Young and Old

May I ask another one more question please which is is slightly more problematic.. I'll call it Young and Old..

Mouton is 6 and Margaux is 3 months.. They get on well, but there is constant play and, Margaux loves to climb over and nip Moutons ear..He in turns gets upset, and then the fun/scrum begins.. We are training Margaux to behave well in the house, but as we all know its a struggle at that age..Moton is an angel, placid, and wants a peaceful life..(although she loves to romp outside) - Any ideas and thoughts on how to keep old and young in harmony??

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Find a dog park or a friend that also has a younger dog that your 3 mth old can play with on a regular basis.

We have a 6 & a 5 yr old and then we have an 11 mth old. We solve the problem by fostering younger sheepies that London can play with or we take her to the dog park so she can run and play. But I have to tell you she still bugs the big boys. lol
Thanks Wynette, I'll try that.. The problem is actually in the evenings, after dark when the old boys want to sit down with their feet up!(Mouton too( - Margaux just won't give us any peace, she gets Mouton going, and then its murder!! - Its all play, but boy!, just wish we could tire her out a bit more..
Maybe get her a treadmill!
Sounds like fun! Well, for Margaux anyway. My Maggie was also superactive (she is actually finally slowing down a bit). There was almost no amount of exercise that would wear her out, although she was better behaved if she had more exercise and playtime.

In addition to exercise, sometimes setting the expectations can help. For maggie, I found that a nice bedtime treat in the crate helped her to understand that it was time to wind-down and quiet down. Might be worth a try.

In the meantime, we need pictures! :wink:
I found with young and old, it's just a matter of giving it time before they settle down, there will be lots of playing and rough and tumble and I bet you are thinking oh Margaux stop it !! but if Mouton didn't like it, he'd soon stop it. Mouton knows Margaux is the pup and is probably tollerating it for a short while, Mouton will soon give the sign for it to stop, you've just got to let them get on with it - good luck

Yes, I tihnk you are right.. Mouton loves to play, with her but soon gets a bit
upset when she nips his ear. then wea re all worried about Margaux getting hurt.. Maybe we are too over protectiive.. I really appreciate all of your advice and thoughts... Its great knowing this site, and has helped a lot..

I've been trying to get an Avatar put up, but been a bit weak on computers, can only upload photos at the moment.. I'm working on it.. I did put up a picture of Margaux to test, and it wored, so will try again tonight..

Thanks so much for all your help and kind advice.. Grat to have such a wonderful and friendly forum..

The hard part is trying not to break them up, unless of course they go too far. I think it always sounds worse than it is. Margaux will keep Mouton on his feet - keeps them young.
Ollie's Mum wrote:
The hard part is trying not to break them up, unless of course they go too far. I think it always sounds worse than it is. Margaux will keep Mouton on his feet - keeps them young.

I agree that playing with the puppy will keep Mouton young. And she would certainly put a stop to any behavior she's not cool with. It always sounds worse than it is. They have to communicate somehow.
I agree that it takes a little time and they will work it out. You may need to jump in if things really get way to rough and you are worried for safety reasons. Not sure if I ever welcomed you the forum. WELCOME!

Welcome to the forum.

Whatever you do don't ever dicipline Mouton for getting upset at Margeux should she bite his ears. He's teaching her proper doggie behavior and even if Margeux yips and makes a big's all show and hurt feelings on her part. Merlin, as a puppy use to do the same thing at offleash parks when the other dogs taught him proper doggie social rules and he would come yelping back to me. It's difficult for us humans to not side with little ones and feel the big one is too rough..but trust me this is completely acceptable.

With no interference she will learn that grabbing another dogs ears is not acceptable when playing with other canines. It's for her own benefit and he is teaching her the rules.

I have three dogs, 18. 6 and 3. Dogs have a code of law which very few dogs ever break and that is they never harm a pup. They dicipline but never puposely harm them, so not to worry if Muton does this with his baby sister. Great names by the way!!!

Welcome to the forum and glad you decided to join us!

Marianne and the boys
I have an 11 year old and a 1 1/2 year old (on OES-11 and Maltese-1 1/2) and I pretty much let them settle it themselves. Things occassionally escalate to the point that a sharp word from me is all that is required to break the fray. But for the most part the youngin, Ty, keeps the old guy, Tasker moving and active and I think that will contribute to his longevity.

Before Ty came to our house Tasker had reached the age of mostly laying around the house acting old. Ty has "pupped" him up and they play and play and PLAY. It can get a little loud but most of the time I love to watch them run and play and wrestle. They have a wonderful relationship.
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