls it! He will also try to sneak it away from dad as if we can't see the big beast coming. :? What a nut...
I am going to have to change my name, Henry's name and move--or never post again. Here goes: I usually let Henry eat his eye goo. :oops: I always tell him "Recycle" when he gets it, after all I clean up all the bits that come out of him one way or another. I know it is gross but is it any more gross than wiping it on my pants when I don't have a tissue? Funny aside: my sister nearly gagged when she saw me doing this. Several months later I discovered she now does it too, right down to the Recycle command.
Eye goo :) Pisco just loves it... He hates it when I clean him, but the minute he knows it`s in my hand.....in comes the "rescue" of the eye goo, and if by any chance I drop it....down comes the nose----floor sweep until he finds it. :D
Funny thing is that he lets my hubby do it more than he lets me....I guess it`s a boy "gooey" thing to do. LOL
When our Zoe needs her "eye hair" cut, if I`m by myself, I hold the hair under her chin so she won`t move her head. Then snip away. She usually lets me do it. When she`s in a "mood", and decides she doesn`t want a eye hair cut, I have to wait til the hubby is here, and he holds her head by petting her. He sits with Zoe between his legs, and rubs under her chin and ears, (she loves that!) then she`ll sit for however long I need her to. I put her eye hair between my index and middle finger, and cut a straight line. Then, as was mentioned already, I cut the strays that come up in front of her eyes from her nose. She has the most wonderful, soulful brown eyes. They almost look like a human`s eyes. As far as eye boogers, my hubby takes care of those. She`ll let him do it without fighting him. Besides, I think it`s yuck. She has never tried to eat them, though. Now I`m curious if she would. hmmm I have also heard that the Sheepie`s long coat protects them from summer heat. I don`t know if that`s true, but I do know that Zoe seems way more comfortable in the summer if we give her a full body cut in the spring. Then by winter it`s all grown back out. We also have a kiddie pool for her to play in. She loves the water!!!!
Funny stories! I kind of suspected Lizzie couldn't see well, until after we had her sheared for the summer. Then she started chasing the cats across the yard. Poor things! They used to be safe...

That stuff about eye snot for snacks grossed me right out... Ron, we need a barfing emoticon!
Ditto on the grosssss out. 8O I told my husband and he's like "okay stop with the gross stuff". I think I'll pass on trying that one with Lola.

But Betsy, another thing to try with Puddy is catch him when he's sleeping. That way he doesn't see the scissors coming. Sit with him calmly and wake him and try to get a couple of snips in. I used to do this to cut my cats nails all the time. It would work for a minute or so, then he'd be off and running. But you can usually get a couple clips in while their still groggy.

I tend to brush Lola when she's sleeping. She seems to like it and that way she's not always wriggling or biting at the brush.
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