"Only" by Winston Groom

I just picked up a book called "Only" written by Winston Groom (he also wrote Forrest Gump). The story is about a couple who aquires a sheepdog and how it grows with them. I haven't started it yet, I need to finish my bookclub book first. I think it is available on Amazon. Has anyone read it? To quote the back of the book - "a heartwarming and humorous dog's-eye view of domestic life and the world beyond the gate".
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I just went and looked it up, read the back cover, it looks amazing!!! That is SO cool to have the book written from the perspective of the dog!!!

I want that book! LOL
You must tell us how the book is once you've read it. :D
Is the book new? Can you purchase it at the book store?
Here's where you can get it...

Only, by Winston Groom

It was published in 1998 if I read it correctly.
I read it a while ago & loved it! sue
Our library system has it! :banana: :banana:
So I have it on request.

Thanks so much for sharing it, I look forward to reading
the book. :D
I met an OES recently named "Only" after the dog in this book (and he was the only one in the litter). The owner was showing "Only" at the dog show I went to in December. She told me about this book and I meant to write it down so I wouldn't forget to pick it up. Of course, I did forget, so thanks for the reminder! :wink:

Let us know what you think when you finish reading it! :D

FYI, Ron -I'm ordering through the Amazon link you posted. Make sure the credit gets to you. Thanks!! :D
Beaureguard's Mom wrote:
FYI, Ron -I'm ordering through the Amazon link you posted. Make sure the credit gets to you. Thanks!! :D
Cool! Thanks.

Be sure to look into ordering enough stuff ($25) to qualify for free super saver shipping, otherwise the shipping on a $6 book is kinda high, I think.
Thanks Ron, I had forgotten about the link with Amazon. I am almost finished with my book club book and "Only" will be next.
What are you reading for book club?

We have our meeting tonight. We're discussing Night Light by Terri Blackstock. :)
I am reading The Flamingo Rising by Larry Baker. It is about a drive in movie theatre and the family that owns it. It takes place in Florida in the late '60's. It is ummmm....quirky? A fun read.
Well, I finished the book late last night.....have a box of tissues handy when you read it. Won't ruin the ending, but I almost couldn't finish it. But, it really made me think that is Sam really thought about things like Only, that would explain her behavior at times. A must read for any dog owner/lover.
I hope my copy arrives soon. I can't wait to read it!!
FINALLY!! I received the book in the mail today. It's in great shape - looks like it has never even been opened and I think it is a first edition. Not bad for the money. :D

Now - to read it.... :D
I read it too....yes Tammy you need tissues!
I really liked the book.
I just read this book on Friday night. Yes, Ron, I ordered it through the link. It is a great book
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