a bag of nerves??

So over the holidays I went shopping and of course my wigglebum wants to go :D No problem in the car we go and I stop at the 1st store get what I need in about 10 minutes and get out, the 2nd stop same thing, the 3rd stop I go in and I am about 20 minutes and when I get in the car Holly is in the front seat (not unusual ) but she is SHAKING like a leaf (not that cold out ) I ask her to get in the back like I always do and to no avail!! She tried to climb on the floor in the front (which she doesn't really fit :? ) Something happened while I was in the store but what? And most important how do I reassure her that everything is ok? I took her the next day for a quick ride and she shook the whole time.... I have taken her a few more times but the same thing , am I doing more harm to her ? Is there something I should do other than keep taking her? She wants to go but she gets all scared once she's in the car.
Side note .... remember 1yr ago she was in a house fire not sure if this comes into play or not but I wanted you all to have her info.

Thanks for any help you can give me
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I'd say it's pretty hard to determine what happened to her. It may be that someone was staring at her through the window. Could be a loud noise that happened outside from another car. Could even be kids that were taunting her.

When I took Asterisk to her training class, there was one guy who just kept staring at her and she got really nervous. She stood stock still and let a low growl go.

I'm sure that as time goes on she'll forget whatever it was, just so long as you give her positive influence when she is in the car.
do you really think so? I feel so bad she has come so far from the fire and now I feel we took 100 steps backwards :(
Shot walks to get her back outside and short car rides with no stops. Have to retrain all over again. I'm sorry this happened.
Whatever is happening (or happened) it DID effect her.

I had the same problem with Pearl when we got her. I understood from the HS, that the people who owned her decided she was too much trouble with all the grooming so they put her in the back of their pickup and drove on the highway to drop her off. She was between 4 months and 8 months old. Needless to say we still have issues when I take her to therapy visits..she sometimes shakes, sometime not...sometimes cowers in the back seat...sometimes not..but her issues were hard wired into her and even though she is 14 now, they have not gone away completely.

I would suggest you take her to that same parking lot and sit with her. See how she acts. Maybe give her treats while you both watch the activity. If she is ok with this, possibly take her for a walk around the parking lot and then sit a little while more. If she will take treats, that is a great sign!! (Pearl will not even look at a treat while we are in the car.... :cry: ...

I am sure many others will have great suggestions too...Good Luck and keep us posted!!! :D :D :D
great advice and I am going to try taking her back to the lot and go from there ..... :plead: hopefully it will work and thru time she will be ok
I will keep ya posted thnx so much!
Given the history of the fire, did you or could she have heard a siren?
Have sirens affeced her since the fire? It is a common trigger with children as well as adults that have survived a fire. I would think it would also affect animals.
Lots of hugs and hope she gets through this...........Kathy
It probably doesn't matter what caused it, it happened. Myabe a nice camp crate in the car when she is left alone? I leave Marley in one and cover the sides - ot not depending on where we are. SHe feels secure and loves to go out and sleep in the car :roll: :D :roll: :D
Yes sirens used to FREAK her out and she has pretty much overcome that. There is a slight chance there could have been a siren but I kinda think it was either a car alarm or someone messing with her (maybe trying to steal her :? ) there has been alot of that lately unfortunately.
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