A companion for my OES

My adopted OES is doing so well, save for one thing, he seems to need a companion. Is a second OES the best companion for a young (16 mos old OES ( very accomodating and loves other dogs...almost too much)?


Two sheepies in a house, now that could get fun! :D
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If you ask my OES Pepsi, he would say YES!!
Rags and him are so great together. They wear each other out, they keep each other company. They do play a LOT!!
They do love my attention. If one is being petted both have to be petted. :roll: Luckily I have two hands :wink:
Something about OES, they seem to recognize their own breed. So far every Sheepie that my two have meet have acted like they already knew each other.
If you decide to rescue another one...make sure they get along. Bring your dog to meet the other dog.
This seems to be a popular topic lately! Here's a couple of views from the "Getting a Puppy" thread, including my 2 cents for what it's worth!


I find that my 21 month old OES still has more puppy energy than my 9 month old Komondor but it's just enough to get both happy. Clyde riles it up, they play and then they relax. Once Clyde is spent, everything quiets down, which is pretty nice.
Wow -

I think it could be GREAT! He's so friendly that I think he would be able to positively share some energy with a best friend. :D
The more the merrier :)
We have a mixture of breeds - our OES is 2.5 yrs. He loves playing with our 9 month old rat terrier. The RT is big - about 23 lbs, so it is a safe match. They really love to run and wrestle. A friend for your OES is a nice idea, just make sure you have the time and energy for 2 energetic dogs! Not everyone is as dog crazy as us - people say "you have HOW MANY dogs?" 8O
Two sheepies are double the fun and cuteness! Of course, that also means double the food, petting, grooming, vet care, poop, space, etc. 8O

I agree that it is good to let them meet before you bring the second home and it may take a few weeks to sort things out.

I love having two.
Wow, good question! I spent a long time trying to figure that out myself. Callie, our OES will be 2 in July. We knew that she needed a companion to play with and help expend some of that great puppy energy. My mom has Callie's sister Sadie (from the same litter) and those two LOVE to play together. I agree that sheepies seem to recognize other sheepies as if they've known them forever, even if they've never met.

End the end, we opted to get a smaller, less hairy dog (Pug) for Callie's companion for the following reasons:
1. When Callie and Sadie play together, there had better not be anyone or anything fragile in the way, because there is no stopping 150+ pounds of sheepdogs romping through the house.
2. It is nearly impossible to keep them groomed when they are together. Callie and Sadie chew on each other when they play and that makes for some very difficult matts to get out.
3. Yes, sheepdogs shed a little. But when they chew and pull out each other's hair, the shedding is more than double.
4. My husband has wanted a pug since he was a little boy (Callie was mine before we got married)

I LOOOOOVE sheepies, and I would LOOOOVE to have more than one of them. But for us, that just wan't the right decision right now. Callie is quite an energetic handful on her own. (I blame my husband for making obstacle courses and racing her through them when she was a puppy)
However, a lot of people on this site have 2 or 3 or more sheepies, and they have a great time with them.
I just thought I'd give my 2 cents of things to think about before you make a long term commitment.
I was recently in your same situation. I had adopted a 3 year old male from a no kill rescue last September. He was very sweet, and not too hyper. A great dog, just needed some loving after his stray adventure. So, in March, I decided that he needed a buddy. A young couple in Minnesota had an 8 month old male that they were looking to place. I adopted the puppy, and the two latched onto each other immediately. From the first moment I brought the puppy home, they became friends. Now, they play together all the time....and I mean all the time! "Tug-of-whatever they can find" is their favorite game. Constantly chasing each other, giving kisses, and having fun. Now, I will say that this is a sometimes a little annoying! But, I certainly don't regret the decision, and know the boys really love having the other one around. So, if you like the feel of a one dog home, where the dog relaxes and there isn't a lot of commotion, you may want to consider only one dog. But, I love having two. Granted, they are both pretty young yet, so may be a little wilder than some. But, it's neat to see them together. I love that I have two!

Oh yes, and I have never picked up so much poop in my life!!! :lol:
So you're the one with Bentley now, Dawn! Congrats! I wondered what happened to him as I had been in contact with the previous owner but understandably they really wanted to place him locally.

7skydive, If your OES likes other dogs and you keep in mind the time and care that 2 OES will need, I say go for it! I find it VERY exhausting having 9 yr old Annie and 4 month old Fozzie. I'm on constant guard and sheparding them all the time. Now that Fozzie "gets it", it's getting easier and I see their bond growing day by day. I can't say that Annie loves Foz, but does tolerate his "puppiness" and is a good sport. She has put him in his place and nipped him on the nose, but there is also such a huge gap in their age. Annie is more of a Mommy figure than a playmate and she has always gravitates to grownup uprights instead of other dogs. From day one though, the two of them have played tug with stuffed toys which is hugely entertaining. He tries to get her to run and play, but isn't frequently successful. He takes advantage of her drive bys when she runs and barks at our neighbors on the other side of the fence. Cracks me up! Keep us posted!
Bentley & Baxter wrote:
Oh yes, and I have never picked up so much poop in my life!!! :lol:

I know what you mean! :lol:

All of our dogs entered the pack a pups... our last addition was an 11 month old rescue... the oldest to be added. So this is just a bit of insite from someone who has 6... and ALL girls 8O

I think if a dog likes other dogs it's a wonderful thing to bring in a companion for him or her. Dogs just play differently with each other than they do with us.

If you rescue a sheepie, ask for a trial period to make sure it's the best match for both dogs. Just be careful pairing up two adult males or two adult females. Unless both are proven to be tolerant of dogs of the same sex.

Please keep us posted on what you decide!
I also have 2 sheepies but I have 2 males. Understand if you have a dominant male dog and you bring in another dominant male dog there will be some fighting until the pack order has been established.

I definitely agree with 6girls in that you ask for a trial period (if it is at all possible) to see if it is a good match with your sheepie.

Oh and have a king sized bed because with 2 sheepies in the bed there isn't room in a queen for 2 human adults.
Wembly was about 3 yrs when we rescued Elwood, who is old and kinda grumpy. The tolerate one another, but were never buds. Hanna is another story. Last year I brought home this cute 18 month old, and she and Wembly are best pals! I'm sure its a combination of age and sex, but, isn't it always? :oops:
thepreacher wrote:
I'm sure its a combination of age and sex, but, isn't it always? :oops:

Double the baths, double the food, double the mess, double the rough housing, but the best is double the love. It was a big adjustment at first, but they love each other so much, I wouldn't change it.
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